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  2. Ep91 glanza parts

    Inbox me buddy 
  3. forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    great driving man car is so planted, whats your set up? wheels tyres suspention etc, cant wait to get mine on track
  4. Few 4efe bits

    Hey boobies you said
  5. Starlet vs skyline r32gtr and Audi R8

    sorry just seen this reply, I had a problem that ended my da,oil filter oring failed so didn't get any time to get it sorted for an other go at crail last year, concentrating on getting it ready for banzi and jae this year, what about your self?
  6. Glanza Driveshaft......

    I shouldn't think getting the parts will be difficult. It'll be labour that will cost you.   Don't worry about the spares though, I can't see the N/A's being too different.
  7. Good crank needed

    Ive got a spare 5e, im assuming u want a 4e i suppose 
  8. Is this Fuel Cut?

    This was a while ago now but for anyone having the same issues future reference pics below.    
  9. Glanza Driveshaft......

    Thanks for your input lads. I felt at a lost end yesterday. The car is very low on D2 coilovers which are solid so you feel every single bump in the road but I am planning on raising it a little. The car is being trailered to a garage on Sunday so he can have a look into what needs to be done to get her back up and running. How easyily do you guys find replacement parts for these? 
  10. Glanza Driveshaft......

    As said, I don't know how this part of the drive train actually works. I've been working a lot with spiders recently and they were properly pressed in. But you sound like you have more knowledge than i
  11. Glanza Driveshaft......

    Are you sure they are pressed in? As far as I know the spiders are only held in the cup by the rubber and they cannot come out unless you take off the hub or cross arms? I used to pull them out and push them back in all the time when I would remove and install an engine. I would leave the cups in the gearbox to save the hassle of draining the gearbox oil But still, only way for them to come out in a moving car that I could think of is a broken cup, or something else is broken/loose, or the drive shaft must have been at an extreme angle, perhaps the car is lowered?
  12. Ep91 glanza parts

    New intercooler on ebay
  13. Ep91 glanza parts

    Headlight brackets here and can post
  14. Ep91 glanza parts

    Headlamps here can post 
  15. Ep91 glanza parts

    Hello guys, Need the parts below closest to East London as possible. Glanza bonnet Glanza front Bumper  Glanza pair of head lamps  Glanza pair of indicators  Glanza Front crash bar Glanza head lamps brackets Front mount intercooler  Thanks,  
  16. Glanza Driveshaft......

    See I know nothing of the part of the drive train, but this is why I wanted an image. Those spiders are pressed it seriously hard. By the looks of it, the spider, whilst now unusable, is still intact.  So if that's still intact. then it would have been the thing that is held in by that broke, not the driveshaft. Although you will want a new spider.  Unfortunately, this doesn't look like a thing that simply happens overnight. There probably would have been some sort of knocking noise or play before this occurred. You can see from the state of the lower arms that the suspension units need attention, so it could have been just neglect that has led this failure. I would concede wear and tear but this seems extreme. I guess your best bet is to get it jacked up, wheels and hubs off to investigate.   If you can do the investigation yourself, you can figure out what has failed, and thus save yourself time/money having someone else do it.
  17. Few 4efe bits

    Thanks mate :)
  18. Few 4efe bits

    Look for the bouncing boobies...he has a HKS Fcd in for sale section
  19. Glanza Driveshaft......

    I think if it was able to come out of the cup there has got to be alot of play somewhere else in the suspension? Or indeed the cup could be broken
  20. Yesterday
  21. Glanza Driveshaft......

    If it popes out of the cup the cup micht have snapped
  22. Few 4efe bits

    Also add,  Glanza mirrors   
  23. Glanza Driveshaft......

    Here's a few pictures of the aftermath. Could it have done more damage? I was a very loud bang just hoping its not to serious. Its not running an LSD but is running a fair amount of power so not sure if that's linked to this. Pretty sure it was just hitting the bump very hard in the dark. Will check out the facebook pages, thanks for the info.   Thanks.
  24. Few 4efe bits

    Looking for a 421 exhaust manifold and downpipe. Magnecore plug leads  Sard fpr  Hks fuel cut defender  Adjustable cam gear  
  25. Wanted: EP91 NA Bonnet

    I got one 
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