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  1. Also finished off the bracket. Pretty happy with it and it’s positioned the bottle nicely. There’s a little flex so I might look at additional bracing in the future but for now it’s nicely mounted
  2. Managed to get them freed off, stripped, cleaned up and painted. If all goes well then She should be able to drive around by the end of this weekend.
  3. I did plan on just painting the front callipers until I got them off and realised they were twice as bad as the rears and seized.
  4. Item For Sale: Genuine Toyota EP82 passenger wind deflector. Item Condition & Description: Great condition with no breaks, cracks, or nasty marks. Price: £35 Postage: I would prefer not to post but will if needed. Location: Abingdon near Oxford on week days or Aslockton near Nottingham on weekends.
  5. It’s a bloody uk special edition car 🤣
  6. I like both but do love an amber. Please change the plates back to UK ones though 🤣🤣
  7. Yeah I’ve got myself a decent soldering iron and heat shrink set so once everything’s running how I want, I’ll be tidying all the wiring up 👍
  8. I don’t post on here much as me and Trav are in touch almost daily but great updates as ever. It’ll be a little monster eventually with all the right bits
  9. Excellent as always mate, looks cracking. if I ever own one again I’d be tempted to somehow do a 5 stud hub swap to allow the fitment of the safaris from a series mcrea. They are and inch bigger I believe, with a greater offset. Would be almost stock with a little twist
  10. Looking good mate will catch a few cars out
  11. Lovely motor, well done mate
  12. I'll post up once it's on but to be honest, getting the braking system refurbed so the car can drive is the main priority at the moment. Fingers crossed with the import tax then ha ha!
  13. Looking forward to a test fit after christmas although i've got a month off so i'll be taking a few bits home to work on over that period
  14. It arrived in less than a week and had no import tax (can be luck of the draw i think). It was well packaged and i've got to say i'm impressed with the quality.
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