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  2. ** UPDATE 15/05/21** Bit slow since the last update due to various family issues/change in job and general lack of motivation due to covid, but finally sold the big old banded steels off the car and picked up some new wheels yesterday. I've dropped from a 16" to a 15" but stuck with the same width and offset as before. Much prefer the new wheels and obviously alot lighter! Hoping to crack on with this over the next few weekends now and get somewhere with finishing tubbing the rear arches then it's a few final bits to the bodywork and paint 🤘🤘
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  4. Hows your rotor arm and cap
  5. I'm getting 12V to the coil but no spark. Put a brand new Coil Pack on there.
  6. All earths above are all checked and put on the loom. Multi meter is also showing that it is earthed, I've added a extra earths also. It was only ever started once after fitting the block in so can't be sure it was running the whole time. The coolant leak was just on the turbo water lines and a little from the nut on the thermostat housing. Got it started after a week, left it on for a hour. Turned it off and then back on and then the exact same thing happened again and can't get it started. Just seems to be no spark on it like a intermittent issue. Had a few mechanics look at the car but stil
  7. Last week
  8. Just came across this build again and realised I was one of the last people to post here back in 2018! Anyone know what happened to it?
  9. A lot of wiring going on atm, we have ended up purchasing a lot of new tools but that all part of the fun ! Engine loom is done just need to add a few things to it. Fuse and relay board now taking shape, a lot of extras being wired in, trying to get everything done properly with sheaving and heat shrink ect, even ordered a heat shrink printer to get the sexy labels on the go ! everything’s mocked up on the temp board for now really happy with the progress. lack of photos this time but will try to get more and keep this updated abit better.
  10. New AEM Fuel pump fitted properly this time, previous pump wires were literally just twisted together ! Making good progress with the help of my mate Dave.
  11. Nice to meet you too mate and good chatting. and cheers i really should get a build thread up at some stage to keep up the motivation and get on with it!
  12. All earths on the loom put back on the engine ? Like idle control valve earth point , bulkhead near igniter , both earths on the gearbox and mount , other side on the mount to body , both front wing earths. It’s just a case of back tracking mate if it was running before It must be something simple . What did you take apart to sort the coolant leak ? 👍🏼
  13. Bought and collected some interior bits from @snails ep91, very nice fella, nice build as well, hope to meet up again at some point!
  14. Anyone else experienced this issue? Really struggling what to do now
  15. Sorted this now. After being told by toyota when I first spoke to them they informed me it was discontinued however I spoke to them again and apparently that was a mistake and it is still available new.
  16. A very long shot and I will probably be looking for a age, If anyone has a complete interior, Front seats, back seats and door cards, or even part of that for me to make up a complete one over time. This would be for a 30k mile SR so it would have to be structurally sound and in very good condition. I'm based in Scotland so next to nothing ever comes up for sale close to me so delivery would need to be considered or if not possible providing its clean enough I would possibly make the journey and collect. Thanks.
  17. I've sent you a message about the door cards and the radio surround
  18. I can only imagine all the rare bits that have been destroyed that way!!
  19. Been doing some digging, diff is fine, looks like viscous coupling is to blame, removed front section of prop so just fwd at the moment and got my importer on the case of getting a viscous from Japan, failing that I've got a plan 🤫
  20. imagine how many just got scrapped with them in mate
  21. Cheers, Hopefully you will find one soon. I think your right Burty, I had a look on the optional extra page on here and it shows the glanza one having the circular design. I didn't know the uk ones existed untill I found mine in the back of a 5 door uk S model that was in a scrap yard and just knew it was a hidden optional extra, im sure I've since seen them listed as options in a uk Brouchure. There definitely super rare.
  22. just had another look and the yaris got the same chequer plate pattern on it
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