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  1. Green and purple, now that’s not generic! I was chuffed with strut brace, a cheap job which had a good impact on the overall bay
  2. Rear end is looking really smart, top work there. Now get that exhaust polished!
  3. I’ve seen the Saxo pumps used, not for me right now although I appreciate you both searching it. With a second child and house move on the way I was looking for a simpler sort. I’ve always liked the red accents skiny, beats the generic blue but thanks for the thumbs up even though it’s not you 👍🏻
  4. Appreciate the comments, always nice to hear others like what you’ve done. Time will tell if I’ve truly done a good job, can’t wait for full on boost again!
  5. Barely an update but the starlet is back on the road. Parts arrived to cure small engine oil leaks, ignition timing sorted and pressure test passed on intake piping. Covered nearly 150km and nearly all is fine so far. Bit more poodling around to be done until oil change and then some more poodling until putting some boost on. Cracking to be driving it after 6 months no matter the speed 😃. Power steering pump has a slight weep, cant find anything along the lines of a rebuild kit so in the near future will take it off and see what I can come up with. Any advice of course will be much appreciated.
  6. Looking to see if anyone knows of a rebuild kit for the power steering pump. Have had a leak appear on my mk2 GT. many thanks
  7. You’re right with driveshaft. Classic symptom of outer CV joint 👍🏻
  8. What I started with To where I am now
  9. Keep at it, slow and steady = perfect. These will look awesome once on the car!
  10. Lucky bastard having the 3D printer. The parcel shelf clips look spot on, good effort! Do show your headlight mounts, impressive if you can make the adjusters
  11. Thanks Sam. The spec isn’t huge but trying to have a top notch ct9 setup. Good to hear your parts are nearly all together, as said before I will be following your 5e build 👍🏻
  12. Strut brace got a refresh today.
  13. Today got the catch can fitted. Surprising how little time I get to spend on the car given the current situation. Awaiting on a breather filter for the outlet port but opinions please, would people be happy running such a set up? Also waiting on distributor o ring and oil pressure switch to cure two leaks found. Once fitted ignition timing to be checked and I’m going to do a pressure test on the intake piping before taking her on the road to run in the engine. I’m getting excited!
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