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  1. Blitz access ep82 ecu Removes 180kph speed limit Removes fuel cut Raises rev limit More aggressive map Improved mid range Better acceleration And so on Sat in my wardrobe the past 2 year's bought off conor brown of ep performance Price is £450 delivered to the uk I am based in ireland guys
  2. Thanks for the reply nick the cruise engine as from what i read is cruise go out and source the engine thats to be built only thing i dont like it dont get forged rods which is no good that must be an add on when you say td engine is that tuning development's engine you have or Timothy bell built
  3. Hi lads im going to take the plunge this year and go forged 5e what would you guys think of the cruise built engine thats on rhd japan i would like the fact that theres probaly no other cruise built engine starlets here in ireland and would make my car even more unique only thing is id want this to be a mint show engine bay and the japs dont really bother about looks ie block painted and stuff like that i also love Td developments work in uk and i can get my hands on a full cynos car with the 5e
  4. my good mate dwayne kun collins sent up these to me optional extra driver side sun visor with mirror and a C's racing short shifter 😍 some comparison photos between the C'cs and the oem short shifter
  5. Brand new Doobie quad light grille from rhdjapan quailty stuff
  6. And this is possibly the rarest ep82 optional extra in the ep82 brouchure and this one does not come with a lid like the ep91 rear bin stoked i was
  7. Mega happy to have finally got a toyota mid spoiler at last 600 kilometre round road trip well worth it picked it up for €150. Spoiler should look class in 205 metallic black against the winning sports defiantly the rarest spoiler combo out there
  8. Japfest mondelo got top 10 in the show & shine competition absolutely chuffed with myself 😊😊
  9. Lads I'll update this thread very soon so much stuff has been done since I've last been on. here's how it is now 😊
  10. This is my one t hey don't crack like oem manifold's as the restriction is gone so there's less heat build up in terms of price you'll be looking at £300++++ if you can find some sold previously on the jap auctions for mental money
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