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  2. Dc2 shell build up.

    Keep it up mate, love to see this level of restoration to a classic!
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  4. Polished Inlet & Cruise Gear Knob

    Make me offer and send me postcode so i can price postage mate 
  5. Polished Inlet & Cruise Gear Knob

    How much mate 
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  7. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

    Would an emanage blue get me by till I get the standalone? I need to get a custom loom made up so gonna cost the guts of £1200 before I map it which isn’t available to pump into the car which only is used for shows at the moment , its in an ep70 by the way so don’t think a harness is available for the way my loom is done
  8. Gear cable 'u' clips and engine mount bolts

    Should have U brackets but for what it’s worth you’d be better going to Toyota they’re not overly dear lol
  9. Dc2 shell build up.

     Crazy how much rot is in the uk cars
  10. Td04 oil and water lines wanted

    Got some water lines here somewhere
  11. Polished Inlet & Cruise Gear Knob

    Got spare inlet here u could polish urself or send away to be done
  12. TD04 boost

    Hi, I finally fitted my boost controller in and set it up at 0.8 bar boost on high boost and 0.4 on low boost on a td04 with standard ecu. I wanted to know if the boost is coming in right. I can hear the turbo spooling hard between 3000rpm to 4000rpm but its doesn’t seem like its giving the full boost that it sounds like till after 5000rpm I can feel it pushing me back. Once its hit 5000 i can feel the boost but seems like engine power.
  13. Glanza crank pulley

    Hi , I’m after a Glanza crank pulley  thanks Toby 
  14. Precision 4831 journal bearing turbo
  15. Precision 4831 journal bearing turbo

    No ones really used it bud. From my research it was the precision that suited tbe 4e all round though. But depends what your goals are
  16. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

    my advice to you is to get it tuned and stay out of boost until you do.  you need something that tunes both ignition and fueling...the 5e running with 4efte electronics works, but needs the tune (via piggyback or as you mentioned standalone) to get the maps in decent order, else you may get lean and detonation issues at various points in the low/mid rev range, though it may fuel rich in the high rpms if you put in larger injectors (lets say 330cc/360cc) with just the 4efte ecu, then the car will be inefficient if you retard the base timing to preempt detonation, the car will be inefficient the volumetric efficiency between the 4e and 5e are just noticeably different, that's why i strongly advice you to get it tuned
  17. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    How long is due course tho ? Technology and all that.........
  18. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

    Yeah going in a 5e , gonna fit a wideband what ratios should I be expecting in the midrange ? This is only temporary to get to a few shows until I organise a stand-alone set up and map, wouldn’t be driven hard much lol
  19. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

    Yes using a Glanza ecu on it, heard it’s fine in the mid range but it will lean out early on boost 
  20. FOR SALE Rota JSPL alloy wheels 15 inch 7J 4x100 ET 38 positive Powder coated in white Some kerb marks and paint chips but in pretty good condition No tyres Collection from Grimsby Please PM for any more info £200 ONO
  21. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

     My gt ran leaner on o.5 it ran much better at o.8 stock ecu / injectors especially the zone where boost build accurs it was better at o.8 as more fuel entered . I was getting g some lean spots till 4500 !!!!! Not good    Edit. Just noticed its going on 5 e  your going g to suffer lean spots wideband 1st mate    
  22. genuine Toyota ep82 mid spoiler

    Ya would love it but that's out of my price range for sure    
  23. Mk3 Quadlight GT Turbo

    Definitely get a standalone ecu ladd will make some difference ☺
  24. Number of engine parts

    Oil cap sold  more parts added  sunroof deflector will all clips £180 full blitz nuf spec exhaust mint all must new £350 
  25. Gear cable 'u' clips and engine mount bolts

    Ive got both on the starlet im hoping to be braking hopefully later this week, drop me a pm on sunday maybe.
  26. Finally Gt turbo

    Looks good ladd for planning on doing exactly what u have done and eventualy will respray it all etc urs looks well way the hammerite in it ☺
  27. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

    If you have standard ecu 0.5-6 bar on a td04 is fine. If you have a wideband AFR gauge that would be very useful. If your planning to tune it later its good to have one anyway
  28. Blue GT in Chesterfield

    Blue car Quad lights in black? Gold xxr 527 alloys? It'l be a lad called harry from blackpool
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