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  1. You’re right with driveshaft. Classic symptom of outer CV joint 👍🏻
  2. What I started with To where I am now
  3. Keep at it, slow and steady = perfect. These will look awesome once on the car!
  4. Lucky bastard having the 3D printer. The parcel shelf clips look spot on, good effort! Do show your headlight mounts, impressive if you can make the adjusters
  5. Thanks Sam. The spec isn’t huge but trying to have a top notch ct9 setup. Good to hear your parts are nearly all together, as said before I will be following your 5e build 👍🏻
  6. Strut brace got a refresh today.
  7. Today got the catch can fitted. Surprising how little time I get to spend on the car given the current situation. Awaiting on a breather filter for the outlet port but opinions please, would people be happy running such a set up? Also waiting on distributor o ring and oil pressure switch to cure two leaks found. Once fitted ignition timing to be checked and I’m going to do a pressure test on the intake piping before taking her on the road to run in the engine. I’m getting excited!
  8. Truly a top notch build, you should be proud! Does your Sexy as oil catch tank have a breather port on it? I only ask as I’m trying to figure out what I need for mine and have seen a few of the rw tanks fitted.
  9. Moving swiftly with this, cracking progress! This will be a thread I’ll keeping checking on 👍🏻
  10. Lovely turbo kit, slightly jealous yours has the wepr logo on the downpipe. Tidy welds on the wastegate too, cracking job!
  11. Haha, thanks skiny, I think, hope it holds for now! Has been a pretty productive day being that only one job was booked in at work. Radiator and piping fitted then wastegate piped up using the guide on gfb’s website for my g force II. Also got rid of a wiring eyesore, must have been a very early halogen diy kit! Engine oil, gear oil, steering fluid, clutch bleed and just water for coolant followed. Then the moment of truth. Turned over by hand a fair few times, cranked over without spark, and after 4 months she lives once more!!! Nerve racking moment but my god it felt good. Up to temperature we went then on with the first coolant drain. Added a flush for the second, third was pretty clear fourth was clean. Only leak to appear is a drip of oil from around the distributor, will sort that before getting on the road along with sorting a catch can. Before heading home cooling system has been filled with actual coolant, lights and bumper fitted. This is how I left her, I’m so happy but still cautious until she’s on the road.
  12. So this is the making of hopefully a reasonable bodge. I cut an old hot pipe short and had the friend of a friend ali weld around the cut to give a protrusion to hold the clamp on. Everything after the out of place ‘blue’ joiner is from original setup. Fairly confident it will hold but feeling I may get in touch with wepr once they are up and running again to order their pipe work for the new turbo position. Really feeling I should have done this when ordering the manifold but hey, that’s hindsight for you!
  13. Welcome, Cleaning and rust treatment is still worthy of a build thread! Get one started, many here will appreciate seeing the efforts
  14. External wastegate is a Tial MVS 38mm. It has the option of water cooled but I’m not going to use it yet. May well do once I know everything is running right. I got it from tuning developments.
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