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  2. I’ve never had an issue with getting bits from Mike but it does seem other people have unfortunately. We produce a 3” exhaust dyno proven to 460bhp if you’re after another option 😊
  3. Yesterday
  4. Just need to sand the intakes smooth and sand the back of the valve seats and the heads are ready to be dipped and engine rebuilt.
  5. Started on the intake side today. These were quite a way off. So far they’ve been roughly gasket matched and ported
  6. Never an issue with any orders from TD come next day every time I've ordered stuff from Mike and always answers the phone or phones back if he's busy.
  7. Ok thanks for your time and information
  8. You'd be better off with a Jam manifold. Less restrictions equals less heat build up.
  9. People been placing orders and bits not arriving. Not replying to messages. That kinda thing
  10. You can port the stock one out quite a bit which helps. The JAM manifolds are good but you have to remember they are a 20 year old manifold now.
  11. Do tell, was thinking off ordering some bits n bobs soon ?
  12. as above looking a levin or celica brake kit, ready to bolt on if possible thanks ian
  13. I m confused so i will try to find a Jam unit because I want to look stock user bonnet....i believe it is stronger and flows much better than stock with stock boost level.... Thanks for all the useful info
  14. They don't crack easily. But they do crack, any manifold is prone to cracking.
  15. After TD's recent feedback, you'd be lucky to even receive it I think
  16. WANTED! I’m after a few bits for my Glanza, let me know if you have any of the below for sale. Rear strut brace, ideally an OEM 3 point one but I’ll consider anything. Livesport rear spoiler Indiglow dials or full cluster Gauge pillar pod Cheers!
  17. As title suggests, I'm building a fully forged lump with a knife edged crank and I already have a Fidanza lightened flywheel, but now looking at clutch options...I can only really see that the options for a decent clutch set up are to buy an ACT clutch and mate it with the fly or just go spend the money on a ORC. I am getting the whole bottom end balanced once I figure out which clutch to use but I would love to be able to make this thing as revvy as possible.. Opinions?
  18. So no one suggest Jam manifold because they crack easily like stock
  19. Macclebee


    Hi All; I’m after some Bumper’s for my 98 spec. Colour doesn't really matter as car is going for a full respray soon. Would like an aftermarket front if possible and rear I’m not fussed if aftermarket or standard but needs to be good condition. Based North Wales but don’t mind a travel. Thanks
  20. I'll admit I like my GT's more, but damn this glanza is lovely mate
  21. Last week
  22. No first hand experience myself, but a mate of mine @Dean_mc88 is having one fitted by them before they remap his Glanza. I don't see why any fab place can't make you up something custom closer to kent though
  23. Ok I’ll do that then. Should the front and back sit the same height from wheel hub to arch or should the front sit slightly lower then the back. I’m going from dd coilovers to bc and luckily I have a adjustable panhard rod installed.
  24. best way is to fit them and then measure from the center of your wheel hub to the arch, dont measure the thread on the coilover are you going from stock suspension to lowered? you will probably need an adjustable panhard rod aswell
  25. Local Mate has them on his Glanza, far as I'm aware gt-four discs redrilled and 20mm+ spacers. Would be good to get clarity tho
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