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  1. Sparky

    WANTED- Indiglo dials EP91

    Any for sale?
  2. Sparky

    WANTED- Indiglo dials EP91

    Aslong as its before Christmas mate, keep me updated!
  3. Sparky

    WANTED- Indiglo dials EP91

    to the top
  4. Sparky

    WANTED- Indiglo dials EP91

    The record will be unbeaten! Especially the amount of times im going to have to bump this thread, impossible to find some indiglo's
  5. Sparky

    WANTED- Indiglo dials EP91

    Still looking for some
  6. Sparky

    WANTED- Indiglo dials EP91

    As per title cash waiting Please text on 07932753881 as I don't use the forum often or facebook message me if you know me.
  7. Sparky

    R35 gtr vs 325bhp glanza

    How is it not a fair race?? James clearly said the GTR handed his ass to him in 4 out of the 5 races so wanted to see how it went off a rolling start because we all know how shit high powered FWD cars are at getting traction before 3rd gear. And as said you can see how quickly James accelerates from him by how quick he disappears in the mirror LOL but obviously he was then in the slipstream when James moved over into his lane so the gap stayed pretty even. Im sure the guy would be up for another race, take him down the 9 miler (Raglan road) and the GTR will rocket past at about 140-150 lol. And the point of this link is?? Prooves nothing other than GTR's own American muscle wank lol Good luck with TOTB though I will wait to see how you get on ;)
  8. Sparky

    Gangster s13 Wreck 'em.

    Epic video! But come on, LS power? fuck off more like JZ! Even though that SR sounds bad ass
  9. Sparky

    Advan Racing RG2 STYLE Alloy Wheels

    my god they are nice will suit an EP down to the ground good price aswell
  10. What happened with the gold meisters? They look fucking epic in that dish/offset. Car looks awesome these days mate, selling the Grids?
  11. Sparky

    FOR SALE- Momo Race steering wheel

    I did see yours mate, would priced the same aswell Bump someone must want a steering wheel
  12. Sparky


    yep thats just a graze, pretty tough old cast iron lol
  13. Sparky

    280bhp on stock engine?

    I wouldnt trust anyone who lists a front mount intercooler as "full forged" I was running 250+ on stock internals but it didnt last long lol