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  2. Very nice indeed mate! Give us the details, how is it? 🙂
  3. i have the car now. i have had it for 4 months. pretty sure i have not been on here in a long time so ill post some photos BDFF74B0-C4EC-4D69-912E-60AFAB702779.heic EBA778D8-912C-4753-848A-B3A24FEEE592.heic
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  5. SKINY

    2020 motor sport

    Valtteri Bowling ball Just as I thought Christian Horner was going to fuck his mouth up too lmfao
  6. I would invest in oil pressure gauge as well dude as the oil light will come on but it comes on to late and bye bye bottom end
  7. Last week
  8. Fitted a new water temperature gauge to the car at the weekend, wanted to keep a closer eye on the temps as the stock gauge on the dash doesnt fill me with confidence. Noticed there is a spare blanked off port on the thermostat housing on the glanza's, so decided to use that to plumb in the sensor using an M16 x 1.5 to 1/8th npt adapter. Once installed I wired it up with some crimping connectors and ran the wire through the firewall into the cabin. Then I got the new gauge fitted into my a pillar gauge pod trim and got it all wired up. It only needed a 12v positive, a ground and a si
  9. Fitted a new custom stealth front mount intercooler and made up a nice and short route cooler pipe. Used a landrover intercooler due to size and weight . The radiator is the usual half civic alloy rad but will move the lower pipe. Also keeps from cutting any bumpers etc. Also just bought a full 2.5" race-tech exhaust and full turbo engine to swap in.
  10. Good stuff Mark! I saw your manifold on Facebook, very keen to seeing how much this all makes with everything you've done
  11. Hi guys haven't been on here in a while, the starlet is still going strong but been so busy with other cars. Speaking of which my most recent buy is another starlet which is having a very unique engine swap which hasnt been done yet. Will have a blog eventually. As for the sr in this time it has had abit of work, mainly engine as it was burning too much oil so I fully rebuilt a spare engine with the addition of : Skimmed head, fully ported and polished, lightened flywheel, full rotating assembly balance ie crank, pistons, conrods, flywheel, clutch, front pulley. Apart from this
  12. will consider anything as long as its 040 white. ideally as uncut as possible and in good condition but let me know what you have. please pm me pics of bumper if you have anything thanks
  13. It's TST starlet stand mate, been loads with them.
  14. Here’s the connector I do not know. My friend was talking about boost control. If so then I don’t have the boost control valve. I thought lose control had the connector am showing below and it should be the vacuum on the left side of the engine in front connected to the turbo intercooler air output.
  15. Thank you for this information. I have the Corolla canister that is quite big. What’s your suggestion? Should I remove it and put something smaller? You are suggesting to take the blue valve off and blank off the small hose? I am not in front of the engine right now but if I remember well there are two big hoses that go in the blue Volvo and one small hose that go from it to the canister. Is that correct? your idea is to get rid of them all and put the motorbike tank valve? I would have to buy three of them for the three hoses? Can you send me a picture of the details whenever you have ti
  16. Thank you for the info guys! i’m figuring out what this connector is. Can you help?
  17. Good find . Always good to keep the light working without taking the bulb out etc 👍🏼
  18. Most people these days just blank them off with a made bit of a metal and original gasket and then just loop the coolant hoses . Then just adjust the idle through the screw on top of the throttle body . I have done it on few of these cars now with no change to cold starting . If you don’t wanna do this have you taken it off and given it a good clean etc ? . Hope this helps 👍🏼
  19. The plus side is they are a lot cheaper than the real deal and don't require much maintenance. The customizability on the models is what really amazed me. The only limit is your creativity really. They give the possibility to own a representation of the real deal without the issues and pricetag.
  20. Hi All, been a long while, but still owning my blue tom's EP. Looking for a bit of advise or ideas. Seems I have the throttle body wax-stat issue. This causes the car to idle around 800-1000 rpm to high whilst warm, since it's allowing additional air into the inlet. Closing the hole (bottom left inside the throttle body) with a finger to the wax stat whilst warm it's idling fine around the default rpm. Now I've come across a few posts to just remove it, where it's been said the cold start to be a bit more tricky. Looked for replacing (new) the part or the complete throttle body. But that
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