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    keeping my forged Track ready Glanza V on the road
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  1. Looking at getting a snap off boss for the starlet any recommendation. Want one that has 0 play I keep looking at the drift works own one or an NRG one. Cheers nick.
  2. Be swaying towards bearings in the box gone bad my other box is like that hence why I took it out. Cheers nick
  3. I'm going to go with no splines ect will be different. Driftworks sell them or if your not to botherd eBay will have some I've had an eBay one on for 6+ years no issues. Cheers nick
  4. Use the vac line source for the dv to take the reading for the boost gauge. Cheers nick.
  5. Believe the airbag stuff is all different on the 98 spec stuff so won't fit the 96spec.
  6. We are still about just sit in the shadows most of the time. Not many starlets about theses days it's a shame.
  7. For the size I need over 2k just for wheels so yes you're right lol
  8. The want for one is strong bet it's going to cost a fair bit though.
  9. Coming along mate attention to detail is next level on this thing. Cheers nick
  10. Manifold set up is a wepr ramhorn with a tial 2bolt external waste gate with 0.9bar spring.
  11. My exhaust is a blitz nur spec system 2.25 inch I believe.
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