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  1. PokerFace

    Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    130 mph lol what was the real mph
  2. PokerFace

    forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    great set up that! just shows how great they corner with the standard rear beam, I aint on this much but follow me on Instagram if you have it, would like to keep an eye out on your car,instagram mazbrowngt
  3. PokerFace

    forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    great driving man car is so planted, whats your set up? wheels tyres suspention etc, cant wait to get mine on track
  4. PokerFace

    Starlet vs skyline r32gtr and Audi R8

    sorry just seen this reply, I had a problem that ended my da,oil filter oring failed so didn't get any time to get it sorted for an other go at crail last year, concentrating on getting it ready for banzi and jae this year, what about your self?
  5. PokerFace

    Non power steering rack

    Non power steering rack for my ep82 asap please
  6. PokerFace

    Martins 5e fresh build thread

    so where im at now, cars currently in garage, ive sold my exhaust to james phayer on here, and im getting a uppipe made in january, further plans are make it lighter, get cage welded in and go do some more testing at crail with the car
  7. PokerFace

    Martins 5e fresh build thread

    here is some pics from a drag day i done at crail, some videos from it on my youtube channel if u go give me a subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwKVJwAUdEamP7DF7jmMwg
  8. PokerFace

    Martins 5e fresh build thread

    i recently got the car mapped from dyna tune here in scotland, its currently running low boost and low rpm, going back after winter for a few changes and add more boost here is the graph @ 1.1 bar 267 whp, as u can see the turbo still making power at 7300, looking forward to see what it will make at 8500 rpm +
  9. PokerFace

    Martins 5e fresh build thread

    ah did you, it was there a long time! thanks mate ill have a look after my work and finish the thread, here is my youtube channel in the mean time got some videos of the car going on here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcwKVJwAUdEamP7DF7jmMwg
  10. PokerFace

    Martins 5e fresh build thread

    wow what a hassle this is some of my pics are to large to be uploaded can some 1 tell me how i could put the image in just like i used to with photobucket
  11. please delete this thread thanks
  12. thought id start a new post on my car since photobucket ruined the other 1, will keep it short and sweet. bought the car back in 2011 from a guy on the tgtt forum LOOKING TO GET BACK IN CONTACT WITH HIM THINK HES NAME WAS HUBBY GT? anyway cars came along way since then, i bought the car with a pretty good spec to start with, forged td04/td05 with alot of good bits on the car. ive since got a 5e engine built from pekitu racing in malta, and what an engine it is! the car then went down to tuning developments after the engine had been shipped over to me for them to fit everything, i also had zisco make me an exhaust + turbo kit +inlet it was at tuning developments for a very long time! that long i lost any interest in the car, but put all that behind me and skip forward a while and the cars back and running here is some engine pics before i continue
  13. http://imageshack.com/a/img924/6359/i2wrZu.jpg
  14. PokerFace

    Starlet vs skyline r32gtr and Audi R8

    Hey man it's 267 whp believe it or not! Very pleased with the terminal speed for the power
  15. PokerFace

    Failed oring

    I've had problems with loads of bolts coming loose , the filter it's self is loose now that I just checked I can twist it round with my hand It looks like the filter coming loose has caused the ring to burst ? I haven't had it off yet so don't know if it has a gasket on it , what filter do u reccomend using next ?thnx for the feedback