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  1. Forgot to update this in a while and definitely don’t have as many photos as I’d like 🤦🏼‍♂️ just been trying to plumb all the electrics in hook up the vacuum lines etc also made up some fuel lines Starting to look more like a bay now with some parts from DJR also finished off painting the boot floor and under the rear seats (I’ll get some more photos of it now with the rear brace and plastics in etc) intercooler turned up so briefly test fitted it in to place held the toms bumper up against it still plenty of trimmin
  2. Update time she’s finally back on all 4 no more stands 😂🙌 still needs to go back up as I haven’t fitted the wilwoods yet but managed to get the axle back to together new rear wheel bearings, discs pads & calipers back on Still need to do some adjustment on the suspension to get it sitting right but the wider wings has definitely helped with the fitment on the front may need some adjustment on the rear Never get bored looking at this also decided to strip the rear and spray it only done it in high build primer at the moment till I get some m
  3. As title brand new pec forged conrods for 4E with ARP bolts, all boxed and individually wrapped. Ashford Kent can post if needed £350
  4. Managed to get the axle back on tonight along with my Gizfab panhard rod not properly adjusted yet only by eye will get a full geo setup once it’s back on the road Then moved on to the rad had issues with the original grommets fitting the half rad fitting kit so took some advice from @Claymore and sorted some other out cheers bud! Haven’t attached the hoses yet as I may get a different fan for the rad instead of the ones that cable tie through, also fitted the RW developments expansion tank
  5. So got the axle off and it was in a bit of a state stripped the brakes and back plates off to clean it up as much as I could with a wire wheel tapped up the areas I needed and gave it all a coat in black still have the callipers etc to paint back in red, new rear bearings have arrived just need to order new discs and pads for the back. also my Tegiwa half rad turned up today as the half rad I had on was getting a bit tatty
  6. So bit of a bigger update as haven’t posted in a while.. managed to source some livesports wings to fit the new wheel width still in gel coat yet to be painted also got the gearbox casing welded up where there was a crack then managed to finally get the engine in! Feels a shame to be covering up the ORC clutch & fly 😭 gave the gearbox a clean and sprayed it black then mocked up the turbo and manifold, also fitted the new catch can and lines along with the Cusco brake stopper now that the abs & p/s are out the
  7. 3” exhaust turned up just need to cut the downpipe flange off and get it matched up to my 3” wepr downpipe got bored staring at the first crusty loom so stripped it all back and re sleeved it in braided cover not 100% but looks 10x better
  8. Little update got sick of looking at the state of the old crank pulley ordered a fensport one and really happy with it build quality looks good also sent my gearbox off to be repaired, I’m not sure what hillbilly done the last repair but oh my goodness 🤣 pretty safe to say it won’t be staying like that
  9. Cheers mate, getting closer to the finish line finally!
  10. Looking pukka bud, where did you get the Toyota bolt kit?
  11. Another update got some parts test fitted on the engine all looks good so far Ordered a RE developments catch tank & lines and a coolant reservoir tank I then split the gearbox in half removed the old diff and gave it a little clean inside I then fitted my new Kaaz 1.5 way diff and fitted new bearings etc hopefully during this week I’ll get the ancillaries on the engine sort the engine loom out and start getting everything put back in the bay also need to get an exhaust made up to match with my 3” downpipe wi
  12. Cheers mate hopefully be done by summer 💪
  13. Haven’t posted for a while but back on track! Engine is done and now fully forged I’ll do a spec list later on The ORC clutch & flywheel arrived from Japan really pleased with that looks a great bit of kit Turbo arrived from midnite turbos TD04 hybrid billet wheel Greddy 9 blade shaft Willwood brakes are here ready to go on WEPR manifold is a real bit of kit looks lovely Test fitted the wheels and may have to figure something out with the arches or get some wider ones it’s very tight Think t
  14. So update time… suspension parts are all now back together, even though I’ve got to take the hubs back off to remove the backplates as I’ve just ordered the Willwood 4 pots which should be a nice addition! i also got the HEL abs delete kit fitted which was a bit of a pain with no instructions but worked it out eventually! Also fitted the new poly bush engine mounts the Kaaz diff has now arrived just still unsure whether to use my gearbox or now at the repair I found on it may be worst than I think I’ll try and get some photos to show… also ordered some br
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