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  1. Oh that's strange my long ass ksports lines came with brackets and my hel ones I have now also do they need to be attached or it will be an mot failure.
  2. Meister's do have the brackets for the lines or they should have. Cheers nick
  3. If it's completely stock it will restrict boost in 1st and 2nd gear untill you bypass the hi low function. Cheers nick
  4. Fire them a message bud be the easiest option
  5. Welcome to ukso enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask us questions and we will do our best to help you out. Cheers nick.
  6. You have to remove the sensors or will fail mot also remove the bulb for the abs.
  7. sent you an email bud. cheers nick.
  8. It's the torque you want to look at those orc kits are rated to 340nm / 258ftlb some people swear by them though. my car is pushing out 280ftlb torque. My self I run a spec clutch In my v some people have issues with it some dont. If I was going to replace id be looking at the os giken clutch kits but it's each to their own and it's what you prefer. Cheers nick.
  9. New YouTube channel one to follow if you want to follow the journey of tats collection of starlets. Cheers nick.
  10. Use the orca flywheel mate goes with the clutch assembly.
  11. I was being an adult for once lol. I fully expect myself to hate it and go back to mesh lmao
  12. Had an issue after I came off track at Japfest thought I broken another gearbox. Turns out I'd just lost a clip for the gear cables so made one out of an old gate clasp will do for now . Decided it was about time I put an air filter set up on. This is what I went for.
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