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  2. Radiator cap pressure

    Bump anyone ? 
  3. New Starlet owner from South Florida USA

    Hello and welcome!   If you become a paid members you can upload directly to here.   Would like to see some snaps to be fair!
  4. Glanza Front Wheel Bearings Keep Going

    I will get all that check thanks gorganl Idrees are your front wheel bearings specifically for a Toyota Glanza or are they just standard starlet wheel bearings? I have ordered a new wheel bearing for the Glanza and I have received the bearing and I have done a quick google of the part number LBK8362 and on one website it does not list Glanza and only says its for a standard starlet is this the reason I could be having issues or are the LPB wheel bearings fine? do all suppliers send Starlet wheel bearings as they are the correct front wheel bearings?   Cheers everyone for the help so far
  5. I'm trying to source a rear JDM type Starlet KP61 bumper. (I have the brackets aleady) I have the big, ugly plastic US spec bumpers and I hate them.
  6. Hello. I just joined from south Florida in the USA. There is very little support for starlets here and they were only imported from 1981 to 1984. I have a 1981 KP61. I have gone the "drifter" type with my modifications. I have issues with my photos because the files are too large. I can supply some via
  7. Refurbing kyb super special shocks.

    try to get rubber bump stoppers i find the composite/yellow ones tend to disintegrate much faster than the rubber over time 
  8. Glanza Front Wheel Bearings Keep Going

    front wheel bearings tend to last a very long time i'd suggest you check your suspension parts, alignment and/hubs to see if there is any excessive wear/movements

    Once again great service  thankyou Tidgey
  10. Refurbing kyb super special shocks.
  11. Ep91 lowering springs

    Ok mate Let me know if your struggling to get some  and I will check on postage cost I reckon it would be 10-15 quid but my local post office is a pain in the ass that's why I preferred collection. But don't wanna see one of the lads struggle so let me know 
  12. Yesterday
  13. EP82-GT-CCM-Demo-TAKE-2

    Haha me too follow on Instagram for updates philipmontgomery82 panels getting finished then off for fibreglassing slow and steady   Phil
  14. Building the Dream

    Good work mate!
  15. Ep91 lowering springs

    Too far out of my way pal thanks though
  16. Hi , what pressure our people using for the radiator caps , 1.1 or 1.3 and why ? Thanks Toby 
  17. Finally Gt turbo

    hahaha. yes sking ladd that would be amazing 
  18. Ep91 lowering springs

  19. Tte splitter required

  20. Ep91 lowering springs

    I've got a set of Killen sport springs. I had them on my starlet for a month or two but they were a bit low and harsh for me. You can have them for 50 quid if you wanna collect them( don't fancy posting due to weight) I'm in paisley, just outside Glasgow. Cheers 
  21. Refurbing kyb super special shocks.

    I tried KYB first but there website was down when I looked. Just checked and it's back up so I've sent them an email via FB. This site apparently has them but every time I try and check out the page fails.
  22. EP82-GT-CCM-Demo-TAKE-2

    Onwards and upwards. We're all waiting for the MRS :D
  23. EP82-GT-CCM-Demo-TAKE-2

    Had a wee run in Adzy glanza at a trackday as he is testing before next years sprints/hillclimb and made me miss the Gt. Phil
  24. i think the stock radiator cap is 0.9, but may be someone else can confirm
  25. Ep91 lowering springs

  26. Poly Bushes

    this is why i went with TRD engine mounts ages ago...based on reports, they fall somewhere in the middle of stock and polybushes. i've no issues with excessive vibration and they seem to have held up well over the years, but i'm not sure if they are still available on the market. i'll give you some options that have been discussed in the past: 1) get genuine stock mounts and fill the gearbox one with polyurethane (you can fill the other 2 mounts afterwards if you need them firmer and depending on how your car feels), i'd also suggest an engine torque damper to brace the engine at the top 2) get trd mounts and run as is at first to see how you like them, if you want more stiffness, then you can fill the rear one with polyurethane, then the 2 side ones as you desire. again i suggest an engine torque damper 3) i've heard they are different stiffness polybushes available, remove the ones you have now and try softer grade polybushes   
  27. J.A.E 2018 stand passes

    Just paid for the stand pass, already buzzing for this!!!
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