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  1. Hows your rotor arm and cap
  2. My core is 30x8x4 inch, pipework is mostly 2.5 inch to the throttle body and HDI pipework from the turbo probably 2 inch at best
  3. I made 2 steel brackets for my core, attached them to the 2 bumper support bar mounting holes
  4. Lmfao The intercooler pipe where you cut it to make the dump valve fit, you have took the lip off that seals it. Have you roughed it up a bit so the pipe has enough grip
  5. Looking well now bud, did you rough the cut down blow of pipe up so the blow of valve wont blow of now you have the lip off read that pissed
  6. No unfortunately maybe 1 day il get a 4wd version tho I did tell the place to use 2.5 over it but for some reason they chose not to listen and it went back 3 times for adjustment fslol
  7. Mine is 3" the whole way lol, over the axl you can get a few skins in just
  8. Calipers looking sweet I think
  9. I picked up an excellent condition tf035 on here for 80 quid and a wepr kit for 85 lol, had no idea what they had with the kit downpipe need extended and a flexi tho fslol
  10. Was looking on here for that 1 I mentioned but cant find it Yea same sh1t different day Sam pretty much lol Cheers
  11. Lol I thought the bumper would just need a wee trim too when I put the fmic on 😅😶fuck was I wrong bud
  12. Nice 1 bud love these wee cars, silver 1 at the church near me I'm always tempted to leave a note on the screen asking lol Was 1 offered on here from memory had a lot of mods, turbo etc a while back it was silver too, looked class
  13. Cheers 270hp tho lol that's some job
  14. Is this still running factory internals bud ?
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