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  1. Do tell, was thinking off ordering some bits n bobs soon ?
  2. Local Mate has them on his Glanza, far as I'm aware gt-four discs redrilled and 20mm+ spacers. Would be good to get clarity tho
  3. That's a nightmare start but all came good class looking rocker cover, could you give us some more information on the st205 4 pot conversion, modification,discs etc
  4. Still can't find any information on those wheels
  5. Good stuff, can't beat a good thread @therealslimskiny
  6. Lights are a good job bud, any nightime footage of them ? Are you going for a strobe direction indicator like you see on new Audi's etc
  7. It's worth the work if that's what you want if we all just took the easy option life would be pretty shit, like this place
  8. Thanks, it can stay in the shed then
  9. Yea I was happy with it lol, standard exhaust manifold bud, folk kept telling me to use the starlet throttle body but it's a bit smaller and not the correct one for the corrolla Mani lol. There was a few heated debates about it but I never listen and the results speak for themselves
  10. Threaded space cadets welded on bro
  11. Mint condition GT bonnet folks what's it worth
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