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  1. Dan507


    bump this up. Seen a White GT turbo go up my road today (15/4) at about 6pm. clean, factory Areo. look like it had Tom's Action wheels (black with red lip) or the rota equivalent
  2. Dan507

    Wanted: Glanza Badge

    Hey guys, As above. I'm after a 96 spec Glanza badge, In good condition. I.E no worn letters. please post photos or PM me so i can send you my number.
  3. Pearl white? apparently they're super rare. My buddy has one, lovely car.
  4. Dan507


    It was fitted with a Greddy Boost controller @0.6bar . It's TD04 now and will be mapped with a greddy e-manage
  5. Dan507


    yep, -7.5 degrees lol. it is immaculate, was a grade 4 import, and is super clean now. most of the panels have been resprayed too. Just a standard rebuild for now, just need to get it up and running. It does have a External gate TD04 set up though, so will be pretty nippy
  6. Dan507


    I've never seen a light blue one about. Ive seen a few silvers ones and even another red one. Adam, does he still have that mental white one? It was a glanza, oonly had it on the road for a few months before i sold it, ive just sold the Rx8 this week too lol. My current car is a E39 530D M-sport. My only toy is a Nissan Silvia, was black but now white. Straight Cam SR20, TD06 400+ Bhp, Ex-British Drift championship car. And this is my missus Glanza It use to be mine years ago (7 to be exact) i sold it four years ago to matt heard, he had a 4efte conversion done to it (it's a Glanza S) and it ran like a bag of shit, then engine blow up and i'm rebuilding a replacement as we speak She's currently got a S14a as her daily.
  7. Dan507


    that black one has been there for years, I can remember seeing it when cycling to school (9 years ago now). Not many starlet around here now, i was driving my white one around at the end of last year. the last starlet i've seen around here was a black GT last summer. Hopefully my missus will have her red glanza on the road soon so that will be another hanging around.
  8. Dan507

    Nissan Silvia PS13

    Nope, Mine has a Red top, straight cam SR, but has a S15 Crank, Rods (thicker than older types) and pistons and also S15 VVT Cams. APR head studs, Thicker head gasket and ACL bearings. Engine was built and mapped by Nispro
  9. Dan507

    Nissan Silvia PS13

    Looks good man, TD06 is the way forward! mine about 430bhp @1.35bar it's insane
  10. Dan507

    Japfest 2016 Track

    I've just had a look at the email, the track time tickets are attached to a PDF on the email
  11. Dan507

    Japfest 2016 Track

    Same here
  12. Dan507

    Japfest 2016 Track

    Has anyone got there track time yet? Not sue if I can go on track now 😢
  13. Dan507

    Japfest 2016 Track

    I'll be out in my s14 now, should be fun with 430bhp
  14. Dan507

    Ep91 seat rails

    i have a zep seat rail for a fixed bucket seat, which id be willing to part with for the right cash
  15. I was looking at that! Nice car man, welcome to SR life