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  1. Hi, made an order about 2 years ago, not received anything Order 6168, club decals and lanyard Thanks
  2. Any admin can help? This is ridiculous
  3. Order 6168, club decals and lanyard
  4. Hi, made an order a long time ago, not be received, been told to contact one of you guys, cheers
  5. My mechanic put it on. As far as I'm aware it went straight on. I wasn't there when he installed it
  6. Probably need to sort out the paintwork, the passenger door is getting bad on the bottom corner and the rest of the car is in need of some tlc. Rear drums and front calipers could do with a lick of paint, so could some engine bay brackets. Glanza front brakes would be a nice addition, may just upgrade these original discs and pads when the time comes. Rear wheel bearings need doing and the rear shocks may need replacing Got some 303 to spray on the rubbers Need to clean the grime off the side of engine as I'm getting some belt slippage and the annoying sqweek I'v
  7. Got over spray on my phone screen 🤣
  8. Bit of DIY. Hammerite smooth silver. What could go wrong right? 🤔
  9. Lol 😆 Well it had a melted headlight bulb and the emissions were sorted by unplugging the lambda sensor 🤣
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