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    keeping my forged Track ready Glanza V on the road
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  1. Hey dude glad to see you back. I have 20mm hubcentric spacers currently think I'd need to get 40mm ones made up for it to look good I'll see when I get round to being bothered. Still waiting on engine to be built up hopefully after winter it's ready for me to pick up.
  2. Approved for you bud. As to it being dead here your right it is which is a massive shame as used to be buzzing on here.
  3. possibly scat rods if you can get hold of then give mike at Tuningdevelopments a call see if he can get you a set. 01244 880546 cheers nick
  4. No problem dude happy to help.
  5. Have asked admin again to sort it I'd do it but don't have access to any of that. Cheers nick
  6. A year on still haven't had the new engine built back up yet. life seams to get in the way put away most of the cash to get it built back up now so that's good. Really missing it now hopefully have it back to working condition by summer next year fingers crossed. cheers nick. Have a throw back pic of the last time it worked Yakushi 2019
  7. They are hoping to be back open in the next 2 - 3 weeks waiting on a new phone number and electric to be installed. cheers nick
  8. They are still setting up at the new place and not currently taking orders. once They are up and running ill say so in this thread. cheers nick
  9. sorry dude I did bring it up with the admins. try sending another pm to them thanks nick.
  10. Can you add some pictures and prices please. Thanks nick
  11. That's a shame it came to that. cheers nick
  12. Click me this is how to set up the TPS don't think the pictures work anymore though but you get the idea.
  13. They have been closed for a month bud pm the details and ill try get it sorted for you. Regarding not being able to pay on the website its always been like that in the 10 years I've been getting parts from them. cheers nick.
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