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  2. Speaking myself, sorry :/ Drivesaft comparsion EP70 vs GT EP82, same lenght, right is only little thicker and outer joint treads are bigger, but fits to EP70 hub. 
  3. re trimmed headlining?

    ye just some poundland stuff lol seems to have worked well but was messy/inaccurate, ill be using a brush on fabric adhesive next time but the spray has its use
  4. Paseo/starlet suspension

    I had a look at parts numbers and they’re the same! Droplinks I can get quite cheap for the paseo.
  5. re trimmed headlining?

    Did you use spray adhesive? 
  6. re trimmed headlining?

      ill take better photos when i redo all the black suede      
  7. Baffled sump

    I have an RW Developments baffle in mine, but would like to move to a trap door style one. Some of the quotes I've had in the past for that sort of work are more expensive than fitting an accusump!! I'm going to have a proper look again soon, hopefully I can find someone reasonable. 
  8. re trimmed headlining?

    i'll take photos during when i do it, probably be in a couple of weeks after my next trackday  ive done a trial run with some cheap grey suede and looks good, im going with black no ive practiced lol ill post couple of photos.
  9. P80 95 Starlet brake drum stuck

    The drum rotates freely but it is totally, I assume, rusted to the hub around the studs.  I have beat the crap out of it & sprayed lots of penetrating oil around the studs - yes I will be changing the shoes & cylinder. There is no sign of even the slightest give or movement.  Is there a way to remove the hub with the drum ?  I wish that there was a Haynes manual ?
  10. Greetings from a new Starlet owner and member of this Forum... I've recently bought a LHD Starlet 1.0 1991 which I believe to be of French origin. I've done several searches on this topic but failed to find a copy of the service intervals or similar info for my little old runner. If anyone could possibly help or point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. Happy & safe miles to all..
  11. re trimmed headlining?

    I'd love to see this done, I've wanted to paint the whole glanza interior black
  12. re trimmed headlining?

    anyone done this on an ep82 and have some photos during? before i ruin my roof im wondering what i've got to work with...does the roof lining have a skin or is it attached via glue etc? any input will be helpfull   ive already done my door cards and a pillars in suede and want to do the roof to match
  13. Mint uk spec

    Looking for a mint uk spec as rust free as possible the better  (can swap for mk2 mx5 1.8 worth 1100) 
  14. Wilwood 4 Pot Brake Kit (EP91, EP82)

    Got pics of them fitted and in current state 
  15. Car has done 105600 or around that, it has a brand new roof and is the 1.8 vvt. It has an aftermarket roof style bar, interior is absolutely mint and the sills are solid! Need to sell as I can't afford to keep it.  Has a full service history and has been really well looked after with only 3 previous owners  price: 1100 
  16. Baffled sump

    I got dean at rw-devlopments to knock me one up he's on Facebook and instagram give him a shout. Cheers nick.
  17. New member with a few questions.

    Thanks spoonal will do build and info should start after December 7th when I get it all checked out. Will start a build thread then. I got the TD05 turbo today as an option still researching things so may never use it.  
  18. Baffled sump

    Just go down a scrappy grab a sump and send it to a motorsports oriented fabricators and get them to baffle it, pretty sure No1 has an of the shelf product 
  19. As titled is there or does any body know where I can find a kit to baffle my standard sump or a link to where I can buy one? I've tried searching for it but there a lot of old links. 
  20. My little light blue solida with big dreams

    So put my SR clocks in today and everything went smoothly. Didn’t have to swap any wires around but the speed cable thing was a bit of a pain to get out and then back in but other than that easy job. 
  21. New member with a few questions.

    Looks good bud, like the yellow. Should put up a build thread once you start working on it.
  22. Engine swap

    Cheers thanks
  23. The beginning

    Thanks yeah took 3 months to finish the roof and wing. Wing is half livesport/toyota and till has the top mount light.    The blitz coils are good but if I had more money at the time I would get others
  24. Engine swap

    You better worry about registering. The engine  or you. Be just another uninsured car here in the republic like so many others No it dont matter for nct mate use the turbo cat for the emissions
  25. The beginning

    Wow this is properly smart.   What did you think of the Blitz Coilovers, I was looking at them myself.
  26. hks silent hi power or similar exhaust system wanted.

    Bump, still looking for a system.
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