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  2. Love phils caption and skinnys replie 🤣🤣 Anyhow I've bitten the bullet and I'm having the bonnet and two front wings painted and am planning having the rest of the car painted end of next year want to enjoy the car for a year or so before I pull it off the road again
  3. Ah the very man I bought them of Tyler thanks so much Cheers mate yes your right should be a rare little setup when complete and I'm glad to here your getting time to work on your own car keep up the great work 👍
  4. Plenty of people use TD04 setups on 4efte engines, most consider 200bhp "safe" on stock internals and the larger turbo will still be in its efficiency range where as the stock ct9 at this bhp level will most likely be off the edge of the efficiency map (high temp charge air). I don't post on the other forum but it all depends on what level you want to be involved in the tuning process and how much control you need for your build. Piggyback is basic level control, minimal wiring, only retarding timing and adjusting MAP sensor voltage to trick the Toyota ECU to adjust fuel. relatively
  5. Nobody ever replied? I really want to upgrade to this piggyback but there are too many questions and gray zones. That is why I I still hold on to my stock tc9 and ecu. Anyway to get decent horsepower it will need special rods, pistons and a strong gearbox. In my opinion a td04 is only gonna stress the stock mechanics. .
  6. Last week
  7. Know the feeling mate I'm same with mine it's still ongoing just taking much longer Wel get there
  8. A year on still haven't had the new engine built back up yet. life seams to get in the way put away most of the cash to get it built back up now so that's good. Really missing it now hopefully have it back to working condition by summer next year fingers crossed. cheers nick. Have a throw back pic of the last time it worked Yakushi 2019
  9. I've to put on the headlights on mine next but jacked the car up earlier today to put on some new wheels I bought a few weeks ago, for £120 I can't complain they sit nicely in the arches and look good lol just has winter tyres on the back and center caps missing. I think it looks really good with these wheels I just need to check if its rubbing anything cause I'm sure I could hear a slight noise when driving above 20-30mph maybe against the caliper or something, had a girl on the sidewalk turn around and look so guessing it must be hearable from outside lol hopefully nothing major they're 15/1
  10. Cool AF mate, hens teeth that set up. You'll never be able to sell this. I'm actually getting some time to work on mine today for the first time in ages.
  11. So update time… suspension parts are all now back together, even though I’ve got to take the hubs back off to remove the backplates as I’ve just ordered the Willwood 4 pots which should be a nice addition! i also got the HEL abs delete kit fitted which was a bit of a pain with no instructions but worked it out eventually! Also fitted the new poly bush engine mounts the Kaaz diff has now arrived just still unsure whether to use my gearbox or now at the repair I found on it may be worst than I think I’ll try and get some photos to show… also ordered some br
  12. So I just bought this Tein EDFC complete kit to go with my new Tein coilovers serious JDM brownie points I reckon here and the engine bay is painted my god its epic looking 😎
  13. Hi everyone so I’m doing a bit of an overhaul with my suspension I’ve replaced everything wishbones droplinks anti lift kit 24mm arb etc well.. I’ve just fitted it all up and the near side arb is practically touching the wishbone where as the offside has a bit of space, will this change once the cars on the ground? I did notice when I removed the old anti roll bar that there were some make shift rubber covers over the arb in that area offside nearside thanks Gav
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  15. Found a glanza plate recess now on the hunt for the rest of the glanza kit👌🏽


  16. Hi mate. She's a beaut!! Love the canvas Tops!! I have a rare GT that was imported with sunroof and the same roof rack as the canvas top. I've attached an image for you
  17. Probably need to sort out the paintwork, the passenger door is getting bad on the bottom corner and the rest of the car is in need of some tlc. Rear drums and front calipers could do with a lick of paint, so could some engine bay brackets. Glanza front brakes would be a nice addition, may just upgrade these original discs and pads when the time comes. Rear wheel bearings need doing and the rear shocks may need replacing Got some 303 to spray on the rubbers Need to clean the grime off the side of engine as I'm getting some belt slippage and the annoying sqweek I'v
  18. Just been reading through this, nice build dude, keep it up. What's next?
  19. Got over spray on my phone screen 🤣
  20. Bit of DIY. Hammerite smooth silver. What could go wrong right? 🤔
  21. Soo I may have bought some more goodies for G today… 38mm tial wastegate ORC 309 clutch & flywheel Kaaz super a diff Oil sandwich plate Gizfab panhard rod Powerflex engine & box mounts Cusco brake stopper HEL abs delete kit HEL braided clutch line HEL braided fuel line a new half rad fitting kit as mines getting tatty
  22. So fitted some more parts today, forgot to order steering rack gaitors so hopefully getting some more today. also dropped my hubs off last night to get the wheel bearings fitted so they will be going on over the weekend too. also prepped my anti roll bar up, gave it a metallic silver base coat then coated with candy apple red followed by 2k gloss laquer, came out quite well
  23. Think your right mate the more I look at it that is a home made effort and not the factory part. I'd love to find the factory one but it must have been such a rare setup.
  24. I did find that diagram in the EP91 4efte EPC https://toyota.epc-data.com/starlet/ep91/61052/electric/8719/88444/ but when you click on it the site said it was not compatible with the vehicle. Checked the EP82 and it is listed but as you say NLA from the dealer. However, when you look at the engine for sale in the eBay ad it doesn't look like the bracket above. It looks to me like an EP82 PAS lower adjuster bracket with an idler pulley bolted through. Not a vertical sliding pulley bracket with separate tensioner bolt. I can't seem to find this setup in the Toyota
  25. It's a adjuster bolt that pulls the idler pulley upwards to tension the belt. Sadly the parts are discontinued as strangely I'd like to run this setup to keep AC but go electric power steering to get the air filter behind the drivers headlight.
  26. Nice progress today engine bay will be in primer by end of the day tomorrow 😍 lots and lots more photos to follow
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