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  1. Yea swap out the switch on the gearbox, mine stopped working out off the blue. I got a brand new one for 10 euros
  2. From your advice on Monday I went with Tb-developments. Thanks Lads
  3. Great looking sr I wouldn't worry to much about the rust comes with the age off the cars we have now. Any good body shop will replace the fill sills not that big of a deal if they are bad. I fitted Sr Alloys to my Gt I got the full set 5 alloys.
  4. I got a brand new turbo gasket €20 posted Thanks
  5. Thanks for that. Where can I get that?
  6. Lads anyone have a genuine tial wastegate 38mm Vband before I buy brand new if I cannt get 2nd hand where can I get brand new? Thanks
  7. Now sold Thanks
  8. Lads just got a set off speedlines, anyone know where I can get the stickers for the center caps? Thanks
  9. What happened to the front off the car? Great build tho
  10. That's a lovely clean turbo kit. I am going from a td04 turbo kit back to a Ct9. Want a STOCKISH life.
  11. That looks quite bad, a lot off work ahead off you
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