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  1. Yea was expecting big stuff off the sera but was just a let down
  2. https://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/aircon-removal-guide.27259/
  3. You have the bridge the rely for the ác are it will keep the radiator fan on full-time
  4. Looks great. Nice colour blue on the Gt, nice to see a other colour then stock colours all the time
  5. I have the same nuts on my speedlines but they are 19s
  6. I have used ones if that's any good? Your starlet hoses will fit on to the civic radiator
  7. She won't be stock anymore lol. Cannt wait for more updates Matty
  8. The car looks much better with the OEM alloys but still class car
  9. Hi Lads, what is the best ecu for the power I want? I have no idea about electrics never mind ecus. I am running a stock internal engine with a td04. I want a safe daly run car with 0.9 are 1bar off boost at around 200-220bhp.i got the car with a emb with stock ingectors. Any help lads? I don't drive the shit out off my Gt only really for over taking and motorways. Thanks
  10. That car looks brand new, cannt wait to see more up dates
  11. That's a great find thanks
  12. ohh my god!! cannt wait to see it
  13. Nice build, can I ask where did you buy the Me221 ecu and how much was it?
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