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  1. Would have called to Phil's if I made knew you where going fslol, 5 mins away from mine
  2. SKINY

    2020 motor sport

    Probably the best 2 Bahrain GPs theres been lately. Good to see Roman walk away from that smash, Halo certainly works. George Russell tho, such a talent, I'm hoping Hamilton is still sick this weekend and I'm a massive Hamilton fan lol Bottas was lucky to sign in the last few weeks or next season would have been George and Lewis, that would be a very interesting team.
  3. LoL Yea Phil was telling me about the turbo when I was up helping him on the type-Mr, dont worry I only touched the Toyota bits lmao
  4. Seen a few sets freshly done the same and they are class
  5. 500 for rear callipers or spend 100 and have an as new NA drum axl, that's what I'm for doing
  6. It's a class looking colour bud
  7. 30 quid i payed back in 2016 and got the throttle body too, 86.6 HP it made on the dyno another for sale here lately for 40£
  8. Just thinking bud, its maybe the windscreen washer bottle I'm thinking off
  9. Yea its going to cost Toyota a brave few quid for sure, like the gen 7 celica engine recalls for oil burning, a mate bought a 7 2nd hand then got a letter a few weeks later to return the car to the nearest Toyota dealership for a replacement engine im hoping they recall the GT for rust lmfao......
  10. As far as I've seen they are a straight enough fit
  11. Id guess 150/200 with the starlet parts tax Sam
  12. SKINY

    2020 motor sport

    This seasons F1 has been a big pile off poo Sam I've switched at least 5 races over thus far
  13. Nuts4wheels website has all the flavours bought 2 sets myself over the years and they are great quality, go for Tuner nuts with the internal spline
  14. Interesting this, I read about the dodgy airbags must be a year or so ago now. My GT has none but my 01 Yaris and 04 Caldina do so I will be onto Toyota 1st thing Monday morning!!
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