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Build Thread

Found 5 results

  1. OK so I though it was about time I created a thread as I have some big plans for over the next couple of months, while I have no License . I bought the car last September (2010) with 80K miles when I passed my test. The bought the car like this: The spec was: Rota Slip Streams 15inch Lowered 60mm Circuit sports lug nuts Remus Back Box Clear indicators Unknown induction kit. Just before Christmas the engine started to lose oil pressure on tick over, then the oil pressure switch went and ended up spinning the No3 crank shell. The car had to come off the road for 3 weeks while a friend put a new engine in. (should have taken some pictures :/) Once the car was back on the road I decided it was time for an ICE upgrade I fitted a 12inch Alpine type D12 800w sub, 2x pioneer Kevlar 6x9s, 2x sony explode 6x9s Once again i had a problem with the car was on my way to work and completely out of the blue, bang the exhaust fell off. I took this as an opportunity to upgrade and got a customer stainless exhaust made. (sounds awesome) After doing nothing to the car for a while I decided to dress up the engine bay a bit. I got some Autobahn silicone radiator hoses form a local breakers, Painted and polished my rocker cover and added a cold air feed to my induction kit. I also purchased a cheap strut brace from eBay (prob not the best ever mod lol) After this I finally started to look into tuning the car, so I got my self on to this. Having a look around I seen the Corolla mani seemed quite a popular mod so i got one Along with so red HT leads HKS SPF reloaded, a nice shiney pipe from RW and some reservoir socks. I bought an aftermarket rev counter but looked a bit tacky so I purchased some Paseo dials Although the temperature gauge doesn't work correctly :/ Here's a few random pics Some detailing The wonders of autosol So the plan is to buy and rebuild a 5e-fhe, then possibly turbo The car is booked in for some body work and painting at the end of the month. Getting a few dents taken out, handles and mirrors colour coded and grommet where the rear wiper used to be filled. Will keep this updated as i do the mods Thanks for looking Chris
  2. thought id best update this a bit as it doesnt really make much sence, my intro for some reason it half way down this first page :s erm basically ths is my car a few months after i brought it and put a few things back to standard as it was a bit chav tastic haha yes the car is in dire need of a clean in these pics by the way thats JDM yO!
  3. Thought id start this just because its taking most my attention at the moment. Had the car 5 years now put 41k of hard miles on it and for the best part its just lapped up all the abuse I've thrown at it. Other than blowing a nearly new rear shock on a pot hole its been the perfect beater. However as of late the gearbox has started to sound like its developed straight cut gears so rather than throwing in the towel and scrapping the car or spending £350 on another box I've decided I may as well make use of the spare 4age 20v and 6 speed LSD box I have floating around So this is the build up to it. 2000 corolla vida 112k 1.4 5 speed Sr front lip Sr mirrors Sr fog lights Sr full interior incl electric windows 6 speed gearknob Speedlines When I first got it. Pre Sr stuff, dumped on corolla gti lowering springs. After it got its full Sr overhaul (minus mirrors) cost of Sr stuff... £80 bargain. One with its big brother. And yes that is what became the donor car as I stacked it Anyway I've almost finished collecting any bits i need that I had sold from the trueno. Just waiting on a flywheel and alternator then ill order a clutch kit. 6 speed is getting inspected today so I can order some new parts for that to make it run smooth. Once thats back together its full speed ahead 20v zze11 (or to be ae111) hopefully in time for JAE so I can have both 20v motors there! Updates will follow as progress is made.
  4. Item For Sale: Custom throttle bodies to suit 4E-FE, 5E-FE, 5E-FHE Item Condition & Description: Used Will come with the following; Quad Throttles Flange with custom runners New Blue Silicone Joiners Stainless Steel Jubilee Clips MAP Sensor Vacuum Lines & T- Piece Custom Piping for brake servo Bracket for throttle cable Bracket for TPS This is a plug and play kit, can be fitting in around 30 minutes by a amateur. I will clean them up before postage. Throttle response is greatly improved. Will make a huge difference to the drive-ability. The kit will be synchronized to ensure maximum efficiency. Price: £350.00 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Payment by PayPal or cash on collection. Will be sent 1st Class recorded post, with tracking number. Item For Sale: Apexi Super AFC Neo Item Condition & Description: Used, 10/10 Excellent condition, used for around 4 months. Let you fine tune your fuel settings. Colour sceen with various outputs in digital & analogue. RPM, TP, Volts etc. All the information can be found here. http://www.apexi-usa.com/store/electronics/afc-neo/afc-neo-fuel-management.html Price: £230.00 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Payment by PayPal or cash on collection. Will be sent 1st Class recorded post, with tracking number.
  5. This will be fairly slow progress build as there's not too much i want to do to the new motor. general tidy up and few subtle changes but thats about it. but I've got to mix this with looking at getting a house in the near future so i imagine money will also be quite tight too firstly Spec as i brought it. 1998 Sprinter Trueno BZR 1.6 4AGE 20v 152kms or about 93k miles 6 speed LSD box OEM Rep Carbon Bonnet New Headlights from Toyota HKS Panel filter Arc Intake chamber TRD or similar HT lead set Imec 25mm trumpets inside OEM plenum Tomie PonCams FGK 4-2-1 Manifold Longlife 2.25" cat back with hks style backbox TRD adjustable Shocks and Springs Rebuilt Front twinpots with OEM Discs and Yellow stuff pads OEM rear discs and Pads 16" scRota Grids in white D1 spec blue wheel nuts Unknown Clutch/flywheel (clutch is heavy and revs seem to drop quick so maybe aftermarket) E-manage Blue, unmapped. Air con removed couple of small things wrong which I've got parts on the way for, Interior mirror dazzle mech is broken so it rattles, new mirror on route. blanking plate missing in the dash, got a rear foglight switch which i will rewire from the other non OEM switch. Clock has the 00 button missing badge on the boot missing. also needs a OSF indicator as the clips broken, ill be going to toyota for this i imagine. C Pillar trim needs swapping as the ones fitted have LED's in them :/ (others came with it) The other thing that needs sorting is a bit more major but not too bad. the rear quarter panel has been replaced at some point, noticed when viewing it, checked in the boot for damage and under all the trim etc and it seems it was just cosmetic damage, nothing underneath and all suspension arms are straight and drives lovely. problem is where they joined it on the C pillar the join is visible so have got to get that sorted. got a few £££ knocked off to cover the cost, had a couple of quotes already and will be making my decision on where to go with it soon. Right well heres some pictures of her! Future plans. Full service, oils, filters, plugs etc Bleed brakes with Motul RPF 600 fluid Bodywork: quarter panel and front lip need doing Get the E-manage mapped or at least get the fueling checked. Change the wheels for something gunmetal or gold/bronze and more JDM y0! BC Superstrut coilovers Slowly build up a Secondary Set of super strut components. So what do you guys think?
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