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  1. Had them on my Rep ant they where a great job I thought
  2. I love the smoked out lights
  3. This lockdown has fucked the post clean up tho, I waited 4 weeks for a 5 pack off Add a fuses posted from London ffslol, 1st class is down to 3 days lol Hopefully you can get it sorted, if not just unleash PayPal on his sorry ass
  4. No worries bud, I'm more a green/purple kinda guy strut brace came out very well, matches the fmic pipes and the silicone hoses
  5. Not a fan off red personally, but that bay is looking sweet AF now bud power steering, I've seen on here folk use Saxo electric pumps tucked into the wing, can't mind the thread it was on tho
  6. Nah bud, they came on it, last I heard they where sold in the Enniskillen area, wish I had a kept them, 4X Kuhmo spt on them
  7. Same rims I had on my Rep 😎
  8. Thread for it on toyotagtturbo.com bud
  9. That's my current setup just bud yea loving the Dina life, 3 off them here within 10 mile lol and we all have starlets too, must be fecking mad loool shame you don't like the wrap tho, very unique
  10. I took my driver's side kit off 2 weeks ago and it just had air behind it right up the length off the sill has done a runner
  11. That's a beautiful colour bud happy days love the black bits on it too. what all do you need for it ? I have a j performance core and hdi hot pipe with random intake pipe knocked up
  12. Thanks could be up for sale soon
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