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1.99 GBP/year

A Yearly Subscription to support UK Starlet Owners!

Why Should I Purchase Membership?
We do not ask anyone to be a member on UK Starlet Owners, but many members want to give something back to the club that has done so much for them, in terms of help, support and providing great events to attend. There are many more reasons but the truth is its totally up to you, no pressure!

What will I get if I Purchase?
We dont provide anything physical but for those who use the community a lot, we remove a lot of the restrictions and parameters that standard members have.
Additional to Membership. To use the 'Marketplace' will require post count levels of 50+ for selling parts and 150+ for breaking a car.
What will my money be used for?
Any funds going towards UK Starlet Owners, will be used to improve your experience being a part of the club. Be it at shows or online on the website. For Example, at shows it may be flags, banners or marquee. For the website it may be to keep software licenses and hosting costs at bay.

If you have any further queries please get in touch with a staff member!

  • Club Member Private Room - Part of the forum, just for you!
  • Club Member Image - Appears below your Avatar!
  • Club Member Colour - Stand out on Members Lists & Online List!
  • PM Inbox Size - From 200 to 500 Messages!
  • Flood Control Timer - Reduced from 30secs to 3secs!
  • Tagging is Activated - Helps others find related content quicker!
  • Access to the Marketplace - Buy & Sell your Starlet or Parts!
  • Photo Uploads - No Copy & Pasting from Photobucket or Other Image Hosts!
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