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  2. Little bit more sorted few extra bits ordered shouldn't be long now.
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  4. Hi guys really need all your help on this so I'm looking to try win this podium spot for the gt advance at one of the best shows of the season which is next month so basically it's the car with the most likes by Wednesday wins the podium currently trailing to the audi a5 please help me win click on the link and like my car in the comments 😊 https://www.facebook.com/share/p/nWkjLb5on6vRhxBs/
  5. Next week I'll get everything else fitted hopefully.
  6. Thanks will all be worth it in the end
  7. Looking good glad to see your keeping it alive.
  8. Where next ? to clean up the beams/axles supension components etc and replace worn bushes ...................watch this space might get it painted this year🀞
  9. And here we have it an absolute milestone for me all welding is done and i cant tell you how good this feels No its not totally original anymore but its absolutely rust free now and solid on the body and ive used toyota metal where possible
  10. Then we cleaned everything up and started putting it back together and finishing off the rear sill
  11. So onto the arch first off we cut out all the rust on the inner and outer
  12. After that was completed it was onto the mammoth task of the drivers side sills and arches joe made a great job of this and it took a lot of time we repaired inner sills cutting away small rust patches replaced outer sills for new
  13. these next pictures show the completed rear all primed
  14. More overdue updates We decided to tackle the rear to tidy up small rust patches its something you would never see but ive come this far so it needed to be done rust free donor panels again to the rescue
  15. Decided that today was the day I was getting the engine back in. I've put my broken but working box on just so I can run the engine in. Manage to get in the bay today. Next week I'll button every thing up. Won't be long till it's first start.
  16. Guys I'm trying to get my car a podium spot at an up and coming car show over hear so what I need is you guys to click the link below scroll through the comments and like my picture it's mark o gorman my sons account the car picture is πŸ‘‡really appreciate if you can help can you comment if you've done for me https://www.facebook.com/share/p/rqJeJ9ZzvMnNf2DL/
  17. Its moving along well now then dude. tbh i think your looks better without the fenders on. They were cool when rare back in the day, now theres copies everywhere. yours looks so clean with out them 😍
  18. Been ticking jobs off thermostat housing on clutch and flywheel on inlet on. my box is still currently in daves car I have an other with bearing issues that im going to chuck in just to get then engine back in and run in.
  19. Another update, For anyone who has bought the replica glanza headlights. I've discovered you can swap the reflectors from inside your original units into the replica ones by simply unscrewing three screws at the back and transferring them over. Makes them look a lot more oem and probably increases light output with the original halogen bulbs. Also this happened. I'd been debating it for a while and was unsure because of how difficult these bumpers are to come by in original condition nowadays. Anyway I'd already hacked a fair amount off underneath for the front mount
  20. There is yes but it was done for a Paseo so I think it needs some tweaking as one of the mounts is wider I’ve developed a mount kit also as I’ve remade my bush carriers in billet so I may offer them for sale
  21. Might have to go k20 route, apparently there is a drop in kit available for it now?
  22. Didn't get the bits in the end, weather was shite and flooded roads etc. Getting her MOT'd soon. Can anyone confirm if I need Glanza calipers to upgrade the front brakes? Or just the pad carriers?
  23. One that runs and drives one that doesn't my gearbox is currently in the one that runs lol. After going out on track with Dave at Japfest its time to pull my finger out and get mine back up and running. once he gives me my box back πŸ˜‚
  24. Yeah mate runs off battery pack or car battery.
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