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  2. Its a big hassle smoothing it, that looks great dont worry as soon as some paint is laid on it its gonna even out all the imperfections.
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  4. Thanks bud! Its been a loooong labour of love (and hatred) and patience (and alot of impatience). Looking forward to actually driving it after the winter is passed! Phil.
  5. Have a look on the vin plate, thats the best way to tell what youve got, or what it should have, either way, a glanza s is still awesome, all the looks without the worry of breaking something!
  6. Had the Tial MVR 44 turn up. This wastegate is massive but does fit under the manifold quite nicely. Started work on the R8 coil pack conversion over the weekend. The heat shrink crimp terminals didn’t turn up and the braided sleeve I have wasn’t big enough to go over all the wiring so I’m waiting for those to turn up now to complete it. Ordered all the pipework for the intercooler hopefully I can get working on that in the next few weeks.
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  8. Nice Interesting build so far , loving the smoothed rocker cover 😎
  9. Update: Managed to spend quite a few hours on the rocker cover over the weekend, started on 80 grit and worked my way up to 3000 grit, It not how i want it finished yet i would like a mirror finish on it but i cant seem to get it there with polish at the moment, I may need to get it done professonally to finish it off, here are a few photos non the less
  10. Up for sale in a little while. Need time to make a page. It's been a pleasure
  11. Cheers for the replies! So far, I have fitted a Powerflow Cat Back exhaust. Got a few photos of her yesterday after a good clean.
  12. I received a few more parts in the post Turbo oil feed parts, it came with a non weld sump return fitting but i wont use that as i already have a weld in fitting i will use i just need to buy the right size braided line and a couple of fittings. Boost updates by Bean Beano, on Flickr Flange changed on the decat, hopefully i didnt warp it. Boost updates by Bean Beano, on Flickr I got the oil switch removed and fitted the new adapter piece in its place then connected everything up. A nice shiny Hamp next to it. Oil line by Bean Beano, on Flickr I ran the oil feed under the power steering pipe. i will secure it later. The oil line has a little filter screen in it which is a good idea. It could possibly stop anything getting into the turbo and it will be easy to split the line now and again to check it or repalce the filter. Boost updates by Bean Beano, on Flickr I used a M12x1.25 to AN4 adapter with a 1.8mm restrictor to fit the evo turbo. i must have every size turbo oil feed adapter you can buy in my tool box now. Boost updates by Bean Beano, on Flickr Ive also marked up where i will likely fit my oil return fitting into the sump. New oil return gasket and flange fitted onto the bottom of the turbo. Boost updates by Bean Beano, on Flickr Thats about where im up to now. Ive had a little mock up with a civic half rad. I will probably remove the standard rad mountings and move them to fit the civic rad when im happy everything will fit. Probably need to order a decent thick alloy civic rad at some point. I think im going to try get an intercooler core with pipes coming out the back of it rather than the side, then try fit one to the side of the rad and the other near the turbo then pie cut some alloy pipe up to make a smooth bend for the turbo hot side pipe.
  13. That is some build and to have the car that long.you are a true starlet man.would love to have the money, time and place to store my gt but i dont. The colour is great to. keep up the super work.
  14. Cheers guys! Yeah currently stock internals, obviously future plans would be to uprate them👍🏻
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  16. The evo arp ones that I had installed had a different spline count as well and they went in fine with some patience. Knurl diameter was almost spot on though. If the hubs get messed up you can always get a set off ebay.
  17. Nah mine are the same. I tapped them in. The used the wheel nut and pulled the studs through. Never had an issue.
  18. Yeh it does seem odd that your ones fit and these dont. I did lose my temper and tried to send it home and it made no difference haha
  19. I can confirm, the Fensport ones I have on my Starlet. I guess I probably knackered the hubs putting them on. But they are solid. I will go to the garage later today put up a photo. I will see if I have the stock ones lying around. Give me a few hours.
  20. Well the fensport ones dont fit, the spline count is completely different and wont grip at all. So I'm still looking for anyone that has any info on extended studs pleeease
  21. A couple of bits for my R8 coil pack conversion turned up today. Hopefully the rest, and wastegate, will arrive tomorrow and I can crack on and get this done
  22. really nice setup you got goin there. Keep us updated. Plans for it? I will be watching. 😎
  23. It's got the e11 intake manifold, plate on the bulkhead says 4efe, and its got disks on the back so i can only assume its a Glanza S thats had a disk conversion on the back? New to Glanzas so im learning as much as possibly 😂
  24. Bought my little beast back in February from a geezer down in Plymouth with the majority of the modifications already on the car, but unfortunately he had an accident and the body work isn’t in the best shape. I have wanted one of these before I even got my license and this came up DIRT cheap so mr impulse here went and got it. I can safely say I’m in love with this thing and the looks I get through my local town is hilarious!😂 Modifications include a WEPR RamHorn TD04 kit mates to a TiAL external wastegate with screamer, exhaust although I’m not sure on the brand (maybe Japspeed), exedy stage 1 clutch, HDi front mounted intercooler. The next step through winter will be coil overs, some beefier brakes and getting the body work sorted, thanks for reading!
  25. Won't be as low as the custom one I have at the moment just means I can run a fixed back bucket seat without the messing around. Bolt and play jobbie.
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