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  2. Update time she’s finally back on all 4 no more stands 😂🙌 still needs to go back up as I haven’t fitted the wilwoods yet but managed to get the axle back to together new rear wheel bearings, discs pads & calipers back on Still need to do some adjustment on the suspension to get it sitting right but the wider wings has definitely helped with the fitment on the front may need some adjustment on the rear Never get bored looking at this also decided to strip the rear and spray it only done it in high build primer at the moment till I get some m
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  4. Giannis

    Brake kit

    Looking for a brake (straight fit) to fit under 14 wheels
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  6. As title brand new pec forged conrods for 4E with ARP bolts, all boxed and individually wrapped. Ashford Kent can post if needed £350
  7. Managed to get the axle back on tonight along with my Gizfab panhard rod not properly adjusted yet only by eye will get a full geo setup once it’s back on the road Then moved on to the rad had issues with the original grommets fitting the half rad fitting kit so took some advice from @Claymore and sorted some other out cheers bud! Haven’t attached the hoses yet as I may get a different fan for the rad instead of the ones that cable tie through, also fitted the RW developments expansion tank
  8. So got the axle off and it was in a bit of a state stripped the brakes and back plates off to clean it up as much as I could with a wire wheel tapped up the areas I needed and gave it all a coat in black still have the callipers etc to paint back in red, new rear bearings have arrived just need to order new discs and pads for the back. also my Tegiwa half rad turned up today as the half rad I had on was getting a bit tatty
  9. More on instagram easier to keep track of there than using this site
  10. Looks great mate, some really good work gone into this.
  11. Hi gents, hope you all are keeping well We have a few new/unused stock location CT9 divorced decats up for sale. Just clearing some space in the shop and these are ex-stock. Retail price -- $295usd+shipping ------ Clearance price -- $205usd+shipping In stock...ready to ship. If anyone's interested...drop me an email on wickedep@yahoo.com or DM via our Facebook/Instagram page. You could DM me here via UKSO too..but i don't get too much time to check forums any more guys and we have only few of these downpipe left in stock...first come-first serve! Many than
  12. So bit of a bigger update as haven’t posted in a while.. managed to source some livesports wings to fit the new wheel width still in gel coat yet to be painted also got the gearbox casing welded up where there was a crack then managed to finally get the engine in! Feels a shame to be covering up the ORC clutch & fly 😭 gave the gearbox a clean and sprayed it black then mocked up the turbo and manifold, also fitted the new catch can and lines along with the Cusco brake stopper now that the abs & p/s are out the
  13. Another update, Bought some Reflet rear tail lights in from Japan. Happy with the condition, gave them a good clean and then polished them up. Only change I had to make to the bulbs was to put orange indicators in. Came out really well and make a great difference to the look of the back of the car. Also bought a replacement 96 Glanza front grill badge made by a lad on one of the facebook groups to replace my original that I had a go at refurbing. I thinks it looks great, really good to see people reproducing discontinued parts.
  14. More updates heads been off and the Athena head gasket replaced for a Cruise japan head gasket anyone reading this Avoid Athena gaskets at all costs I read many lads are have Athena head gaskets blowing I got lucky caught just in time thank f##k for that i had phil have the Rocker cover painted at his place of work Howells Accident repair and a new favourite shot of the car from a recent night meet
  15. Full system including cat, just needs measuring up and welding, reluctant to sell but the cossie livs has finally hit me. Looking for £250 Ono.
  16. Brackets here, can post
  17. Someone must have one.
  18. JLF88

    UKSO stickers

    Anyone still do these?
  19. Just random post new Greedy oil cap from rhdjapan quality piece of kit went on a charity drive 2 weeks ago won best jap was delighted with that and Phil got word off a top tuner over here he has had a faulty batch of head gaskets fail in big build starlets Athena I think never the less my car is running the same brand so Phil was straight onto me when he got the call to say matty we'll have to change your out for a better brand just incase so I ordered cruise from rhdjapan wasn't cheap I tell ya and arp head bolts so I brang the car back yesterday should get it back next weekend a
  20. Thanks very much pal 👍🏼 really appreciate you taking the like to leave a comment 👍🏼
  21. Great photos Cars looking lovely
  22. Heres some pics from Japfest at Silverstone last weekend. A good turnout of starlets, It was good to meet and chat to a few of the owners. The car drove the 300 mile round trip faultlessly very pleased.
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