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    To achieve a very efficient engine target is 200+hp 200+ftlds @ as close to 40mpg. These are modern day production line and race car requirements.

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    Chemistry, Physics, and maths tells me what to expect.
    I find enjoyment in advancing to the points which new algorithms are required.
    I'm also liking seeing how far I can push the fuel, thermal, volumetric efficiency of this Toyota E series engine using the light weight not very safe ep91 platform.
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  1. Very nice work. Having a read threw now. Nice v.
  2. I'm just having a catch up now. Some very nice parts I see. It's going to be very nice.
  3. Little update. Because of the design of the early Turbo spool system employed long narrow/even length inlet/exhaust runners + inlet D valve & twin throttle body + preturbo throttle on the engine we have decided to fit and try the masive standard Td05 20g turbo I got cheap. It's starting to build good pressure at 3krpm and full on by 4krpm, (.5bar at present). There is still some work to do to fine tune the pre turbo throttle system. (As can be seen fitted in the previous post picture). The power delivery is kinder to the near standard 4efe engine smoother but Waw kicks fo
  4. Nice work as always. Great build. Gotta love modding, it's never ending.
  5. Yep sure am. I do like the white.
  6. Not going to lie, I'm missing this car. It has been sent away to the body shop for a full paint and restore, also the engine bay is getting widened to house the 7age motor and c164 box. It will be at least 6 month, but I'm expecting it to be more like 18months.
  7. So after being parted for several months, I'm back in (working on the starlet) again. Reunited. It started up straight away. The paseo has gone into the body shop. First job replace engine oil and filter. (Lots of mapping done on this oil) Next job will be to mod the inlet to take the Audi throttle body. The off side/right drive shaft gearbox seal has developed a small leak, since being parked up!?.
  8. Having a catch up now.
  9. Sam44

    2022 motor sport

    Haha, I was working. What a track!! I'm just catching up now. Then I'm on holiday for 1 month. Keep at it sometimes things need to get ugly In order to get straightend out. Merc will have the issues sorted very soon. That car has massive potential with its reduced drag.
  10. Yeh. Motor sport/proformamce is not a easy thing to do correctly, when ever I have phoned these guys they have always been happy to help anwser question's. I've had afew parts off them last year and have never had a problem. It sounds like the move has taken alot of there time up.
  11. Sam44

    2022 motor sport

    Yeh defo. Farrari have been developing this car the longest + they have had more wind tunnel time than all the other big teams, due to the sliding scale wind tunnel rules. This situation was bound to happen, which is a good even rule, I think. Nothing the FIA could do to help max there.
  12. Sam44

    2022 motor sport

    What a race. The red cars are back. Last season I watch Charles prove he can race wheel to wheel in a car that was seriously unstable. I'm getting a red cap for Monaco. I can't help but like this pair. Get ready to fight the mercs there on there way up the order.
  13. Keep us updated, love the trials tunning/modding brings. The injectors are definitely a great step. The denso units are hard work.
  14. Have you solved the issue.
  15. Just disconnect the battery or pull the efi fuse for 10sec.
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