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  1. Yesterday
  2. Anyone have any ideas?? Thinking of calling a auto electrician but it’s probably something really simple... cheers
  3. Better still just buy a glanza, or just get full engine turbo ect , engine loom, dash and ecu.
  4. CT9 Turbo ManifoldGlanza Sump + pick upCT9 TurboSome sort of management? (PIGGYBACK!)Oil filter housing + oil lines 4efte injectorsdownpipe and exhaust (current one won't match up)Front mount inter coolerOptional is thermostat housing because you don't have to run water lines. Possibly some other supporting mods
  5. Finally got it out by using one of my last resorts. I've used acrylic sealant to bond the surface of part 47406b with the brake caliper, after a few days I turned 47406b around and it moved out. After that I removed 47406b with some needlenose pliers without much effort.
  6. Yea good stuff Ryan You should be joining him lol
  7. Did it have a lot of trouble getting past 4k rpm aswell? Mine is having about the same problem, misfiring and running super rich.
  8. Quality Stuff Ryan. Look forward to seeing this out sprint / hillclimb with Adzy in the not too distant future Phil
  9. Owned the car 2 years today!
  10. RobSR

    Auto throttle body

    Think i may have one but the wax stat part has been blanked off/removed
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check with my mechanic today, see if he’s looked at this.
  12. Hey guys, its that time of year again. 25% OFF on ALL manifold+downpipe combos $100 OFF on TD04 Hybrid turbo kits $200 OFF on all Garrett turbo kit Prices Valid from 1st-31st October
  13. Last week
  14. is your glanza still for sale?? in the market for a glanza now
  15. Lee-Robo

    Glanza Headlamps

    I’m after a decent set of glanza headlamps! Give me a shout if you have some 👍🏻
  16. Last pic with this livery naked of sponsors. we have launched a new livery contest here. Let's see how it goes https://www.facebook.com/pg/LionMotorsportMauritius/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2339582076077802
  17. Haha! Fair play mate. You are doing a superb job on this car. Hats off to you.
  18. Rocker cover finished up Designed and laser cut bracket for fpr
  19. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-starlet-remix-bumper-EP91-4efte/333317827122?hash=item4d9b4a6a32%3Ag%3AiIMAAOSwbOFdb8Ik&LH_ItemCondition=4
  20. Still after one? One on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-starlet-remix-bumper-EP91-4efte/333317827122?hash=item4d9b4a6a32%3Ag%3AiIMAAOSwbOFdb8Ik&LH_ItemCondition=4
  21. And some new nuts and gaskets
  22. have you checked the gearbox mount in the tunnel?
  23. Any one got a auto throttle body from a glanza v please need one ASAP
  24. I’ve had my Toyota Starlet GLS ‘98 automatic for 16 years and she’s been an absolute trouper! However, just out of the blue she started making a noise, what I originally described as sounding like a spoken dokey on a bike (remember those days!). Anyway in she went to my local mechanic, it’s been a month now and he just can’t figure out what/where the noise is coming from, he’s a pretty cautious mechanic and is reluctant to ‘throw parts’ at an ‘old car’. So far he has: checked and greased the cv boots cleaned off the brakes and checked everything to do with those replaced the wheel bearing on the drivers side. drivers shaft has been removed and the car pushed - the noise is not present. The noise which can be heard now quite loudly from outside the car sounds like a click or a dink. It is intermittent and not constant. It sounds as though it’s coming from the driver’s side although mechanic is now wondering if it’s the gearbox. The noise is not present when the car is in neutral, when turning left or when it is on the lift making it difficult for mechanic to pinpoint where it’s coming from. The noise is present when the car is idle in drive. When driving straight and when turning to the right. Not sure if it’s worth noting that the day the noise started I was carrying an extremely heavy load in my car. Has anyone any advice/experience on this? I would be very grateful for any responses. I’m sorry if I’ve gone on a bit but wanted to give as much info as possible and I really don’t want to say goodbye to my car (it’s lasted a lot longer than anything else in my life)!
  25. Yes stock ct9...but I will rebuild my blitz k1 200v
  26. Did mine this evening, put a cusco lsd in my box. Reverse selector was an absolute f*cker and bell housing required each bolt back in to pull in where it fitted down again snug...apart from that the actual removal and refitting of the LSD is easy enough. Excited to see how it performs!
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