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  1. SKINY

    sr tte boot spoiler

    Id guess 150/200 with the starlet parts tax Sam
  2. SKINY

    2020 motor sport

    This seasons F1 has been a big pile off poo Sam I've switched at least 5 races over thus far
  3. SKINY

    Wheel nuts

    Nuts4wheels website has all the flavours bought 2 sets myself over the years and they are great quality, go for Tuner nuts with the internal spline
  4. Interesting this, I read about the dodgy airbags must be a year or so ago now. My GT has none but my 01 Yaris and 04 Caldina do so I will be onto Toyota 1st thing Monday morning!!
  5. Happy days Matty, catch you next year somewhere definitely lol
  6. Most likely a pulley bearing or tensioner away throwing the belt off bud
  7. I have the same radiator bracket kit and came with no rubbers(2nd hand but new)either, I used the rubber spacers with the steel sleeve from the factory intercooler mounts with no sleeve, absolutely perfect fit
  8. SKINY

    Saying Hi

    187 im guessing Sam lol
  9. Sounds like fun was had lol any pics off the rust repairs bud, sounds pretty much the state mine is in
  10. Good to see you back at it
  11. Just getting a catch up in a while on here Sam lol, some great information bud 😎
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