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  2. Oh okay, that makes total sense. The towing eye brackets have been removed, but the metal bars are the only pieces remaining. I found a tow bar kit, which seems to have the exact same brackets, confirming that this must be what they are for, as seen in the attached photo. I appreciate your help! Cheers!
  3. I think maybe it is for a Tow bar that was fitted and has now been removed. The bracket doesn't look very "Toyota" to me. You should also have two metal towing eye brackets attached to the rails under the car. These are fixed to the nuts in the rails not that loose bracket nuts. Like these:
  4. Hello all. I recently bought my first car, an EP91 NA, that I want to modify to become a Glanza rep. Today I decided to inspect the car for any issues that need to be sorted out before I can begin modding. The car has some obvious rust, that needs to be sorted out on both rear fenders, before i do any mods, but I decided to take the bumper off to take a look at the inside of the frame rails, and discovered that the there was a metal bar detached from the inside of the left rail. Does anyone know what this bar is used for? And is it easy to repair and reattach? Besides this the car is in pretty good condition, so I hope it is not too big of a hassle. Pictures are provided. Any help would be greatly appreciated! . Thanks.
  5. Now that is stunning mate there's a bit on arch's aswell rather is be done right getting the decals becoming a pain aswell il prob get a spare set made up
  6. Place called JR Classics in Doncaster fantastic cost 600 quid but you get what you pay for they have cars come from all over country mate they will be doing the respray aswell
  7. Corrola g6 6speed gearbox found at a local car brakers Β£50. Just picked up on my dinner hour. Will do as a spare box. Can someone please tell me where the gearbox codes are found!!! It is the "E" series bell housing and not the A
  8. Great looking sr I wouldn't worry to much about the rust comes with the age off the cars we have now. Any good body shop will replace the fill sills not that big of a deal if they are bad. I fitted Sr Alloys to my Gt I got the full set 5 alloys.
  9. Where abouts are you taking it? And how much was it to do the underside of the Celica?
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  11. Cleaned it up a bit today, got rid of the mould so I can actually sit in the car and washed the outside. Next up will be seats out, deep interior clean and then time to get it running
  12. Same as me mate love seeing what everyone's creating!
  13. Thanks mate, it sounds lovely! Will do, it's a slow work in progress πŸ˜‚ The build threads are my favourite part of the forum 😎
  14. Yeah, I've used a 1 way valve of a motorbike petrol cap. Like this
  15. Quick question I have removed the charcoal canister and I’m left with a pipe that as fair as I can work out is something to do with the fuel tank I’m guessing I can’t just block it off so would it be okay to but a one way valve on it ? So it can let out pressure?
  16. Of course it was C 😱 4efte Cam cover baffle removal: First had to remove the baffle plates, centre punched the riveted aluminium posts on the cam cover to prevent the drill bit slipping. When the parts arrived the PCV valve showed clear evidence of sand blasting erosion, first sign of trouble. The second was the rattling sound when you moved the cam cover and sand fell out! All rivets punched ready to drill Drilled the heads off the centre 2 first with an 8mm bit as these hold a mini drip tray onto the cam cover. (Note the 3 holes in the upper baffle plate that release oil onto the "trays" of the mini baffle.) Drilled the remaining rivets off, had to use a small drum sander and burr to help out but eventually freed the baffle plate, thankfully virtually unmarked. Note the card gasket from the factory install. Mystery item turned out to be the tip of a previous PCV valve. Obviously had been replaced and snapped off in the process, left for me to find. Thanks . Large enough not to be able to escape into engine but may have impeded the flow around the PCV area. Deffo been sand blasted then. Plenty of it stuck to the oil residue on the cover. Plenty of it stuck to the oil residue on the baffle plate too. Cut the old PCV grommet out with the Stanley. Snapped the central rings out of the seals and then carefully levered out the rest of the spark plug hole seals a few mm at a time, kept moving the "lever" round the hole. Was careful not to score the walls of the cover with the lever end. Greeted by yet more sand blasting media under the seals. Thankfully these would have only fallen directly into the bores at spark plug change time Pile of unwanted-ness Stanley for scale All in all I would say I removed over a table spoon of just sand from the baffle (after taking into account the alu swarf from drilling and the sand that was already removed from vacuuming / falling out). I had thoroughly vacuumed the ports before investigation to see if it would have any effect. There's no way that parts washing would have been able to remove all the particles from the cover with the item assembled. Cleanup / reassemble to follow.
  17. Last week
  18. Yes mate glanza kind of took over πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's nearly finished to me enjoy it and in a couple of years build an engine up... Few times I'd see the car it was sickening me but I think it turned out pretty good even if it was a bit obsessive lol
  19. That's some impressive spec you have.
  20. Thanks dude I haven't picked the wings back up since then lol πŸ˜‚
  21. Looks awesome from the front and some good progress being made Really like this glanza keep it up
  22. Project is coming on great! 3" exhaust is the one it'll sound the balls! Keep us all updated nice to see another one being pampered
  23. Loving this project will be some screamer when you get there, nice to see you doing the work yourself keep at it
  24. Cool project mate some snail on it lol Keep the updates coming
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