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  1. Good to hear that Nick this place sucks balls when your trying to get a question answered lmfao #uppatgtt
  2. We have been down for a while for a server upgrade That's us back up now cheers Wonder how long this takes to get deleted lmfao
  3. Anybody confirm what Ford sill works on the EP8x ?
  4. That's a shame Bud this forum sucks ass Love the colour, hope the new owner keeps it like that
  5. Everyone is welcome on toyotagtturbo.com 🤓🤭
  6. Massive fan of them pads myself
  7. SKINY

    4pot brakes

    Willwood kit from Typemr.com may fit under 14s
  8. I was thinking about making them electronically controlled :) cool as fuck, we drove from Dublin to Belfast with them open and fronts down 5 years ago
  9. That's a Phil M spec rad yea forums are dead, Facebook has killed them,with the exception of toyotagtturbo.com we are very active still. I update my 3 threads there regularly
  10. He will end up buying another 1 🤪 With the half rad on mine I used the rubber intercooler washer chappies, popped the wee sleeve out and they fitted the mount holes perfect so the rad just slid in snug.
  11. SKINY

    2022 motor sport

    Switched it off halfway through, i tried lol
  12. I heard he had shocking service over the years aswell but never used him so couldn't say. But about the middle of last year I had to chase him up for ages about an order bound for a starlet boy in Finland. Not answering emails or his calls, took me a good while to get the hold of him aswell and then it was still weeks before the stuff arrived. How can someone have a great reputation and a shite one at the same time lol
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