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  2. Its mostly been tucked up in the garage, although as Nick said I bought a new house so have been busy with that however, there are a few updates for the GT I opened up my set of Mk2 lights With the help of one of my friends we shaped Ally backing insets to mould the back of the lights to a flat shape Then i got my fiddly solder on and we end up with something like this: I want to get some diffusion pannels to get rid of the LED dotted look and merge the colours together to make them more fluid, although i havent touched the lights in around 6 months. Also, my new wheels turned up: Custom speced work SP1's. Test fit went well Also the EP3 went and a I bought a new "sensible" daily
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  4. That's very useful to know, thanks dude!
  5. Your giving this car exactly what it needed dude, a refresh! Let me know how the map goes!
  6. Hello everyone anybody selling a tf035 turbo London based ??
  7. But t more progress on this. It’s all back in one piece nearly. First job was to get the suspension back on. Which all went back on pretty easy and an hour or so of adjustment and the ride heigh my was set. Just need to see how far the tracking is out when it back on the road. Next job was to get it running. Had a few issues and niggles getting it started. Sticky starter motors full of gunk and w dead battery. But eventually I got it started. The main problem being i suspected it is it’s massively over fuelling. so I cracked on with swapping the standard lambda out and getting the plx wideband fitted. I mounted the controller unit in the glove box with the emb. First impressions is this is a great piece of kit, having the narrow band output facility allowed me to use this instead of the factory sensor but still replace the signal to the ecu and be able to see wideband afr’s. This confirmed its massively overfueling so it looks like it’s time for a remap. Or im not sure yet. Once this was done i got most of the dash back together and it’s starting to look like a nice place to sit again.
  8. hi mate thats great. im going away for the weekend tomorow so wont be around until next week. im here in biggin hill today if you can come collect before 6ish?
  9. Hi Mate im in Biggin Hill will take the inlet mani, and the calipers this week.
  10. Last week
  11. I have 2 rx7 ones for sale. One has a pin hole.
  12. A fairly early one too, love the retro wing mirrors. Ticks most boxes otherwise expect the 3dr one ☹️
  13. Looks awful imo, but would be great overtaking expensive German whips, would have to keep those mirrors. http://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/TOYOTA/STARLET/700120048030190511001/index.html
  14. When I go down or up a hill and then boot it it’s smokes blue out the tailpipe. But then stops. But doesn’t smoke on idle or anywhere else.
  15. Cheers dude! Never know how much detail some people are really interested in lol. Off to the isle of wight in it this weekend!
  16. I thought they were too from memory! However they sit slightly in, when i put my 98 bumper on my reflet there was about half an inch gap between the bumper and the bracket. I just used a small tube like washer to make up the difference.
  17. Wow, a month later I'm sick AGAIN, not a good time of the year for me.. Anyway, on Saturday I took her out for her second trackday, however I only did two sessions before having to stop because I was getting too unwell The car performed admirably, the starlet went into lip mode on the first lap and would then only hit .5 bar of boost, shit it was close. I suspect since the 2.5" exhaust it's boost creep and cutting out. Here's some pics:
  18. If your desperate theres an rx7 one on ebay but its arc money. ☹️ https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223562330926
  19. As the title says, I’m after either an arc or an rx7 top mount intercooler! Let me know if anything’s about. cheers.
  20. Glanza sideskirts – black Price - £50 Image. In good condition. Has very minor storage marks but generally in good condition. Perfect for an N/A to turn into a glanza rep. Happy to post but will be at buyers cost. Or collection either from Biggin hill in Kent or Crawley in West Sussex. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glanza inlet manifold – great upgrade for n/a starlets for more torque Price - £30 – x 2 available Image – https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/EF016D8E-79BE-4E8A-8D62-6BF51C11C67B_zpslx0loxuq.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Happy to post but will be at buyers cost. Or collection either from Biggin hill in Kent or Crawley in West Sussex. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glanza inlet manifold with throttle body and green silicone joiner – great upgrade for n/a starlets for more torque Price - £45 https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/36BD310D-3485-46C9-862D-D59C30C4A4B5_zps0xb7hmwt.jpg[/IMG][/URL] https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/C56B8080-ABD5-488D-A057-EEFF76AF87C8_zps5ayubvpm.jpg[/IMG][/URL] https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/6C029473-6AF6-4C49-8032-3F7EC5AFD167_zpsvkp1mbkj.jpg[/IMG][/URL] In perfect working order. Happy to post but will be at buyers cost. Or collection either from Biggin hill in Kent or Crawley in West Sussex. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glanza rocker cover – perfect for a respray Price - £30 Image - https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/5BB6B22D-182D-476B-8C96-29A48EA1A565_zpsqe9yophj.jpg[/IMG][/URL] In perfect working order needs a clean up and respray Happy to post but will be at buyers cost. Or collection either from Biggin hill in Kent or Crawley in West Sussex. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sytec adjustable fuel reg Price - £50 https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/FA202D76-AA3B-4784-9A04-69B096C40867_zps2svr1dbu.jpg[/IMG][/URL] In perfect working order Happy to post but will be at buyers cost. Or collection either from Biggin hill in Kent or Crawley in West Sussex. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standard glanza brakes – calipers arriers discs and pads – removed from a breaker – nice upgrade for an n/a Price - £50 Image - https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/E37EB84D-3C5E-43BF-A15C-B3D8BD2DB123_zpsbxcaxila.jpg[/IMG][/URL] https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/B67E5B83-260A-44BE-A5BB-F58DEF48E5DE_zpskx6hjv55.jpg[/IMG][/URL] https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/2966E60F-76D9-463D-8DB4-15489A39A0CA_zpswyhldbek.jpg[/IMG][/URL] https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/DE35853D-0F70-4B7C-B992-ED05B5C50C36_zpsnadqbg1t.jpg[/IMG][/URL] https://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/snailsep911/0EA33D2E-D03F-4EC2-9E1F-9721A5AD606D_zpsm8dcfx2u.jpg[/IMG][/URL] In perfect working order – standard brake pipes cut will need to use yours – collection preferred but happy to post at buyers cost Happy to post but will be at buyers cost. Or collection either from Biggin hill in Kent or Crawley in West Sussex.
  21. cleanest glanza on here. is lovely mate nice write up too
  22. Most recently made a few minor changes/ additions. Cambelt 100k warning sticker. The wiring for the purifier was more suited for something with a fixed parcel shelf. The plug to disconnect was right by the purifier and just looked wrong. It needed a plug fixed by the speaker loom. So i bought a wiring loom with the speaker plug in and chopped them out. Added the 5th wire required for the purifier and soldered/ heat shrinked and taped it back together. Im no auto electrician but i think it came out alright. Before, The quick release cable tie was used so the parcel shelf could easily be removed but the wiring kept tidy. Wires cut, finished product, Swapped out the oem speakers as they had seen better days. Would like to revisit the install at some point. Twin plug setup, While doing this i decided to relocate the Sard Attack Meter. Tested its new home. Looks much better i feel. No wires all over the place now either. Thats all for now 👍🏻
  23. Scuttle end clips sorted out, the bottom part also needed replacing to allow a new one to fit. I got hold of a matching defi racer boost gauge. Mounted the sensor on the back of the inlet on a small bracket. I moved the temp gauge down and put the boost gauge along side it. Wanting to clear the top of the dash up. You can just see the fuel gauge still so its not all bad. Next show was JdmCombe, no ukso stand here so i was on with another small starlet club. Obvious pre show fill up.
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