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  2. Yes please. manifold and throttle body are in their way so it’s a starting point
  3. Hi. I have a list of mods here that I recon will hit the 100hp mark if your interested.
  4. It has for me we just need interest and get plots sorted.
  5. Me to Phil I have an MOT and service coming up soon I will throw some more pics up. I'm still liking the drive feels like a new car still. I'd have another for sure!
  6. Only just spotting this now like a tit - apologies. Liking this alot! My brother had a V50 a few years back, and he and I both now have V60s. He has converted me to the Swedespeed way of life! His is the big 5 cylinder D5, mine is a 2016 D4 R Design and I have to say, I'm bsolutely obsessedwith it! Fantastic cars, I can see me sticking with Volvos for a while! ANd of course, plenty of optional hunting being done here too lol! Keep up the great work on this one bud and keep us posted! Phil.
  7. This looks mega last year think this might replace jae for me.
  8. I might get on this seen as it’s not bank holiday this year I might actually make it.
  9. I used the corolla brace in the end I think, from memory they are the same though
  10. Yesterday
  11. What about the brace bar between the inlet and the head?
  12. Yuup, I fitted them to my rep and it dynoed at 86.6 hp 😎
  13. Is this the Corolla 4EFE inlet manifold that can be fitted to the Starlet for a power increase? Would I need the throttle body as well?
  14. Ill have a look into it more when i have time later in the month, thanks mate. i thought it would just run i need to get a timing light on it as everything else is lined up spot on.
  15. That's all cool with regards to the fuel pressure, plugs, injectors etc... I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure timing isn't affected by the length of the stroke on the crank. On both 4e and 5e engines the engine position sent to the ECU from the cam sensor in distributor (some 5e's also have a crank sensor but yours doesn't). The stock ignition map from both the 5e and 4e ECU's should be fine to run the car pottering about. What you need to check is that the timing has been set to 10 degrees using a timing light and bridging the relevant pins on the OBD port. Another thing to check is if the timing is correct between the cams and the crank when the timing belt was fitted if its a definitely a timing issue with the car. I'm not an expert by any means but I have mapped my own car and set the base timing etc and have a bit of experience with poor timing and fueling. When i first started up on the standalone ECU the map was really rich which would start ok, idle ok, rev okish but the minute you put any load on the engine it would misfire which sounds a bit like your issue since you are running rich Best of luck
  16. Just my 2p, that year will come round sooner than you think and you might be hard pushed to find another car to replace it. It's a great car and you've clearly put a lot of time and effort into it. I would hold on to it personally.
  17. Hey Westie thanks for this reply. I have already run the first cable up to a point (still need to figure out how to get the rear trims near the wheels off). Is it possible you can make some photos of the spots you mention?
  18. well long story short i was kind of amazed to have electric mirrors and full electric control of all the windows lol + the already mentioned central locking. unfortunately mine does not have a rev gauge 😕 i replaced the stereo recently on my oww. I have to say for someone like me that does not mess with cars it is a plessant experience. As a mechanic friend told me...starlet is the best vehicle to learn things.
  19. Lovely looking motor. Nice build. Good look with the sale. I'm very new to the starlets but waw just waw.
  20. Thanks! Still loads left to do, they’re awesome little engines to work with everything is so simple and rewarding when it pays off
  21. Last week
  22. No worries mate glad you know what it is . Now just to buy a cheap inverter and your off 👍🏼🙂
  23. A year I know it’s not forever but going to drive me crazy looking at it and not driving it
  24. Ah man that sucks loosing your license is it a long term thing or just for a bit.
  25. Sadly due to losing my license for Health reasons am thinking of selling up obviously no rush to sell as it’s not like am selling to buy other car if anyone is interested send me a message thanks
  26. Yeh Im swapping to copper as soon as I fit a 50kv c5 coil unit. The iridium plugs are suseptable to high temps but there a must if using factory ignition coils. I think the peak kv recorded on my starlet was 19kv. which is very poor leading to a small plug gap and weak spark.
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