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  1. It's worth the work if that's what you want if we all just took the easy option life would be pretty shit, like this place
  2. Thanks, it can stay in the shed then
  3. Yea I was happy with it lol, standard exhaust manifold bud, folk kept telling me to use the starlet throttle body but it's a bit smaller and not the correct one for the corrolla Mani lol. There was a few heated debates about it but I never listen and the results speak for themselves
  4. Threaded space cadets welded on bro
  5. Mint condition GT bonnet folks what's it worth
  6. SKINY

    Gt4 upgrade

    ST185 twinpots and Corsa c sxi discs are straight fit too
  7. i go halfs on a ticket because I know your jammy balls will win it
  8. I have a set of GT calipers and carriers id sell if your interested? They would need resealed tho
  9. Triple core Yamaha fzr off eBay, mine was 47£ delivered
  10. Don't worry about the fan fitting kits either, a dose of cable ties does well and basically the same as the kit idea if you don't have a bunch of cable ties in your glove box your not a proper Toyota fan
  11. That's dead on, take it looking at before pics it was cut in middle to fit ? How flexible are they, could you not trim bits off the top edge to bend it to bumper shape without cutting a whack out
  12. Sorry buddy that's the brand, you find one on eBay no bother, 2nd hand 30£ should get you from turbo to core HDI pipe
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