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  1. I'm running 370+bhp Max speeding rods Arp head bolts Cruise head gasket Garrett gt2860 Full boost by 4200 rpm it's a beast of a power I'm running a 4e but I've ivan tighe billet 272 cams there the game changer the turbo has done nearly 420bhp and running currently a c52 box again boost by gear is a must imo it's a brilliant daily driving car
  2. Larry chens mondello video on the Lz world Tour my cars is at 3mins 40 seconds in my son Mark done the talking credit to him Let me know what you think
  3. Some pictures that have been sent to me
  4. Another car show jpccni in Belfast indoor show was absolutely class it was a 500 kilometre Road trip and another prize Top 10
  5. Thanks very much pal I'll be sure to post a link when she drops 👍🏼
  6. Well what a weekend that was where do I start so weather forecast was to be a wash out this was a 2 day event the Adam Lz world Tour in mondello Park Saturday held dry till 5 o'clock Larry chen was walking past my car and the engine bay caught his eye next thing he wanted to video the car I was like oh my god 😲 he gave us His larry Chen approved stickers and signed my sons track helmet so I was like this is unreal then Sunday we win best jdm and have Jimmy oaks sign the skate board along with spoon and stevie and Adam Lz I'll never forget this weekend for as long as I live can't wait
  7. More updates heads been off and the Athena head gasket replaced for a Cruise japan head gasket anyone reading this Avoid Athena gaskets at all costs I read many lads are have Athena head gaskets blowing I got lucky caught just in time thank f##k for that i had phil have the Rocker cover painted at his place of work Howells Accident repair and a new favourite shot of the car from a recent night meet
  8. Just random post new Greedy oil cap from rhdjapan quality piece of kit went on a charity drive 2 weeks ago won best jap was delighted with that and Phil got word off a top tuner over here he has had a faulty batch of head gaskets fail in big build starlets Athena I think never the less my car is running the same brand so Phil was straight onto me when he got the call to say matty we'll have to change your out for a better brand just incase so I ordered cruise from rhdjapan wasn't cheap I tell ya and arp head bolts so I brang the car back yesterday should get it back next weekend a
  9. Thanks very much pal 👍🏼 really appreciate you taking the like to leave a comment 👍🏼
  10. Picked up my Doobie kit off jdmdistro yesterday
  11. Leaving a carz and coffee meet today VID_48101108_123642_262.mp4
  12. Out with those rusty bolts and in with the new zinc ones what a difference
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