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  2. Starlet vs skyline r32gtr and Audi R8

    Ah not great, I ended up at work on nights that weekend and didn't bother going. I have traction issues with getting off the line so I'll be looking for a slip diff soon to help with that before heading back up this year.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Spare bits

    I’m not surprised mate fair play was a nice colour
  5. Good crank needed

    I dont really know what to offer, dont know what its worth. 
  6. Good crank needed

  7. Yeha first post. but its 2018. Has anybody see this car after so many years ? I know it from pictures 7 years ago xD
  8. Spare bits

    Cam cover now sold.
  9. Hillclimb / Sprint Glanza build

    Looking smart bud :D
  10. Alex's Starlet - Tight Budget Build

    Right I need ideas for the Starlet, want to start doing things this year, unsure what to do though. Quite like the idea of tracking it and would like a bit more power what engines could I swap into it that aren't really expensive/hard to swap? Won't be buying owt for it for a few months yet as bought another Clio to fix and need to get cars off my drive 
  11. Small update slowly coming together , note to self headlings are a nightmare to refit  Rear light wiring loom reffited along with the majority of rear plastics 
  12. Progress is top mate gonna be doing the head on mine aswell thought it cant hurt. wish mine was coming together as quick as yours tho :(
  13. 3 point brace plastics

    Long shot but anyone got any? 
  14. Japfest Silverstone 2018

    Evening all Tickets and Track time are now live get yours ordered asap to not miss out on track time. all details in the first post.   Cheers nick  
  15. Good crank needed

    Have good crank here still in running engine make me an offer 
  16. Wanted: Forged EP82

    After spending ten fortunes, having my heart broken and 4 years away, I want to return to my roots. Looking for a preferably black EP82, forged, and if possible TOMS kitted, I don't ask for much.... What have you? Rich
  17. CT9 Manifold and P&P ECU

    Hey guys, I'm after an upgraded CT9 manifold to replace the oem one and a P&P ECU, JAM / Blitz etc. if there are any for sale? Thanks, Kev.
  18. Good crank needed

    Yes mate 4e needed cheers anyway tho
  19. Last week
  20. forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    cheers, its a good setup tbf. great feeling when all the work pays off lol rough spec: yoko ad08r 195 50 15  1.5 cusco lsd d2 coilovers with my own geometry, done lots of tests on various settings frontand rear strut braces JD lower arm/ chassis brace superpro bushes (everything front and rear replaced) whiteline rear anti roll bar antilift kit gt4 2pot brakes with modified legacy yellowstuff pads ( now running bluestuff for 2018) ate type 200 fluid with braided lines  probably missed stuff i've been doing this shit since 2003 lol.   next times i need discs im spacing out the calipers to allow bigger diameter front and rear, should be able to squeeze 285mm discs with my calipers 
  21. Tegiwa harness bar fitting.

          Photos look great bud    
  22. Glanza Driveshaft......

    Appreciate your help. Can't wait to get it back up and running and put everything right on it ready for the spring. Wanted a glanza for years, there great little cars.
  23. Glanza Driveshaft......

    The grease looks emulsified so I would say the boot has been split for awhile and waters been in there but that doesn't explain why the shaft came out of the cup. I agree with what maerijn suggested as to why it it happened. Also looks like the drop link is bent. Post up a wanted thread for a driveshaft, someone should have one lying around.
  24. Ep91 glanza parts

    Inbox me buddy 
  25. forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    great driving man car is so planted, whats your set up? wheels tyres suspention etc, cant wait to get mine on track
  26. Few 4efe bits

    Hey boobies you said
  27. Starlet vs skyline r32gtr and Audi R8

    sorry just seen this reply, I had a problem that ended my da,oil filter oring failed so didn't get any time to get it sorted for an other go at crail last year, concentrating on getting it ready for banzi and jae this year, what about your self?
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