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  1. Another delivery from japan this time from nengun apexi exhaust valve controller having this fitted to my new custom exhaust which will be made in the coming months reason im having this fitted is for when I come home late at night as to not piss off the neighbours 😀 Next delivery was from Dean at Rw developments and wow is all I can say #weld porn love his new logo tags 😍
  2. Another jdm arrival off rhdjapan cusco carbon strut brace looks unreal in the flesh
  3. matty gt

    Buddyclub p1

    As the title guys and girls looking for a set of 4 15 inch 4 x 100 pcd 7j buddyclub p1's the flat spoke ones like these 👇
  4. New quaife diff to go with the fresh built gearbox all new bearing and synchos will be going in
  5. Phil pulled these out of a stash he had and when I seen them I just had to have 😁
  6. Dropped the advance to Phil last Saturday got to see loads of my parts for the first time that Phil had ordered and woo is all I can say 🤩
  7. Not many updates of late waiting on a date off phil to deliver the car to him ordered and waiting on some rw developments goodies
  8. Class car mate conor Browne has one of these cars over here in ireland its in need of alot more work than this tho
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