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  1. Been slowly plugging away got tyres fitted to the slip streem today in the form of Michelin Piot Sport 3s and fitted my oem side skirts till I get round to fitting and painting my livesports reps. Need to nut and bolt check the car then I think it's mot ready.
  2. So this happend today got the new fuel pump in and started it up I'm so happy right now. Give it a nut and bolt check get it booked in for mot. Glanza first start..mp4
  3. Wondered where that ended up be for sale for a while at 20k.
  4. Went to prime the engine up the other week king lead off as i always do to get Fuel, Oil, Coolant ect round. A was going well oil pressure building. Then herd what I thought was coolant draining out onto the floor. How wrong was I turns out the braided fuel lines had perished inside and had pin holes in them fuel spraying everywhere. Decided I'd get some new fuel lines made up this time round got onto hel preformance and had 3 ptfe lined braided hoses made up. Thought awesome get them fitted and prime the engine up again ready for it's first start. 👌... Nope wasn't to be fuel pump has now deci
  5. Still a quicker time than me haha. Will it ever not be a project. Make use of it while the weather is okish.
  6. Little bit more sorted few extra bits ordered shouldn't be long now.
  7. Next week I'll get everything else fitted hopefully.
  8. Looking good glad to see your keeping it alive.
  9. Decided that today was the day I was getting the engine back in. I've put my broken but working box on just so I can run the engine in. Manage to get in the bay today. Next week I'll button every thing up. Won't be long till it's first start.
  10. Been ticking jobs off thermostat housing on clutch and flywheel on inlet on. my box is still currently in daves car I have an other with bearing issues that im going to chuck in just to get then engine back in and run in.
  11. One that runs and drives one that doesn't my gearbox is currently in the one that runs lol. After going out on track with Dave at Japfest its time to pull my finger out and get mine back up and running. once he gives me my box back 😂
  12. Yeah mate runs off battery pack or car battery.
  13. Sorted out the front coilovers today one was free and the other wouldn't budge for anything so out came the grinder to cut it off replaced both lower mounts and a few of the collars as they were chewed up lick of copper slip to keep them free. Slowly making my way through my list of jobs. Cheers nick.
  14. Hey dude got them from here added the pinch weld blocks aswell. CLICK ME they weren't cheap but well worth the money imo.
  15. Decied it was time i got some proper lifts for the car as the jack and axel stands were doing my head in. Decided on a set of kwik lifts much safer imo. So much easier to get it up in the air now.
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