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  2. Just seen the vid, god damn i love your gt!! Proper clean build, hats off to you sir and fair play to Mark, clearly proud of the car too.
  3. Looks like you made Speedhunters too
  4. Hi All. Looking to buy a ep82 engine/ecu loom.over time wires have deteriorated and connectors broken so looking for a full replacement if any members have one around. Thank you Luke
  5. Larry chens mondello video on the Lz world Tour my cars is at 3mins 40 seconds in my son Mark done the talking credit to him Let me know what you think
  6. Cheers! Doing some of the plumbing at the moment. Few more bits to do on fuel lines and vac lines then that’s complete too.
  7. This looks soo good! 🤤
  8. Hello all.. Been a while 👀 What turbos are people using nowadays on 4efte? Surely things have moved on from old TD04Ls? I'm looking into using something on a rebuilt (non-forged) 4efte.. Want something capable of 250bhp+ but with full boost below 4k (if possible). Seen the likes of these mentioned, but not seen them applied to our engines: -Garrett GT2560R -Garrett GBC-200 / Pulsar PSR 3942G TIA!
  9. Still breaking it in or did you have a chance to dyno it?
  10. Fairplay! Awesome looking build mate. No crank work though? Is a stock crank ok for big revs?
  11. It Finally Lives recorded-17535602734839.mp4
  12. 4e speedvision cams, used one season, with gears installed, perfect condition. Located in Lithuania (can be shipped to my friend in UK and collected in person) 270 IN 280 EX 8.7mm lift 200£
  13. Here we have a brand new in box set of rota slipstream in flat black 2 4x100 15x7 ET 28 They well fit over Ksports with no spacers. Come with fitting kit ie black wheel nuts and spigot rings. Looking for £550 would prefer collection but can send at buyers expense via courier. Cash on collection PayPal including fees bank transfer up to you.
  14. Progress has been good, hopefully in a position to start it next month
  15. I’m actually finally putting her together this week
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