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    keeping my forged Track ready Glanza V on the road
    Going out on my mountian bike in my own little world
    Taking things appart just to see how they work
    Homebrewing Cider / Beer (normaly for jae)
    Bring up my daughter and son to be into cars :D
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  1. Welcome to the club. Enjoy your stay ☺️
  2. Work refused my holiday I'm gutted I can't go few of them will be there though.
  3. I won't have a starlet I'll be in the lexus 🤣
  4. We are in Area 19
  5. This is just the people that got tickets for 2020 I believe so I'm unsure how may will turn up
  6. Club vehicle passes have been sent over via email please make sure they are printed out and displayed. Thanks nick
  7. I'm only doing japfest this year but will be in the lexus lol
  8. Gutted jae was always really good.
  9. Turbo pressure I assume your on about the vac lines do this if it's standard will remove the boost restriction in 1st and 2nd gear.
  10. We don't have oil temp standard. Oil pressure sensor is the one one in the In the 1st pic I've circled it One
  11. 1/8 bspt rings a bell for the oil pressure relocation
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