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  1. Cheers Glanza dude. Get yours updated, been nearly a year! Would be cool to see some pictures too as the originals aren’t showing anymore 👍🏻
  2. Thanks for the input guys. Will try using the actuator arm as a rod to hold it shut.
  3. Located in Poole myself. My GT isn’t currently running but hoping all will good in a couple months time. Where are you based? Had your Glanza long?
  4. Appreciate the input Sam. Am a little concerned that if I do that then the port could open slightly under top boost. I haven’t read anyone else doing the same.
  5. Thanks mate, let’s hope it stays that way when running!
  6. Got a bit of time to build up the ancillaries this weekend. During the week all parts were cleaned and sprayed, some in colour and others just lacquered. Most exciting part was the WEPR manifold, chuffed to bits to sneak a peek at what it will look like with the tial wastegate. Still debating with myself if welding the internal gate is the only way. May have a practice run on my old ct9.
  7. Scrap the second, found GFB manual which describes things perfectly 🤗
  8. As per title, I am going external wastegate on ct9. I have had a scan through the forum but can’t find info needed. I will keep searching but if anyone can input here then greatly appreciated! Firstly, is welding the internal gate shut the only way to blank it off? Can it be welded securely on the exterior where the actuator connects? Can the actuator be kept and just set really high? Second, when fitting EBC (I have GFB2) where do the vac lines need to go? Not searched this yet but rather get current knowledge of its there. Many thanks, Tom
  9. I’ve just cleaned my stud holes in the head with m9 1.25 tap and nuts are the same. Don’t see why stud thread would change when fitting a different manifold, unless you mean studs joining manifold to turbo?
  10. Welcome! Would definitely like to see pictures of all the starlets you’ve owned. Get a progress thread up of the current one too
  11. Never done the brakes on mine to be honest but that looks to be a wind back calliper, not just push back like the fronts. Ideally a wind back tool is needed to assist. The sliders as you mentioned need to be free, if the piston is coming out when brake is applied but not returning slightly it will most likely be a seized calliper. One thing to bear in mind though, if the piston won’t wind back but does if you crack off the bleed nipple the the hose could be your fault. Disc looks to have gotten quite hot
  12. That’s a project car I would say I’m jealous of, and if that’s the garage of your new house then, same again! Must take the time to read through your thread properly, at a glance looks like you’ve saved this Glanza
  13. Some nice bits going on with this gt, liking that your putting some time into preserving what is already there. Hope the work goes smoothly for you tomorrow and I am liking your splitter!
  14. Cheers Sam. We all like a bit of engine work, looking forward to seeing your 5E build come on!
  15. Thanks mate, I shall search for the throttle gasket and fit thermostat with just sealant. I’m happy with the oil pump seal, it’s perfect size even with correct rotation. You’re right about the cambelt cover, just looked through engine bay pics and couldn’t see a red one. Nice to be a little different.
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