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  1. As title anyone fancy a swap my 98 spec uncut for livesports ? 
  2. GAUGING INTEREST  HAS BOTTOM END FAILURE WILL NEED NEW MAIN AND BIG END BEARING SHELLS. LOCATED SCOTLAND    Servicing: castrol edge 5w30 fully synthetic engine oil crossland oil filter Valvoline maxlife 50/50 coolant fuchs titan race fully syn 75w-90 gearbox oil Gold Plug magnetic oil sump plug    ( Supplied by opie oils) BOSCH 022 45ah Battery  Engine ⦁    Standard 4E-FTE Engine + stock ECU ( BOTTOM END NEEDS NEW MAIN AND BIG END BEARING SHELLS ) ⦁    stock PCV delete - Racespec AN-8 rocker cover / Braided lines supplied by RW Devlopments  ⦁     RW developments oil catch can  + oil filler cap ⦁    ID workz New OE sparkplug tube seals / rocker cover gasket / rocker stud washers ⦁    WEPR Evolution style TD04 internal wastegate turbo kit- mild steel manifold - stainless steel screamer downpipe re joined to downpipe and o2 sensor bung relocated by RW DEVELOPMENTS  (oil fed  - looped water lines)  ⦁    Custom 3" Catback - New downpipe gasket -  C clamps - Hanger rubbers ⦁    ID WORKZ Nomex oil return hose  ⦁    New toyota OEM Exhaust mani gasket  ⦁    New toyota OEM Exhaust mani nuts  ⦁    HDI FMIC pipes powdercoated / blanked BOV / ASH hotpipes ⦁    New SAMCO boost pipe joiners and s/s clamps ⦁    HDI FMIC chemically cleaned and VHT painted  ⦁    New genuine toyota inlet manifold gasket  ⦁    inlet manifold acid dipped inside immaculate and powdercoated exterior  ⦁    EVAP Delete - vent to atmosphere  ⦁    TD half size radiator + slim fan ⦁    Roose motorsport top and bottom radiator hoses + Auxillary  ⦁    Roose motorsport Powersteering lines ( New P/S fluid added ) ⦁    Assorted brackets powdercoated Ignition  Magnacore HT leads + king lead to ig/ coil NGK iridium spark plugs grade 7 brand new FUELLING  ⦁    3SGE BEAMS BLACK-TOP 340CC INJECTORS ⦁    Powdercoated fuel rail  ⦁    New fuel filter supplied by Tuning developments ⦁    SARD RR Fuel Pressure Regulator  ⦁    255LPH walbro FUEL PUMP  Wheels -Brakes- Suspension MeisterR adustable coilovers  ZISCO front strut brace  Whiteline adjustable rear panhard rod Standard calipers and discs -Calipers painted  Driftworks steel wheel nuts  ROTA GRID 16" wheels with Rays stickers 4 New TOYO T1R PROXES 195/45/ R16 optional rear strut brace powdercoated and plastics painted * SILLS , REAR AXLE , FUEL TANK AND WHEEL WELLS STRIPPED TO METAL AND TREATED TO RUST CONVERTER / THEN ANTI RUST CHASSIS COATED IN WHITE * Its too nice a car to break and i don't have the time really to take the engine out and rebuild  looking for £2500 without wheels and zisco strut brace / can whatsapp videos BEFORE and after   
  3. Td04 oil and water lines wanted

    Im sure Race-tech and TD stock them from memory mate 
  4. Sold sold sold

  5. Sold sold sold

    255lph Fuel pump  Came from a 98 Glanza comes with the sender unit assembly and banjo bolt with washers ready to be dropped in to your tank.  £65 posted
  6. Anyone know who stocks the triangle 4e-fte downpipe to exhaust gasket ?? Thanks 
  7. Sold sold sold

    Its all good pat its sold now ha ! 
  8. Sold sold sold

  9. Sold sold sold

    Bump again
  10. Sold sold sold

    Bump someone do a buy
  11. Wepr td04 turbo kit (full)

    Megaaa cheap what a bargain ! Glws 
  12. Glanza Exhaust hanger rubber size ?

    You mean for getting old ones off ? Already removed them and they got binned by accident lol , fuck paying £32 for poly ones man 
  13. Glanza Exhaust hanger rubber size ?

    Hi lads bit of a random one but anyone know size of glanza exhaust hanger rubbers ?   Or have a link to ones they bought that fit 
  14. Sold sold sold

    Bump make a offer
  15. Sold sold sold