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  1. It appeared you were finished but no 😂 Starlet perfection really. No Word Media is very fitting, ‘no words’ explain how good this is and I agree with the video taker. ‘f*^>k #e’ indeed!
  2. Congratulations, and still more to come for you hopefully. Love the attention to the small things, I’ll be blessed if one day mine gets even close to this. Truly an awesome starlet and one of the best, now inside as well as out👌🏻
  3. Bloody hell thats one fresh glanza! One jealous man right here!
  4. Really enjoy reading the updates to this build. A lot of major work happening and being done right. Clearly a capable man with a capable wife. Looking forward to your end result, keep the updates coming 👍🏻
  5. Liking the video, and what you’ve achieved! Still doesn’t quite show just how enjoyable and Brutally quick these things are, being only a 1.3. The weight puts lots bigger to shame 🤪.
  6. Back on boost now, the external wastegate has been the best part I’ve bought for it! Used to hit fuel cut regularly but not now. Nothing been done since finishing the engine apart from a few oil changes and trying to keep clean. Had our second child since and undergoing a house move which is dragging on but, nearly there and will have a garage to tuck the starlet away for some general restoration. Need to have the back axle out to replace bushes, maybe source anti roll bar. Rocker cover leaks oil from the retaining nuts which is baffling but I have a spare which I intend to polish and fi
  7. This does look tidy, cracking buy hopefully! Is your profile pic of said car or a previous? Get a pic up of the bay as it stands now, I’m sure it will change in the near future 😁
  8. Wish I could! Moving to a house which has space but leaves me with no money. From his description it seems pretty legit and solid
  9. BurtEP82


    Some special photos there, you must be chuffed! What’s the 150k badge?
  10. Green and purple, now that’s not generic! I was chuffed with strut brace, a cheap job which had a good impact on the overall bay
  11. Rear end is looking really smart, top work there. Now get that exhaust polished!
  12. I’ve seen the Saxo pumps used, not for me right now although I appreciate you both searching it. With a second child and house move on the way I was looking for a simpler sort. I’ve always liked the red accents skiny, beats the generic blue but thanks for the thumbs up even though it’s not you 👍🏻
  13. Appreciate the comments, always nice to hear others like what you’ve done. Time will tell if I’ve truly done a good job, can’t wait for full on boost again!
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