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  1. It’s up for 900 and was his mother’s car (he seemed around 50 years old himself). She’s had it from new and has got too old to drive it. She can’t find any history. The body needs a tlc as you can see. Id be tempted myself but am in the middle of doing my GT. Thought I got a better picture of the for sale sign but can go back if you need me to as it’s literally a mile from me
  2. Hi all, one of my lads spotted this today so I went and viewed it. Details are: One owner since new 50k certified mileage No service history Just passed mot but in my opinion it needs a total restoration It’s located in the outskirts of Abingdon near Oxford.
  3. The bumper almost fits on but just needs a little trim on the lower section for it to sit flush
  4. I’ll be using all 4 mounts: 2 underneath will bolt near the lower rad bracket and the upper 2 will bolt to the bumper mounting bar anchor points. the brackets they give you are pretty much useless which I was fully expecting. I’ll post pictures of the brackets once I’ve made them.
  5. Plenty of space left for my custom intake
  6. Managed to get it pretty level and centred, none of the pipe work fowls or rubs.
  7. I test fitted the FMIC today- it’s a pretty good fit to be honest. The hot side is a little close to my aftermarket manifold so a bit of tweaking to do there.
  8. No idea what his fucking deal is mate, why try it so many times, surely it’s not worth all the agro as he will never get away with it if you use PayPal
  9. Neat install on the FMIC behind the stock bumper mate
  10. Really looking forward to it all being together and hitting a dyno
  11. Exactly the same happened to me mate, waste of time
  12. Great work as ever mate
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