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  1. Today was the day to try remove the CV joint from the hub that has been stuck ever since I've owned the car. Tried to get it out once before years ago and failed. Today was the day I got it out. Safe to say I'll be using coper grease when I refit everything. Quick lick of paint now I'm waiting for some new boots as one has cracked and the other dosent look to clever. Enjoying tinkering for once.
  2. Kept going and got the front ARB stripped and painted. I need to get new drop links as the bushes have split and the threaded bar is buggered.
  3. First bit under way used an attachment on my grinder to wire wheel them to try remove the worst of the rust off Then out came the hammerite. Few more coats I'll be happy. Onto the the hubs if I can get this CV joint out.
  4. Oops things got out of hand haha. Coilovers - lower arms - antiroll bar off. Gonna refresh everything I also have a stuck CV in one of the hubs unsure what one though that should be fun trying to remove that. May get the wheel bearing done while it's all off as I've never done them in my owner ship.
  5. Believe the only reverse switch is on the box its self.
  6. Unfortunately the sleeve was a little to wide right size to go over the end of the crank though . Measured the depth I need so I'll order the right one. The arms drop links tie rods ect has all of sudden gone very rusty so all that will come off during the week to strip down and repaint or replace. May as well do it now while its all apart.
  7. Took the gear box out today due to rear main leaking again I have a sleeve to install if it fits. The crank oil seal surface has marks and a gouge in it explains why it's leaking hoping the sleeve fits and sorts the issue.
  8. Got enough wheels lol love the white ones. Cheers nick
  9. Welcome to ukso enjoy your stay Cheers nick
  10. Looks plenty of life left in that to me imo looks like an exedy stage 2.
  11. Welcome to ukso enjoy your stay. White is the best colour imo. Do you have any plans for it. Cheers nick
  12. GT sump is shallower not as long as the Glanza I have a GT one on mine as engine is out of a GT
  13. Little bit more done on the wings today the fitment of the indicator units into the the wings was shocking to say the least. So little time spent with the dremel this afternoon alot better now. There is a little gap at the top but I think that's down to the moulding of the wings ither way im much happier. Last picture that are just resting in there.
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