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  2. Do you have any other parts.. and would they come with the black rubbers on the bumper on both side off fog lights
  3. Looking for some parts in the next couple weeks. n/a any custom front head lights n/a glanza rear bumper toyota wind reflectors strut tte front lip any custom parts from a n/a model.
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  5. Any additional pics of the exhaust & intake manifolds & intercooler piping?
  6. good effort mate. nice to see youve got a filter on the gun also. Have you got a little regulator on the gun? you might find that helps. I know you have one on the compressor but one on the gun allows you to fine tune what your actually getting at the gun.
  7. No no I'm joking lol. I'm ballymena but I know a few chaps down there with "mixed reviews" lol. I do all my own work bar fabrication etc. Maintenance wise is no problem.
  8. Sam44

    Saying Hi

  9. Hello spray brake cleaner around in intake and inlet manifold to see if it affects rpm to find a leak. Also do a blink code dtc read out on the ems to help pin point the fault.
  10. Yeh. The body roll on these and suspention deflection is truly shocking in standard form. When I first experienced driving one of these on track to be truthful I did 2 laps and came off in disgust, parked it up it was so so bad. Body roll and pitch, suspention deflection that made the wheels/axles feel not attached to the vehicle, brake bias making in corner brake control impossible and weight transfer\shift\pitch a real problem. Lift off over steering. And a steering rack that felt very unresponsive and lacked feed back (feel). We really changed all this dramatically with out areo work and with some very precise mods. The thing holds the road and gives great feedback. Handling mods are a very beneficial mod on the ep91 and 82 the complete opposite to the ae101 which surprised me.
  11. Thought one was enough. Please educate me 👨‍🎓
  12. Unknown aero mirror possibly ec works anyone shed some light?
  13. yes its the way forward for me rad in the boot...
  14. im taking cam postion from cam and crank postion from crank
  15. A cooperative gearbox and some stickier tyres would make this car a heck of a lot more fun on the track! But this is all on hold due to COVID.
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  17. T-dog

    Bonnet scoop

    Got a black one in the shed , message me in the morning and I’ll send you some photos . Thanks Toby
  18. So you are taking cam timing from both the crank & the cam? Or one is for something else?
  19. do you mean the actual brackets that hold the pump to the block? i can certainly have a look for you this weekend and get back to you.
  20. Done a bit more today got the skirts in primer hoping to wet and dry them tomorrow and go over with dolphin glaze where it needs its it's not an amazing job but I'm not a sprayer and first time using a gun and all keeping me busy in there's uncertain times.
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