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  1. Yeah they’re brilliant seats, I’m not the smallest of people and they’re fine. next on the list is the braking system. Rear calipers need a rebuild and I’m currently deciding whether to fit the wilwoods or sell them, what are everyones thoughts? today I’ve ordered a rad mounting kit, SPL can fixings and fan switch. Once she’s driving and stopping I might just put the body panels on and fire her in for an MOT to see what they pick up.
  2. Yeah I don’t mind a leguna, front sits way too high than the rest of the car doesn’t it.
  3. Had a little sit in the car on the original seats and I can’t wait to get it driving around now
  4. Seats in and door cards rebuilt, now it’s time to sort the braking system
  5. I went to view around 6 before buying mine. To be honest mate from what I’ve seen it must be the best one around, I’ve seen lover mileage but terrible condition and then ones that aren’t too bad but still nowhere near as clean. I do love them though to be honest no matter how rough they are, feel like I want to save every one I see. yeah it’s very easy to re-trim the door cards, I don’t think the pattern is too far off though.
  6. The SR’s are worth the effort mate, wish I’d never sold mine but I know it’s in good hands now. Wow that’s a lot of work tho, makes me feel quite lucky how solid mine was. yeah your plastics are lighter but the full plastics are really easy to change over. I bought The door cards and the next day I was offered the 98’s so I never fitted them. They’ve been in my loft around 5 years. Well, you know where they are if you need a pair.
  7. They are just missing the switch part that’s all
  8. Looks lovely mate especially without the tints, were they easy to remove? I love gt seats mate, like you said tho finding 98’s is a mission! ive got some mint glanza door cards that would go v nicely with those gt seats
  9. Don’t be daft, I’m just a nightmare
  10. Gave the interior a good clean today and it came up really nicely. Lads at work keep taking the piss saying I’m anal with the cleaning 🤣
  11. I'll take the genuine one off of the Black SR for you 😅 Never see them come up for sale anymore, i wonder how many cars with them fitted have been scrapped
  12. Trav is looking at getting some made up from his set mate and looking to organise a group buy
  13. Yeah god knows why Toyota didn’t put a nice interior in as standard although my dads friend who was a Toyota dealer are the time seems to think the 98 interior was offered but not well advertised. And my old car doesn’t have the 98’s in anymore, Trav put the recaro fishnets in which I don’t like at all but it’s his car now. He does still have the full 98 interior but I think he’s planning to put it in his second SR. It is mint as it took me over a year to individually source all of the parts
  14. Yeah it makes a huge difference. I’m removing the evo recaros from my gt next week but they’d need proper rails making as the ones fitted make them sit too high
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