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  1. Can’t wait to see the end result mate nice progress
  2. Gone to a good friend who I originally bought her from so I still get to tinker and help with things. I can’t keep everything lol and need to work on one of the corollas
  3. Well, the GT went on Wednesday. Due to being busy at work, I literally had a day to enjoy the result of all my work. Really happy she's gone back to Connor and wish him all the best. I'll still see her from time to time and am looking forward to her returning to Black. I really hope this Club pics up again as these cars achieve cult status. I'll stay on here and keep up to date with some builds.
  4. Yeah times have changed and seems like we are all dinosaurs now. I’m not on any social media other than car forums just can’t be doing with all the extra shit that comes with it. this site is a really good layout and really user friendly, has lots going for it compared with others. Having just sold the GT, I’ll keep logging in to see what’s going on if anything. Matty, your build is next level honestly, one of the best I’ve seen. But I know what you mean and stopping every two seconds to take a pic and log some info and then not receiving any interest is diss heartening
  5. Thanks mate really appreciate it. I've enjoyed saving the car and am glad its going to a good owner who isn't going to break it. Looking forward to the next projects! Future plans from Connor are to remove the wrap and give it a full body restoration.
  6. In a funny turn of events, the previous owner Connor approached me a month or two ago asking to have her back. So we agreed a deal and she goes next week. I literally get a weeks worth of fun for all my hard work but it was well worth it just to save her. I also found a new project which you may be able to see lurking in the background.
  7. Well, not that many people seem interested in this thread but she passed MOT today and is now back on the road! No advisories which I’m b happy with. The lads at the test station seems to absolutely love the thing.
  8. I think times have just changed and people aren't really interested in build threads anymore. Also, as parts dry up and standard ish cars become rarer i guess there's less opportunity. The whole Jap scene is going the same way TBH. There's a gap in the market for starlet parts too I think. Intercoolers, full exhaust kits, brake kits, wheels that have the correct offset... Maybe it seems like a big gap to us but there's not enough money in it for companies to be interested.
  9. Thanks mate. I know, such a shame but seems everything’s shifted to Facebook now, must just be a sign of the times I guess. as the market has dried up and most cars are either going for silly money or getting exported overseas there’s not much opportunity for new builds.
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