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  1. 4wd conversion

    Clearly been reading things wrong  Thanks for that anyway
  2. 4wd conversion

    Is it expensive if so how much you looking    I've no idea what's involved and the cost of anything so any info is appreciate  Glanza 91   
  3. Beware the Bogeymen - Sales

    On other forums I used to only deal with people with a long term account etc  People think PayPal is the answer but you can scam using PayPal if u know the loop holes  Ip banning is way too easy to get round also  It's a shame as these forums really do help people not just this one all of them and seems to be becoming more and more common 
  4. sound system

    Thanks I'll check it out  Anyone else?
  5. sound system

    Anyone recommend any good brand of speakers etc  Thanks
  6. Problem is when someone loses money very few people want to spend even more money to try get it back as if you don't your even more in the red hence why all these scammers make a fortune Sorry to hear mate but like the rest said I'd never do bank transfer 
  7. neww member

    Just bought a glanza v collecting it on Friday  Don't know a great deal about them but there seems to be a lot of good info on here