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  1. I haven’t seen it again since I last posted. Don’t really see many about this area
  2. BurtEP82

    Window motor

    Mimtu, thank you very much. I shall order a motor for a new shape swift and see if it will work. Very impressed and thankful if it does 👍🏻
  3. BurtEP82

    Window motor

    After a nearside window motor for EP82 many thanks, Tom
  4. BurtEP82


    Looking for a 4efte complete engine, doesn’t need to be perfect but some idea of condition would be beneficial. Many thanks, Tom
  5. Bought my gt with no headliner in it. I’m wondering if the headliner is a complete unit on these or if it’s just fabric glued up? Any help appreciated, Tom
  6. Seen again in the same area, if you’re not on this forum then why not!
  7. BurtEP82


    Thank you all for the info, I got a little excited when I saw a positive towards the aem but, it seems maybe their name is better than there true product? I will only be running a speed vision ct9, external gate, but would like to keep true tabs on what is happening. The plx is an American product from a brief search? Is there a UK distributor? Thanks again, Tom
  8. BurtEP82


    Opinions and experience with wideband kits, which are good and which should be avoided? Many thanks, Tom
  9. Anyone with experience down south would be greatly appreciated, good or bad
  10. I shall bear you in mind thanks fiske, you’re not a silly distance away from me. Won’t be looking at doing so until mid year I expect.
  11. Sorry to add to this but struggling to renew myself. Had an email for renewal but when following the links it says my payment method isn’t accepted, even though there wasnt any option of payment method nor any way of changing it. Thanks for the help in advance
  12. Hey all I am putting plans in place to take the engine out of my GT for a basic rebuild/tidy up along with changing to external wastegate. Once this is done I would like to put some mappable management in place. Question being, does anyone from the southern region have any recommendations for a mapper and what ECUs they are familiar with? many thanks, Tom
  13. That’s the one, brilliant!
  14. Loved this video and still do. Im not savvy enough to be able to post it but search ‘recreation’ on YouTube and it will come up. Second installment would be epic azza/broken media
  15. Spotted today at the fleetsbridge roundabout. Black mk3 gt, looked like gold standard wheels at glance? First I’ve seen around for some time.
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