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  1. This is my one t hey don't crack like oem manifold's as the restriction is gone so there's less heat build up in terms of price you'll be looking at £300++++ if you can find some sold previously on the jap auctions for mental money
  2. Much you want for it lad its missing the lid as said above but sure that can't be helped pm me if your selling
  3. Heres one for sale https://m.facebook.com/groups/774686596021808?multi_permalinks=1167620160061781&notif_t=group_highlights&notif_id=1542299531649805&ref=m_notif#!/groups/774686596021808?refid=18&ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_highlights&__tn__=C-R
  4. These are a class car so rare personality i like the spare wheel on the boot door well wear anyway lad !!
  5. I'm pretty sure i read somewhere that liversports where first called winning sports when they first started out
  6. These pictures are from jays spoiler thread over on Toyota gt turbo site he was kind enough to show the difference between the winning sports and liversports spoilers
  7. Thanks maerijn i can't wait till ive the funds to fit them Not the look im after mate your looks class glad your enjoying the car
  8. Needless to say I'm super excited to get it fitted early 2019. Plan is to have my rear window screen removed and the full bootlid repainted along with the new spoiler have the rear glass reinstalled along with the new genuine toyota window shield rubber and my optional gold badge fitted and Doobie rear lip painted to good times at coming for this gt
  9. So look what the post man delivered today fresh in from japan a winning sports ep82 spoiler
  10. Cheers mate Im hoping so to ryan thanks for the complement You and me both mate Should do mate I'll leaving the fixing to my body shop guy Cheers spence
  11. Jam manifold on the right notice the size different of the runners and the divide cross and a standard 4efte manifold has cast numbers on top jam does not Second from bottom my jam manifold My standard Bottom toyota hudge differences between jam and standard manifold
  12. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/j518340328 Probably end up going for a fortune as starting price is high
  13. Glad you like it maerijn Cheers phil very happy with the new look Forgot i had that bean went straight onto mine then again my efi pipe is brand new hence why it went on maybe Ill keep that in mind Thanks mate There your pics ross cheers mate
  14. Doobie front lip only fitted Saturday just in time for japfest anyway here some pics lads car got immense praise yesterday
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