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  1. So update time… suspension parts are all now back together, even though I’ve got to take the hubs back off to remove the backplates as I’ve just ordered the Willwood 4 pots which should be a nice addition! i also got the HEL abs delete kit fitted which was a bit of a pain with no instructions but worked it out eventually! Also fitted the new poly bush engine mounts the Kaaz diff has now arrived just still unsure whether to use my gearbox or now at the repair I found on it may be worst than I think I’ll try and get some photos to show… also ordered some br
  2. Hi everyone so I’m doing a bit of an overhaul with my suspension I’ve replaced everything wishbones droplinks anti lift kit 24mm arb etc well.. I’ve just fitted it all up and the near side arb is practically touching the wishbone where as the offside has a bit of space, will this change once the cars on the ground? I did notice when I removed the old anti roll bar that there were some make shift rubber covers over the arb in that area offside nearside thanks Gav
  3. Soo I may have bought some more goodies for G today… 38mm tial wastegate ORC 309 clutch & flywheel Kaaz super a diff Oil sandwich plate Gizfab panhard rod Powerflex engine & box mounts Cusco brake stopper HEL abs delete kit HEL braided clutch line HEL braided fuel line a new half rad fitting kit as mines getting tatty
  4. So fitted some more parts today, forgot to order steering rack gaitors so hopefully getting some more today. also dropped my hubs off last night to get the wheel bearings fitted so they will be going on over the weekend too. also prepped my anti roll bar up, gave it a metallic silver base coat then coated with candy apple red followed by 2k gloss laquer, came out quite well
  5. So managed to get the bay painted and looking tidy 👌🏽 also got the inner arches cleaned and under sealed ready to put all the new wishbones anti lift kit droplinks track rods etc on all of the suspension parts have turned up now so removed the new bushes off the wishbones and replaced with the anti lift kit ones
  6. That’s pukka mate I did keep seeing the videos come up on TikTok! Have you got any future plans for it now?
  7. Had a quick hour on G after work, removed the wings just to make it a bit easier to clean everything up and I also plan on condensing down the loom in them areas as it’s very messy and maybe relocating the fuse box inside the car. had a scrub up in the bay and arches was very grimey under the wings as you can see, getting a bit of prep work done ready for some paint, will also under seal the arches, trying to get this done soon as my suspension parts are slowly turning up so would like it all painted whilst it bare. Gav
  8. Saw this at Shaun’s on Saturday looks pukka 🙌
  9. I also put an order in today for the following parts which I want to get fitted before putting my engine back in powerflex black anti lift kit lower arms lower arm ball joints arb droplinks front wheel bearings inner track rods & ends hoping to get everything underneath the car new to match everything else
  10. The hubs & dust covers and also the engine & gearbox mounts were a bit grubby with a load of previous paint on so sanded them all back primed and painted back to black
  11. Not a big update stripped the following off the car: brakes hubs lower arms droplinks anti roll bar engine/gearbox mounts inner track rods & ends
  12. UPDATE: Engine has been taken too SS Performance fully forged bottom end, head rebuilt and uprated valve springs etc in talks of using a completely different ecu if all goes well.. now on to ordering a manifold, turbo, injectors, COP etc Gav
  13. I am planning on going for haltech eventually bud then I should be able to run the 1050’s
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