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  1. Seen that on Instagram on Sunday night, well deserved Matty Enniskillen this Sunday ?
  2. I removed my bumper and the centre section of the crash bar removed itself
  3. Hey buddy, that's a stunning looking wee car, I can't imagine it would need much to MOT it ?? Shame about the circumstances tho, would you not take it on yourself and finish and use it as a tribute to your mate Price wise I wouldn't have a notion unfortunately but I'd suggest buying a good bat for all the vultures this will attract looking parts
  4. Yea good stuff Ryan You should be joining him lol
  5. SKINY

    Lost key

    That's a decent price bud, regarding the discs, if they are just surface rust and not badly worn a light sand will do them
  6. Lookin good that downpipe so far bud, when I did the AC delete on the GT I used a non AC car condenser box, no holes to fill
  7. Yea old perfectly working Toyota motors are worth keeping spare lol
  8. Thanks for the confirmation bud there you go buddy you need the whole hub
  9. My passenger one was like that, think it was either a Camry or MR2 moter Jay fitted
  10. I have a set of GT front calipers here dm me if your interested
  11. SKINY

    Lost key

    Could try order one from Toyota, I've 4 Toyota keys for my GT including the original central locking key Or you could get a key set from a breaker complete with the chip box
  12. What's the verdict on these then ?
  13. Yea, just been informed it's called a Remix, thanks Badger lol From memory it was up a few times
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