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  3. UKSO was the first community to get me into the car scene. Its the reason I bought my Starlet. Even ended up in the motor trade because of it xD It is a massive shame that the forum is dead now. I see most activity is on Facebook groups. And that goes for most of the car scene these days. Forums are definitely an old skool thing. I always tell people to check forums and I get odd looks LOL. Hopefully the site will stay up. I'm on and off with my Starlet build. Will HAVE to get it looking presentable this year as buying a house and cant have the eyesore that it is outside a new h
  4. This is class Rob followed you on YouTube and watched your ep91 series going to be some beast
  5. Have been trying to make some videos of the build too:
  6. Last week
  7. Mostly boring stuff! Loom work, engine bay painting, new oil pump and timing chain on engine etc etc. Moving onto the brake kit next.. have to do some more work on the shafts also
  8. Thank you some great lads on here that really helped out As for the build long way to go yet it's getting there will be worth it in the end
  9. Earlier
  10. Think only socks can sort that issue out mate.
  11. Spec as follows Body Carbon fibre front lip,skirts, spoiler and number plate surround. Rear lip painted black should really get it dipped to match the rest of the kit Rota wheels Suspension/chassis Bc coilovers Anti lift kit Rear anti roll bar Adjustable panhard rod Front lower brace C pillar brace Cusco front upper strut brace Standard brakes braided lines. Will prob go for a typemr kit at some point Interior Trd clock surround Trd gearknob Optional multi box Suzuki ignis sport recaros fitted to modified brid
  12. Few pics and details of my glanza V which i bought at the start of 2022. Car gets driven during summer months. Its no show car, nothing fancy just a honest reliable v with minor upgrades
  13. This is a class build the welding is mint love those trd bits you have
  14. Started a YouTube channel there, gonna start documenting the car and maybe some tutorials and general fucking about, will still post on the forum👍
  15. Thanks for all the useful info My plan is to change my glanza at ecu with a jam pnp ECU My problem is the jam ECU is a mt So I m trying to find what I must modify to install jam ecu
  16. Cheers mate hopefully be done by summer 💪
  17. If using OEM Toyota sensors you will need the corresponding throttle body as well as the sensor and plug, as the mechanism that goes into the sensor is slightly different. I can't remember off the top of my head what the wiring is, but the diagrams are easy enough to find online, I did basically the reverse of this (3 to 4 pin) to use the 4 pin as my ECU requires a variable TPS. I think this is the standard 3 pin: top/yellow: TPS signal middle/brown and white: ECU ground bottom/black and red: throttle closed Your 4 pin auto TPS has a 5v feed which is now redundant,
  18. As the title I m looking some info about 4pin to 3 pin conversion and If anyone already done it Also what parts I need Thanks
  19. Do you please have ep82 interior trim RHS ? @Bean




  21. I'm hoping so once weldings done Il probably send it to the garage next door to replace the discs pads AC condenser and control arms and bushes and any other things that could be mot related before it's has the respray and underseal so they don't get marked or disturbed
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