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  2. My little light blue solida with big dreams

    So put my SR clocks in today and everything went smoothly. Didn’t have to swap any wires around but the speed cable thing was a bit of a pain to get out and then back in but other than that easy job. 
  3. New member with a few questions.

    Looks good bud, like the yellow. Should put up a build thread once you start working on it.
  4. Engine swap

    Cheers thanks
  5. The beginning

    Thanks yeah took 3 months to finish the roof and wing. Wing is half livesport/toyota and till has the top mount light.    The blitz coils are good but if I had more money at the time I would get others
  6. Engine swap

    You better worry about registering. The engine  or you. Be just another uninsured car here in the republic like so many others No it dont matter for nct mate use the turbo cat for the emissions
  7. The beginning

    Wow this is properly smart.   What did you think of the Blitz Coilovers, I was looking at them myself.
  8. hks silent hi power or similar exhaust system wanted.

    Bump, still looking for a system.
  9. The beginning

    Roof & spoiler look boss top work Cheers nick
  10. Engine swap

    Just swapped a turbo engine into my starlet and I'm just wondering if any of you know if this will effect nct when it comes to getting it tested. Any advice appreciated
  11. Yesterday
  12. The beginning

    Also some photos of a custom carbon roof and wing that I have made from my company 148 Carbon
  13. The beginning

    Here is some photos of it installed 
  14. Marks starlet sr

    Thanks for the info. Did you notice an increase in power at all? Or just throttle response? 
  15. Finally Gt turbo

    First Upgrade purchase tonight ☺
  16. DTA ECU

    Brill, cheers! I've been playing with the ECU on my workbench over the last couple of weeks, and have working prototype of a display for it. Going to start working on the wiring for the car this weekend, and hopefully have the ECU mostly installed before the year is out. Some details in a build thread on the DTA forum. Here's a clip of my dash running on CAN data from the ECU, I even simulated a running engine with a second micro controller. So the ECU is seeing a crank signal which is allowing me to play with RPM as well as sensor values.  
  17. aasco flywheel 4e/5e. ( price drop )

    bump 60£ takes it  
  18. New member soon to be a Glanza owner

    welcome along buddy! Plently of info on forged builds here if you need it James 
  19. DTA ECU

    Use NE for engine position and G1 for sync
  20. Raising Boost Level

    Just run it under fuel cut as Ollie said until you have proper management to go above this.  FCD and FPR is very crude and affects the fuelling across the whole rev range not just where you need it. 
  21. Raising Boost Level

    on the other hand of that if you go beyond FC and rais feul pressure  milage will suffer big time brings al sorts of little problems with it to over time
  22. Mk2 GT front bumper (uncut - or the inside bit)

    ive got a mk2/3 bumper thats uncut here! its on my runabout butni can sell it if needs be!
  23. Paseo/starlet suspension

    Starlet parts should be almost identical, I have Starlets and Paseo EL54. I have mixed some parts to older EP70 from newer models, so those are also one choice. Droplinks are two version, You have check those visually first, front bushings have also two size, rears are same, and so on... EP70 arms and EP91 arb pictures for example
  24. Recommendations please

    It's a standard ep91 starlet with a Glanza engine with just some small bits done like a front mount and upgraded leads. I want some pretty good discs and pads on the front because I am leaving the drums on the back for the winter
  25. Recommendations please

    Wanna recomends about KP60 to EP91, how about basics first, engine and horsepower. Normally oem disk and maybe just better pads...
  26. anyone have one uncut? or if they have cut it, have they kept the middle bit?   Thank you!
  27. Raising Boost Level

    If I were you I'd get an fpr just to be safe. Plus if you do you can run it on 1bar boost. Obviously need an FCD for that. Been running with this setup for a while now myself. :)  
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