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  1. Thats the job, stock ct9?
  2. Well done pal, what dcat you going to use?
  3. Other then the alloys thats one sexy car
  4. I use castrol magnatec 10W40 are the next best thing in my stock engine with td04 turbo
  5. That circlip is a right bitch to get off and on because off the spring in the 47730c keeps poping out.hard to explain really but have a long nose circlip pliers and a flat screwdriver to help you guide down the circlip in place and a good led light to see things.
  6. that should just fall out pal. face the caliper down on the work table and hit it and will fall out. I rebuilt my own so i no but it was 2 years ago
  7. car looking super mate, love the colour
  8. Yea i never seen a other gt with a 4 pot before. a step by step off how to do would be great
  9. Sorry about your first car looked mint. best off luck with the mk1
  10. Thanks for the hard work
  11. 19mm the size off the heads anyways
  12. nice car and love the jack stands the same colour off the car lol
  13. great work done on the car, love the colour
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