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  1. SKINY


    Same from Monday past, 80% off wages paid by government then our firm is topping the other 20% up plus overtime and bonus strange times, stay safe
  2. SKINY


    Finally getting the chance to fit some bits to the Caldina lol, GT is in the mates yard still and Hes closed up cant get near it ffs. I've a bathroom to finish and some other stuff round the house to keep me busy.
  3. Oh dear lol, I'm only a stone throw from him if your ever about. I had to rescue a mates celica from them, was into week 3 off a fuel pump and rocker gasket swap, half days Max fslol every bullshit excuse in the book, import, can't get parts, not sure how etc....
  4. Lol no worries bud, Scott from Dees exhausts has his own place on Comber road in Ards now, probably the best about I can think off, stay away from thon muppet Street Racer
  5. I have a fart cannon here in Ards you can always try, it's quite the dustbin tho
  6. Same as mine, it's a brute off a core, 30x8x4 inch 😁
  7. Yea I had the astra discs too, cracked but they where just too see what needed done. I've a brand new set for my daily corsa c so decided to fire them on to see will look out the pics later but everything is on my thread on toyotagtturbo.com I've gave up on my thread here lol
  8. Twinpot st185 gt-four calipers/carriers with corsa c sxi discs straight fit just needs a spigot ring made up
  9. Yea the s30 I had on the gt-four, great system and probably my favourite because off ease off use
  10. I've had cobra, toad, clifford etc systems in various cars, by far the most easy to use and set is the sigma with its keypad, standard on pooburu,s The GT has an excalibur system, think theres something daft like 25 different settings/options lol
  11. My Rep dynoed at 86.6 hp with 2" straight through system, cone filter and Corolla manifold and throttle body
  12. That will do lol my tf035 has a small tack weld holding the gate arm closed then the wepr decat has an Allen key on a captive but to also hold the gate shut, not sure its meant to tho its an old one
  13. That brake stopper is beautiful
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