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  1. Out with those rusty bolts and in with the new zinc ones what a difference
  2. Thanks very much Sacha πŸ‘πŸΌ
  3. So the car is now finally home it's just awesome the power is insane lights the tires 1st 2nd and 3rd in the dry it's so well build and its so easy to drive the torque steer is so manageable I'll be smiling for weeks and brought the car to its first carz and coffee the attention it received was insane
  4. Today is the day we're belfast bound to bring home my baby currently sitting on the train waiting to leave I'm so excited 😊
  5. Almost there friends were looking at collecting the car next Saturday all going well i cannot express how excited i am i wont be able to sleep next week
  6. Welcome back mate keep the content coming πŸ‘
  7. This is class Rob followed you on YouTube and watched your ep91 series going to be some beast
  8. This is a class build the welding is mint love those trd bits you have
  9. And the lads also got the greedy dump valve fitted Phil had a stainless steel flange lazer cut from a 6mm plate and phils some boy for the attention to detail love the heat shrink VID-20230121-WA0027.mp4
  10. Another massive weekend for the gt 372bhp @1.6 with 316 foot pounds of torque the car made 400bhp++ 😯on a couple of passes @1.75 bar but was pulling herself out of the dyno VID-20230121-WA0011.mp4
  11. Mate thanks a million this πŸ‘† is what makes it all worth while lovely comment really appreciated
  12. Car was back on the dyno last Monday made 335bhp at 1.4 bar on 95ron fuel which I think is incredible will be back on the dyno soon with a tank of 99ron the results should be good stay tuned more power to come πŸ’ͺ 4/5 weeks tops should be bringing her home i cannot wait to drive it
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