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    keeping my forged Track ready Glanza V on the road
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  1. Engine is full of sand bud engine is toast imo.
  2. What year is you car bud not all have that fuse box it. I'll be down at my car later today I'll find the fuses for them and let you no. Cheers nick.
  3. As above adjust the alt belt it will stop it. Cheers nick.
  4. that's a fuel cut defender bud. Cheers nick
  5. Have asked admins to reset your membership link. Cheers nick
  6. https://fiskeautomotive.com/collections/ep91-bodywork/products/toyota-starlet-ep91-livesports-style-front-lip-98
  7. I can't see what being a problem tbh my ic pipe was touching the rad hose and it got to hot to touch never had any issues. Cheers nick
  8. Gold tape turned up today only 5 days late made a start on applying it. God it's not easy to do. Tomorrow's job replace the intercooler.
  9. I got mine from them aswell. Not doing anything wrong bud just push the button in or out to fold the mirrors in or out. Best colour by the way lol. Welcome to ukso enjoy your stay. Cheers nick.
  10. Few little bits turned up today decided to replace the intercooler as it's very tired now. Also purchased a JD Tuning civic rad bracket. just waiting on some gold reflective tape to turn up to wrap the cooler pipes then I'll get this lot fitted.
  11. Welcome to the club enjoy your stay. Cheers nick
  12. If the baffle plate wasn't taken off yeah could have been sand that done that yeah.
  13. Did you by any chance have your cam cover powder coated ?
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