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  2. Great progress mate. You’ll be surprised how well it pulls with the actuator set like that (as a few people have mentioned). That’s around what mine is on and it feels great. good attention to detail as always
  3. Cheers for the comments, she’s getting there. I’m just really busy at work as usual so most of the time spent on the car is during lunch as I’m still doing degree work In The evenings (god knows why I decided to do one at my stage of life). Thanks, the manifold took some time and patience but really happy with it. With the exhaust paint just make sure you heat cycle it properly so the first time is just letting the car tick over for the paint to bake then let it completely cool down. After that it will be able to take proper heat through it.
  4. Loving the front bumper. Which 1 is this. Looks like it has good aero quality's.
  5. Looking smart and race spec. Keep up the great work.
  6. Tidy work. Some great builds happening on here, I can't wait to get back to the UK to get mine on the Dyno (standard reworked 4efe internals).
  7. As always, quality. Really enjoying your build.
  8. Yeh lights looking nice, looking good. Keep up the great work. 5 door brother.
  9. Just had a good read through this!! Car looks awesome man! Definitely be getting myself some of that manifold paint to try too makes it look alot tider!
  10. Thanks mate. You can get lucky sometimes with the reverse drill bits, I've found them useful for m 8 sizes and up. Smaller than that and I haven't had much luck, nothing worse than snapping a tiny "easy out" extractor off in one either! Hopefully not too quick spool! Thanks for the kind words, I'm getting there.
  11. I think I know the Lexus lights you're on about, I seen some too lol, I'm not sure on the difference between the reflet and glanza so I'll just say you're right 😂 I managed to find on Autodoc some sliders with rubber boots so hopefully should be all good, had found some on Ebay too but wasn't sure if the Glanza ones fit the N/A calipers which apparently they do too. Thankfully didn't need to ask the dealership for parts think Autodoc wanted £11 for them then had to pay for delivery £8
  12. You ll be surprised how much better spool you ll get just by that tighter spring. I remember way back when i installed mine even though initial setting turned out to be 0.4 bar instead of the irregular 0.6-0.8 i was getting with the sloppy old oem actuator, i was caught in surprise by how much more responsive the car felt. Excellent work. Wouldnt have looked this good even when it was new in the factory!!!
  13. Yeah, think thats an entirely new loom, sensors, ecu, mapping (which would cost the price of the whole unichip package itself). For a £30k Impreza it would seem reasonable. Cheers buddy. I feel a bit funny steering away from the well trodden Emanage route but needs must
  14. You should definitely go forged 😉 That was exactly my thoughts on the LED bulbs, either too bright, they'll mess up the cluster or they won't have a good coverage.
  15. Wow 4k for a Link install is crazy expensive. Most of that must have been labour cost. Hope this goes well for you.
  16. Looking good! I’m currently running 230bhp at the moment and probs gonna go forged but let us know the difference between 230 and high 200’s when you get it mapped 👍 I also replaced my cluster lights with normal bulbs recently. I think the led lights are too bright and I’ve heard they can cause problems with the electrics
  17. Yo. Hope you're all doing well. I was having some issues selecting gears and so took the car to SMD over in Newhaven where they found it to be clutch release bearing related. That's now been resolved which is great as she was becoming a real bugger to drive around town. Whilst there they also wired in my oil catch can and sorted some less than desirable wiring done by a previous owner... I'm now all booked in to Redline Tuning in Essex for a new Unichip ecu. I wanted the Link ecu however on talking to the guy who works there realised that it would be around £4k for the L
  18. Good work as always Claymore, really well detailed write ups. If its any consolation the same bolt snapped on mine when removing the undertray to fit the lower half rad bracket. I used a small reverse drill bit and was lucky enough for it to grab the bolt and spin the rest of it out the thread. Keep it coming, Looking forward to seeing the finished article 👍.
  19. Turbo assembly. After getting the CT9A back from Midland turbos I thought I'd get a head start building it up, I got the water pipes, blanking plate and oil feed / drain pipes re-plated (BZP, 7 microns, clear passivate.). Also bought a HKS actuator to replace the tired looking original 2 port jobby. Easy enough to assemble, the bracket is attached to the actuator so the turbo housing mounting face is to the left of the actuator mounting face (as shown below). If you put it on backwards you'll get all the psi's! The actuator rod is adjustable for length via a turn buckle en
  20. Bargain She'll be worth the wait mate, the celica resto photos looked excellent.
  21. All sorted, pics showing. I'm fine with the lights they're an upgrade from stock which is a 👍. Lexus style lights are ricey (if people remember them!) I think they're actually Glanza 98 spec rear lights (grey plastic, bubble lenses) as opposed to starlet reflet lights (red plastic, bubble lenses)? Not really my area. I'm sure Toyota or maybe even eBay have the replacement caliper sliders, use an online parts catalogue to get the part number, then start googling. Sometimes its a nice surprise from the dealer, sometimes its scary how expensive parts are, doesn't seem to be any rea
  22. Last week
  23. Just got updated on your thread mate as ive not checked it for a while. Great work going on here. The downpipe repair looks bang on too.
  24. Depends really, I'm debating on getting another starlet but a 3dr and to use that one as the one to do up with lowering springs etc and keep this as a daily or get another Celica again for the weekend as I do miss my old one a lot. So I probably won't spend anything much on it atm apart from maintenance stuff. Maybe refurb the alloys to get them painted into gold or get a set of smaller alloys if I do lower it. I was gonna get an exhaust but there is an annoying rattle when I accelerate hard that it just wouldn't be worth it, it sounds like fuel injectors but I replaced them a few months ago (
  25. Nice one dude, she's coming along steady. What do you have planned next? I'm on the fence about the reflet lights personally, I've just bought a pair of the normal style so I can chop and change, I guess you can do the same now too!
  26. Hmmm that is weird, I sometimes can't see certain pics on the pc either but I can for the moment, I'll try re-posting them on here then hopefully works now
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