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  2. Parts seam to be few and far between theses days or really expensive 😆
  3. Right it been a long old time since an update and was due to a few reasons. Life got in the way of the build responsibilities changed and everything was focused on my daughter and my self building my self and my company and if Monday pays off then the project will be back on track few things have changed and been sold but looking at sourcing parts. Will keep ya posted
  4. Finaly some news on the engine it's been built and ready for collection 💪 😎 👌 hopefully going up 1st March to pick it up.
  5. I did. The fe pump has the lower bolt in a different position compared to the fte pump that was modified to make space to the oil filter relocation. This s why they moved the vacuum to the steering rack. I’d like to tey to fit the vacuum sensor in the Corolla E11 fe steering rack but I’d have to take out. A lot of work. Best would be to create a hubrid steering fe bracket to fit in tje fte location.
  6. Off to Devon this weekend to get some doors and a v boot lid with v wang 👍🏻
  7. Earlier
  8. I'm running 370+bhp Max speeding rods Arp head bolts Cruise head gasket Garrett gt2860 Full boost by 4200 rpm it's a beast of a power I'm running a 4e but I've ivan tighe billet 272 cams there the game changer the turbo has done nearly 420bhp and running currently a c52 box again boost by gear is a must imo it's a brilliant daily driving car
  9. Hi guys please where can I get a MAP sensor for my Glanza? I running TD04 setup Cheers Afzal
  10. Hi looking for map sensor guys please help 



  11. lol its in australia and im back living in canada now
  12. You need 1 input and 1 output for the A/C, outputs won’t be a problem but inputs can fill up relatively quickly on the monsoon if you start adding a lot of additional sensors. If you were looking at EMU I’d go black not classic, Link Monsoon you could just about do it, or look at a Storm or even Haltech Elite
  13. For sale glanza bits 1996 rear seat belts full set £40 each side then middle £40 1998 rear seat belts but missing 2 clips for them £40 each side then £25 for middle Interior plastics £20 Sun visors £50 Flocked clock surround not the best condition like be fine underneath the flock £10 2 wiper motors £40 each Middle section plastic in boot £15 Metal interior plates £15 Pm me if interested in anything
  14. For sale genuine Toyota o ring brand new £6
  15. For sale glanza wings in 8k9 good condition everything is still intacted on them they do have some marks on and blemishes that I have done my best to photo can send more photos if needed £200
  16. For sale trust gear knob never used it and looks brand new was told it was m12x1.25 so going off that £85
  17. For sale starlet/glanza trd foot rest. Fits ep91 am not sure about ep82 but I don’t see why not if the foot rests are the same (am not sure) Selling this extremely rare trd foot rest brand new never used with paperwork literally can’t find another one also had importers say they have never seen one before which is mad to say the least am in no rush to sell and maybe not worth it to most but find another one like say no rush to sell so can sit in the draw am sure some genuine person who loves there rare parts would love this in there collection £160
  18. Hi. Was reading the thread as I have the Corolla bug eye 4efe coil pack and harness. What would have to be done to adapt it to the fte ep91? Thanks!
  19. Hi guys Having a few running issues with my EP82 Seems to fuel fine when cold. And idle fine. But as soon as it gets warm it bogs down when tried to be driven.also a very flat spot when stepping on gas. One think I've noticed is that when it's warm if I remove a vacuum line the car goes from running lean to running better afr. If anyone's had similar troubles like this any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Luke
  20. Hi there looking for a stock or after market MAP sensor for Glanza Cheers Afzal
  21. Beautiful build am looking for the standard MAP sensor for my Glanza Cheers Afzal
  22. Thanks mate, heres the link for headlights. I had to message the seller and ask for just 1 pair. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Black-Housing-Aftermarket-Headlamp-Headlight-For_1600226466504.html?spm=a2700.galleryofferlist.normal_offer.d_title.48c361eb61sWSG
  23. cm-chat-media-video-1:6faeaf6b-e83b-5f97-9f62-435963f5df6a:8309:0:0.mov 60CBA468-B0A5-455E-B2B4-76BBD717AA23.mov
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