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  1. Lads I am looking into getting my Gt resprayed in the same colour. Any lads on this site that did it with any tips, what to do are don't do. I will be getting it professionally sprayed. I am thinking I have to get new sills are patch mine up but over all the underside is quite clean. Any tips would be great thanks
  2. Nice i idea thanks. Same thing over here in South Ireland 😢 but I am still working myself
  3. 2k oil changes is a bit much unless you are driving the shit out off the car. My oil changes are every 6months with castrol edge. I do 20000kms a year but saying this I don't drive my car on most of the time
  4. Cut that plug off and just connect the two cables together. That's what I did
  5. glanzadude

    TRD Coilovers

    I wouldn't bother with used coilovers never mind old trd coilovers would have to rebuild them and don't think you can get parts to rebuilt them any more. Much cheaper to get brand new ones
  6. glanzadude

    TRD Coilovers

    Don't think you can get them brand new anymore
  7. All the best with the rebuild I am just after turning 36 but planing on rebuilding my Gt top to bottom for my 40th birthday as well
  8. There is something about them speedline alloys I love, I have to recondition my set sometime
  9. Some fantastic work going on there mate
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