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  2. Folks, will have £7k burning a hole in my pocket come the 5th July. im after a white or black (in that order) glanza that is pretty special, mint shell that needs little to no work on it. please get in touch if you can help. many thanks.
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  4. New member but without a glanza!

    Morning mate. thankfully mine isn’t one of those but you’re spot on, so many have problems with the sills and rear arches. another car which can be a money pit!
  5. 4efte standard cams

    Pm me mate 
  6. 4efte standard cams

    How much for the cleanest set?
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  8. New member but without a glanza!

    Hello,   Would love a Pulsar, but even some of the UK's finest are rot boxes. Can't go too far wrong with a Glanza and that sort of cash. I'm sure you'll find what you're after!
  9. New member but without a glanza!

    Evening mate, all over every page going!  yeah, guessing I’m going to need to about £6k minimum for something special....
  10. Place in bishop Auckland called facelift autos
  11. £100 a month haha
  12. New member but without a glanza!

    Get yourself on the glanza for sale pages on facebook and keep an eye on them, seen a few decent examples pop up but for pristine you're probably looking at atleast 6k. Some decent looking ones do come up for cheaper tho.
  13. Just tried it out again after cleaning the rotor arm. Still the same.  Seems to be perfect when cold ?? 
  14. Mixture of gear

  15. Evening folks, 43 year old male from Birmingham, nissan Pulsar Gtir in the garage (bit of a project), after a glanza if anyone can help? will have a minimum of £5k on the 5th July (money owed), would love something white or black, in pristine condition ideally forged with a decent bhp output. decent forum here folks, good to see everyone from what I’ve seen are really helpful and friendly, the way it should be.
  16. Okay so an update.... seem to be getting more problems than solving them.  Boost controller with mac solenoid wired in and working as far as i can tell. Ran off an auxillary fuse box.    Slimline fan attached and wired using oem plug but not working. Dont have a 12v feed going to it when its supoosed to kick in. Temp sensor seems to be working as theres power to the signal of the relay in the fusebox.  Exhaust back on, only to find its twisted when putting the flexi in and is hanging low and twisted. Fantastic  And lastly, ive developed a misfire.. Very bad under load its coughing and spluttering all the time with no power. Under light load she'll keep going but get worse as boost and throttle input rises. Plugs look to be quite sooty (ngk iridium 7's) Ive just cleaned the rotor arm with sandpaper and will test tomorrow and check the coil earth to chassis. If gone ill order a new cap and rotor. If not, ill start with the cap rotor and onto the leads and work back. I will be borrowing a timing gun and checking that also as mines gone walkabout.   Ive a feeling ill be dead and gone by the time this bitch gets near a road but hey-ho
  17. My Little Light Blue Solida

    So I may have made a cheeky little purchase the other day. Bought some new wheels to replace the filth that I currently have. Will put pictures up once they’ve been painted and have a fresh set of rubber.  Also gave my car a quick service today. Only oil, oil filter and air filter but every little helps trying to keep this 140,000 mile engine running as long as possible. 
  18. Up we go get those tickets bought  Cheers nick 
  19. 4efte standard cams

    I should have couple sets mate 
  20. Rust question

    Worth checking when you open the boot, in the space between the roof and the boot. Water can pool up in there and will usually rust.
  21. Timmah's '96 Glanza V

      Cheers! Fits in the cradle no issues. I did have to chop the plugs off the cradle and solder on the plug that comes with the pump, but aside form that no issues! The fuel sock that also comes with the DW200 is a lot smaller in length, but I had already purchased an OEM sock which also fitted on perfectly. 
  22. Monthly payments lol 
  23. Timmah's '96 Glanza V

    Nice work, I've got a dw200 waiting to go in mine 
  24. Hutchy for some reason I cant reply to your wheel thread is that price collection only?

    1. hutchy1990


      Bit strange why it's not. Yeah that price is collection. bargain

    2. Neversimple

      what are we talking with delivery I can go to £350 total trying to stay to a budget ish  

  25. Picked up my 3rd zilla seat getting a little collection haha Next job I decided to have a interior change so ripped the dash + all the plastics out + sent them off to get flocked Once all that's back + fitted the zilla seats will be getting fitted which I may need new rails for will see what can do with old ones first but no rush as I have my sparcos if need seats fitted. Then am looking at changing the door cards so keep a look out over the next few weeks/months more to come
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