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  1. Check the return pipe isn't leaking.
  2. Glad people are doing well hopefully this mess that is Covid will be under control once they vaccinate every one and give it chance to work.
  3. Afternoon every one hope all are well. Going into this 3rd lockdown isn't cool but needs must. I hope everyone is mentally ok and healthy. Time for some of us to crack on with our projects to keep us sane (I'll be working) feel free to jump on here and have a chat if your feeling lonely or isolated. Sure every one will be more than happy to have a chat. Keep safe everyone. Cheers nick.
  4. Never had an issue apart from the cam belt that Ive just done.
  5. Managed to get round to fitting the cam belt and water pump the other day. pully bolt would not budge so bought a new tool. Found the rest of the cam belt one I got the covers off. Got that sorted and made a start on the lower control arms my god what a git of a job. Done one but using a press for the other. VID_20201028_151644.mp4
  6. I do oil and filter after every track day or every 2k as a rule of thumb. Cheers nick
  7. No mate Fiske ones the new ones couldn't justify £500 + on skirts.
  8. Don't think alot ours would be on the systems due to being imports
  9. Bits turned up today full timing bet kit water pump and strong flex lower control arm bushes. Was going to do it today but it's raining. Will crack on tomorrow and get it done.
  10. So....... thought I'd check the cambelt as I've been lazy and not looked at it in the 3 years I've had the car. Oops cambelt kit and water pump on order along with new PAS AC and ALT belts and coolant or order looks like I'm with out my daily untill the bits arrive lucky it's and easy belt to do easier than the 4e winner.
  11. My new side skirts turned up the other week. Just a test fit at the moment. Look loads better.
  12. Got my seat rail for my bucket seat from. https://www.croooober.com/en/ Cost me about £150ish landed by the time I payed import duties and dpd handling fee.
  13. Not sure anyone on here will have the specs probly best to fire speedvision an email. SPEEDVISIONCPS@YAHOO.COM Cheers nick
  14. Think the only difference is the abs discs have a ring for the abs and non abs don't quote me on that though.
  15. ECU has nothing to do with it which ones are sticking ? Sliders are mostly likely not sliding and stuck
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