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  2. Thanks for the offer mate, but I'll give my ones a chance. Fingers crossed.
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  4. I have a mate with a set of 295's that have been cleaned and tested for sale if they're any good to you?
  5. i also sprayed the inlet manifold to VHT black. came out well
  6. So head has come back from engine builders, fully reconditioned. heads now back on with a new gasket n torqued down. just need to get it timed back up then get the rest of it back together
  7. With the suspensions and brakes near enough complete it was time to find some alloys and tyres. Decided on 4 x 100, 14" x 6" rims (ET35). They're E30 "bottletop" rims. I've always liked them as they remind me of the Ronal Turbo's / Tom's racing wheels and only cost £120 for the 4. They're in excellent condition and looks like 2 of them were in the boot well for all their life! Fitted them with brand new 185 55 r14 Uniroyal rainsport 3's. Needed some centre caps to protect the hubs / driveshaft threads from puddles etc. Also decided that some TRD badges would add the finishing touch. Found them on eBay and they even came with some IPA wipes to clean the caps prior to adhesion. Ready to fit The centre bore is 57.1 and the Starlet requires 54.1 so I also added some spigot rings as well. New nuts required, the alloys are a 60deg conical taper seat, and the access holes are quite small so went for the 17mm hex version from drift works. Any larger and the socket doesn't fit. Thread is m12 x 1.5. All fitted up easily, cleared the stock and Glanza brakes. Took her out for a drive in the sunshine we've been blessed with recently and am very happy with the mods so far. Handling greatly improved, brakes much more responsive and no rubbing even with the 45mm drop and cut down rear bump stops. Didn't help that the old tyres were a mismatch of brands, part worns and only 145 wide! Suspension has settled approx. 5mm since I first fitted it, really like where its at currently. Just needs about double the power now.....🤔
  8. Think the 370's would be out of duty for your purposes. Sucks about the injectors you've lost, I've got a set of 295cc fte injectors that I'm dreading sending off for cleaning in case they're stuck solid!
  9. I had the same, checked a few online calculators and they all give out silly results. My next step would probably be a set of 430 (RX7?) injectors as you say, just wondered what I could get away with on the 370's to save the hassle of finding and testing another set. Had a lot of trouble with injectors in the past, waited forever for them to be tested, one set ended up being unusable, another set lost in the post etc...
  10. I had a quick check on some of the on line fuel injector calculators from deatschwerks and fuel injector clinic and at 80% duty cycle for 290 bhp it showed that 500 to 600 cc injectors were required! Seems high to me. Depends on the BSFC number they use for their definition of "turbocharged" though. The lower the base fuel pressure, duty cycle allowed and the worse the bsfc the bigger the injector size required. It says the 370cc is good for 188bhp at the crank?!? (3 bar fp and 80% dc) 255lph pump should be good for 500bhp apparently. I'm sure someone with actual experience will be able to comment. Seem to remember reading the 430cc's were ok to 300 bhp.
  11. Looks like matey boy has busted a friend out of the asylum! 🤪 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Starlet-Gt-Turbo-Front-And-Rear-Fishnet-JDM-Very-Rare-Seats/164397243374?hash=item2646d6dbee:g:LKYAAOSwcKZfav5- It does say offers though....
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  13. Im running a microsquirt on my 4e and its a good starter standalone for the money but that ecumaster is quite the ecu. So many features. You going to use the wheel speed sensors to implement some sort of boost by gear or traction control?
  14. I dont know anything about superchargers so I find that wastegate placement very odd lol
  15. Can anyone advise on what sort of power figure 370cc injectors are suitable for, keeping the duty cycle relatively safe around 75% max? Also running a Walbro 255 and Aeromotive FPR. I initially bought a set of 370's as my original aim was around 230-240bhp, running a TF035 on a 4E but now I'm stepping up to a 5E and TD04 and hoping to make mid to high 200's power wise, so not sure if these 370's are going to be good enough anymore although I've already had them cleaned and flow tested so it's a little bit annoying if I have to find and test another set.
  16. Welcome along, all the best for the project!
  17. Really need to start reading into cams. I do not know anything about them😅 Cupholders looking good may actually work better than the oem ones.👌
  18. nice work mate, good to see someone else running itbs on a starlet had the same setup on mine for a while, sounded great
  19. £150 last part and I'm done lads who wants a decent box
  20. Nice build, did you get much springs with your external wastegate?
  21. Coat on top of the sills to prevent any rust coming back also after a 3 month wait from TB developments my wastegate has finally arrived!
  22. Thanks lads, Really starting to appreciate the car now, been nearly 2 years since I last drove it and I’m really starting to miss it, can’t believe I almost sold it not long after having it 😕
  23. Think the only difference is the abs discs have a ring for the abs and non abs don't quote me on that though.
  24. ECU has nothing to do with it which ones are sticking ? Sliders are mostly likely not sliding and stuck
  25. Hello I have an SR and have bought a glanza rear axle to do a disc conversion. The glanza axle has a the abs sensors but i dont intend on using them. Does it matter what discs i run? (abs/not) Thanks
  26. hello, my brakes get stuck while driving and doesn't release. though when the car is off and tried pushing the car, the brakes are released. then it gets stuck again while driving. please help? could the ecu engage the brake system?
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