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  1. That is some build and to have the car that long.you are a true starlet man.would love to have the money, time and place to store my gt but i dont. The colour is great to. keep up the super work.
  2. I wonder is it a turbo engine with the turbo bits removed?
  3. why will you have to run a cut bumper,what intercooler you going to run?
  4. You have to say the starlet gt looks so good and clean and with a uncut front bumper. Looking like a super build, cannot wait to see more updates
  5. A td04 is most common, where abouts you from in Mauritius as my wife is from there?
  6. looks a great build but is it me are most off the pics cannt be seen?
  7. Lads i am thinking of replaceing the timing belt on my 1992 gt starlet 14000kms as i dont think it was ever done. whats it like to do yourself? what will happen if it snaps will that fxck the engine?Thanks
  8. Thats the job, stock ct9?
  9. Well done pal, what dcat you going to use?
  10. Other then the alloys thats one sexy car
  11. I use castrol magnatec 10W40 are the next best thing in my stock engine with td04 turbo
  12. That circlip is a right bitch to get off and on because off the spring in the 47730c keeps poping out.hard to explain really but have a long nose circlip pliers and a flat screwdriver to help you guide down the circlip in place and a good led light to see things.
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