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  1. That’s good to know mate thanks for the heads up. Mine will mostly be engine bay dress up bolts and nothing that’s under too much strain or stress
  2. Yeah moisture would just occur in the same place over time and really have a go at things. Since mines been in the heated workshop though it’s got loads better even on its own accord or a quick wipe and all the surface stuff comes off. Rather than getting new bolts, try sending them to get zinc plated. Not that expensive and great results. Once mines driving around I’ll be sending most of my engine bay bolts away.
  3. Pikey009

    Fan issues

    I’m now away from the car for a week but will try all of this once I’m back at work. I didn’t think I’d get these cracking responses so I thought I’d post the issue now ready for when I’m back. Will let everyone know what works!
  4. Thanks mate, I wasn’t sure of the colour at first but it’s really growing on me. I would prefer it the original if I’m honest though!
  5. From a decent guy who’s breaking his gt. I’ve actually got a passenger one that’s in good condition if you need one? I don’t want any money for it
  6. Wow they really were crusty, have you wire wheeled them then sanded? Gives a really smooth finish. Scotch bright is also really good. Don’t bother with a panel filter, no gains available what so ever.
  7. Pikey009

    Fan issues

    Yeah a 1992 GT turbo. Thanks v much guys I’ll try both of these When I’m next at work and post which one works, great help.
  8. Pikey009

    Fan issues

    Yeah it was only on the GT’s. No other relays fit and the wiring all looks fine but I haven’t had a fluke in there yet. The ac isn’t bridged but the previous owner said the original fan was fine even with the air con removed
  9. Pikey009

    Fan issues

    Hi all, I’ve read all the topics I can find that relate to the issue that I’m having but none have solved it. The car has a half rad and the slimline fan is on all the time. I’ve replaced the fan switch and it’s made no difference. Is it likely to be the relay? Seems to work fine though and surely it would fail open? Only other thing I can think of is the AC relay isnt bridged but I can’t find a picture of how to do this. Any help would be great Jase
  10. Boring update- the weather strips are on and looking smart, the old ones were totally fucked
  11. Yeah I’ll have a look cheers mate
  12. That’s very kind of you mate but I’m looking for some aftermarket ones
  13. Yeah I’m just trying to refresh everything as I go to be honest. Struggling to find black half rad hoses at the moment, might have to give a few companies a call as I want to get the coolant back in so I can run her up again. yeah true but that’s another £30 gone out of my budget 🙃
  14. Looking good buddy, I had the same one in my GT4
  15. I did the darkside FMIC set up wrinkle black on the fabia, it’s been done a year and looks as good as the day it was done, v hard wearing
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