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  3. For sale ep91/ep82 silicone radiator hoses brand new £35
  4. For sale glanza springs and shocks were sold to me as standard but I think they h+r springs one of the rear shocks is brand new £150
  5. Fantastic build. Can't wait to see your 97 glanza v build.
  6. UPDATE : October 2021 Finished the project, and have sold the starlet 1.3+T For those asking the specs of it, it went like this: - Ct9 turbo and manifold - 4efte oil filter housing - 4efte intake manifold - 4efte map sensor -Blue flame backbox with custom mid pipe - Decat - 4efte injectors and rail - Na box and 4efte clutch - 4efte dizzy - 4efte ECU running bit more than stock around 150bhp - 4efte coolant housing Glanza body kit with lowering springs and glanza V alloys! As I say I've now sold the car as a fini
  7. I do like your approach to this Claymore no silly stuff going on just a nice simple set of springs and wheels it really looks honest so many rough examples around now fair play to you
  8. Quick update the itg air filter and larger throttle body do make a good increase in power above 4.5krpm but the standard air filter box with the k&n filter on the 4efte 50mm larger throttle make for better road driving (much smoother power delivery & low rpm torque delivery), helping throttle response which starts to become an issue using such a large throttle diameter. At this size the throttling is starting to get really sensitive on the foot. It's starting to become very easy to stall the incoming inlet air delivery at lower and mid rpm levels, if you are to agresive with your
  9. Not really a huge update but took Nanza for an MOT and I always like to remove the Rear ARB in case the tester gets lazy and decides to jack it up on the D bushes to check the wheel bearings etc. Can safely say that the corrosion resistance is not the best on the whiteline product. I only drove it once on a gritted / salted road last year and maybe on a couple of damp days so the level of white rust and red rust is pretty bad considering. Thankfully the threads are still usable. Also with all the fuel shortage business I had to drain some from the tank for oth
  10. Greddy Emanage Ultimate with universal wire in harness and 3 bar plug and play map sensor in excellent condition. Previously was fitted and mapped on a Tf035. £425
  11. Another delivery from japan this time from nengun apexi exhaust valve controller having this fitted to my new custom exhaust which will be made in the coming months reason im having this fitted is for when I come home late at night as to not piss off the neighbours 😀 Next delivery was from Dean at Rw developments and wow is all I can say #weld porn love his new logo tags 😍
  12. Are Paseo/Sera/Tercel or even EP91 bump stops compatible or are they specific to the EP81?
  13. To be honest I think your right. Going off all the head specs I've looked at most engineering specs. I have no reason to think otherwise. Fruitless exercise. Lift and duration is how cams are measured my friend. This way I can also get a fix on the exhaust cams profile, which look to have no extra lift.
  14. But surely you have the base circle dimensions already measured with a caliper otherwise you can't know the difference in lift? So why not post up the info? ------------------------------------------------ I'll use Enzo's dimensions from the second thread link as they're complete and virtually correlate with yours and the other threads: gen2 4efe (small) = 40.85 - 34.05 = 6.8mm lobe lift 4efte & 5efe (medium) = 41.6 - 34.05 = 7.55mm lobe lift 5efhe (large) = 42.4 - 34.0 = 8.4mm lobe lift To be honest it looks like the factory base circle is around
  15. Had my timing belt done today but they couldn't do the water pump due to the risk of the seized bolts snapping so looking for pulleys and bolts for all the other bits. Located in Scotland but will pay postage from elsewhere.
  16. Thanks for the reassurance. Finally got round to doing it last weekend 😊
  17. Message us that number for that shop. Looking smart.
  18. I will do 1 better and go for lift and duration using a Deg wheel and dti.
  19. Sounds feasible. Any news on the base circle dimensions of the cams you measured in the first post?
  20. Big fan of enzo's 6speed na. What a machine. Yeh it's seems to have been touched upon by the elite lads. Missed by the masses. Keep them topics coming. Great research. I have been told the 98spec 4efte JDM ep91 run the lower lift gen2 4efe cams. Maybe certain items started to get discontinued and standardized at this point.
  21. Also If you look at enzo's post on the last page from 2013 it looks like he found and measured the "small" and "medium" cams. Although the engines they came from may be wrong. Not sure about the info in the rest of the thread.
  22. Our German friend got it right. This is the same as I'm finding. Thw the measurements differ some what. From what I'm reading here and on the aussi video there does seem to be different Sera cams (5ehfe) maybe different models or age related.
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