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  1. That's not good, may I ask why you broke it?
  2. Looking quite well, I am from Galway and do 500kms a week in my Gt starlet with td04 turbo lol. I love the speedlines where they hard to find?
  3. Yea I am in the same boat, would love one off them kits
  4. No I wouldn't say so as the boot space is to small.
  5. glanzadude

    All got

    The interior light can be got from Toyota brand new as I only got one
  6. Welcome to the site. Where in Ireland are you from? I am a Galway man
  7. Best off luck with the car, any idea what front lip is that? Looks really well
  8. Hi Lads, looking to update my build but photobucket and tinypic ant working for me. What way you lads up load photos? thanks.
  9. I know this is a old build but where is the car now, looks/looked super
  10. Nice work on the Gt, I have to update my Gt build myself.
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