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  1. Get that Celica sold to me to free up some cash for this
  2. Looking good mate. What did you use to seal the sump?
  3. Ah mate it does look better without them but it’s your car. Cars looking lovely, never considered that wheel. I was really lucky when converting the sr interior and managed to get a full 98 spec in really good condition. God knows why they didn’t do it from the factory and whack a 1.5 under the bonnet
  4. They are revvy little things. I had an ep95 x for around two weeks with a view to sr rep it and possibly turbo it but my wife fell pregnant so. It got moved on to Socks
  5. @BMX-RIG is yours a reflet x? I used to have one and it felt pretty nippy compared to uk versions. Think it must have been the 100hp and the low gearing. @Sam I’ll make sure everyone knows when Travis has the car back as I’m sure he will want to keep everyone updated.
  6. I believe it’ll be something like a 1.5 NA 6speed LSD with breathing mods on management. we both like the idea of the car remaining NA but going down a slightly different route than most and seeing what’s possible from the 1.5 These little cars don’t need huge power to have fun and after being in some decent powered ones, getting power down to enjoy the bends can be tricky.
  7. Well the car is in storage yet again as we’ve all been sent home from for obvious reasons. I’ll miss driving it around, genuinely puts a smile on my face every time. Will soon be time to give her back. Travis has got some decent plans in the pipeline so I’ll look forward to those.
  8. Love the car mate. also love Fensport but please get that sticker off 😝
  9. Sounds really good mate, pleased you’re keeping her
  10. Looking forward to seeing what it runs with those minor mods fitted as mine is pretty much the same but never had it dynod.
  11. Wow I’m surprised that wasn’t written off in the past. Awesome work
  12. I was in the blue Astra vxr (looking after for a friend)
  13. No real updates, the car was in regular use but is now in winter/Xmas storage after a very anal clean.
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