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  1. Turbo pressure I assume your on about the vac lines do this if it's standard will remove the boost restriction in 1st and 2nd gear.
  2. We don't have oil temp standard. Oil pressure sensor is the one one in the In the 1st pic I've circled it One
  3. 1/8 bspt rings a bell for the oil pressure relocation
  4. Oil pressure use a t off the oem location / oil temp take out a bung in the oil filter housing drill a hole in the power steering bracket for the sensor and wire to go through. Cheers nick
  5. Live in Exeter mate so Holdon is about 10min drive in the car
  6. I took mine out yesterday finally used my new GoPro Hero 9 with the chesty mount some bit of kit that.
  7. They are stretch blots so only advised to use them once even arp head bolts only use once. I think that will have been your issue. OE head bolts go 1st 22nm (16.23 ft-lb) 2nd 44nm ( 32.45 ft-lb) 3rd 90 degrees maybe you just had a bad bolt
  8. I'll see if it can be sorted leave it with me. Cheers nick.
  9. Welcome to the club enjoy your stay Cheers nick
  10. I've been going out up the local woods over the last 6 months to keep me sane and also keep my fitness up so much so I just got my self a new bike. It's a cube stereo 120 full suspension MTB. I'm loving it so far any one else get out on the trails ?
  11. Replace the bushes on yours thats what I done. I also painted them with black hammerite. But I believe they are the same yes.
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