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  1. Absolutely love the noises it makes. IMG_0642.MP4
  2. She’s still a bit mad max looking
  3. Think I’ve managed to seal the sump properly now but had limited time to really give the car a good shake out. I fitted the front lights to check they work and everything is spot on so I’ll be getting some decent bulbs. Turns out the rear arch liner I thought was missing has actually been in the boot since I’ve owned the car 🤣 it just didn’t look like it belonged in the arch but hey Ho it’s saved me paying £50 for one.
  4. Not that you need any advice or help with the cleaning as it’s come up amazingly but I used williams waterless wash and wax on the interior plastics of the gt. (I use it on the exterior of the transporter and fabia as they are both black). It really helped to restore a deep shine back in to the plastics. For all fabric related stuff I use a vax carpet cleaner which has some funky swirly brush head attachment. Anyway, looks spot on, love the special seats and wheel! I wonder if they originally came with specific mats? This might be controversial but I think it’d look great on a set of
  5. Mate I hadn’t even realised you’d started this thread until Burty told me. Absolutely love this thing mate well done for saving it, it’s properly smart. Cracking work as always
  6. Well the sump is still bloody leaking, bit of a kick in the teeth after all the effort i've put in. I'm away next week so it's going to be a while before I can get back on it to see what's going. Fitted a gasket between the down pipe and front pipe, much better seal and no more exhaust leaks.
  7. Sorry mate the sump is on and sealed. Giving it two days and hoping it seals well. The silver cover is original to the car though and it’s the stronger bottom end, not that I plan on stressing it
  8. Got carried away as usual and thought I may as well sort the exterior too. Spent a good hour wire wheeling then finished with hammerite. Will be re-sealing and refitting it today
  9. Started off very slowly using my nails and then got fed up and used my flapping wheel. Used loads of degreaser, then pressure washed- repeated this many many times
  10. I forgot to get a pic of the sump when I took it off, it was in a right state, sealant everywhere🤣 I just wanted to get cracking with cleaning it up and after 4 hours this is where I was
  11. A pic of the rods as promised
  12. I'm not sure whats going on with the starlet parts world at the moment, literally impossible to find stuff and full of time wasters
  13. I saw it an knew what it was and it was so close but with the GT still not on the road and me moving job location again soon I just couldn’t take it on
  14. Well done mate, was v close to me that one and if I didn’t have the GT I’d have gone for it. Will require its own thread I reckon
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