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1996 Glanza V Auto £3k ono

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Hi all,

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to sell the project Glanza.  It's a 96 Auto, but has 98 bumpers and interior.  The interior is in really good condition for its age, the outside will need some work though.

Mileage is showing as 163460, this is still in KM.  The car starts and runs beautifully.  No MOT as it's a been a long burning project, however it's pretty much ready for a test other than a set of tyres.  In the last couple of years it's had new handbrake cables (all three), front arms, tie rods, wheel bearings, brakes all round, cv gaiters, drop links etc.  They're all still like new as it's only been moved around on my driveway.

It's essentially a standard car apart from a Blitz Nur Spec R cat back exhaust, ARC top mount intercooler and some unknown lowering springs and shocks (They were on it when I got it).

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Obviously, it'll need trailering away, I'm down in the New Forest.


Here's some pics taken during the project phase (I'll get some new ones just as soon as it stops pissing down with rain, but you get the general idea).






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