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  1. Plus I got this paseo mph dash from the same Toyota breakers for 35 quid. These will be easier to read at speed. The all black cd model and sr model dials are not the best to read on hard pull.
  2. Took me a full hour routing threw a pile of Toyota gearboxes to find it. Inside is clean as a whistle. I took a chance on it being a good one. A few old pictures of the engine bay when I fitted the silicone hoses replacing all the poor Toyota spring hose clips that come standard with good jubilee clips
  3. Nice work as always. It's an all to common cause of engine failure shot/sand getting into the engine.
  4. Great work. Message me more info please, boost pressure and fuel pressure if poss.
  5. Lovely paint work. New paint you can't beat it.
  6. Great work, very rare manifold. are you selling your corrola inlet? I'll give you £100 for it.
  7. Thanks for the advice I'll make sure to do that, I wasn't going to. It's great having others with experience that known the pit falls.
  8. Corrola g6 6speed gearbox found at a local car brakers £50. Just picked up on my dinner hour. Will do as a spare box. Can someone please tell me where the gearbox codes are found!!! It is the "E" series bell housing and not the A Gearbox cleaned up cleaned out with new bearings and seals fitted and the Cusco lsd unit.
  9. As soon as I tidy little/lots of little/ok now big things out. Haha. I've had to lengthen the throttle cable quickly!! Not tidy I've had to mount the map sensor with cable ties directly into the manifold. Move the battery and in its place put the C4 external coil and boost controller selonid in its original place. As well as the fuel cooler needs securing in place. I also want to move/shorten the external gate closer to the manifold. Reducing the waste gate pipe volumes this also needs plumbing back into the exhaust system post external gate and turbo removing the screamer noise. Itg intake filter. Tidy the loom up to the original lamba sensor and new nock sensor. Fitting this with new belt and tentioner I'm back from work any week I hope I'll get a move on it and get some pictures up before it goes in for paint. Also to fit is this walbro pump to be fitted in tank "Y" in parrelle along side the kemso 340. Dual pump setup. G6 lsd box also going in. The c64 is on hold for now as the n/s chassis leg is getting fabrication to fit before paint.
  10. I would love to see the corrola inlet tfo35 using the speed vision cams. I recon this setup will produce equal if not more power levels than the td04l and equally beat it in mph/rpm figures. Have a very impressive torque graph. On standard td04l and tfo35 any more power than 160hp lsd really starts be become a necessity other wise mph times just start to slide backwards. This is another reason why I'm spreading out the boost/power for control.
  11. Not when you realise the standard reg only hits 3.2bar increase. But definitely if you decide to run a 1:1 reference regulator (raising rate) you start realising how all these figures above play into each other. Also the corrola inlet charge Velocity should really improve low rpm fuel mixing so lower idle fuel pressures can be had. Most VW factory and other manufacturers common rail top feed injectors base pressure is 3bar. So I'm not surprised at the reading. On a tf035 on a 4efe with the average ukso setup, I estimate figures of 160hp to be had. Using your own aprouch (corrola inlet manifold and 4efte inlet cam, external gate) you could push this further. Bevery careful running anything above this level you need to monitor alot more than wide band readout. If you are aiming for more than 170hp I'd recommend running the td0413t higher or other equivalent turbo's should reach 190hp on the ukso setup. Alot of engines if not most fail!!!
  12. I was getting all kind of base figures from people so I decided to test it my self the lowest I've found is 2.8 bar on a 4efe fuel reg. I discounted this reading as the reading wasn't stable and I put this down to a faulty factory fpr. all the base figures are throttle closed vacume attached. Fuel atomisation/pattern only improves with higher pressures with 3.6bar a sweet spot. Only until I got more good reviews than bad on kemso did I decide to keep it. In all honesty its looking better than the walbro, but at least I've got both in there to help. I'm rewiring/wiring in high amp relay and cables with earth return to battery, controled off the standard fuel pump relay output. I'm also going to be running a higher capacity battery positioned at the passengers feet.
  13. Factory 3sge is 3bar at idle, the same pressure I've recorded on a stock GT ct9 at idle. It would be great if you could double check yours for an overall prospective for me\us. I did run a second hand factory 4efte fpr and pump to see what I got and again 3bar, with a max presure of 3.2bar. The injectors didn't measure any flow increase over 4bar, so my pressure is set at 3.6bar fixed because of the improvements seen on the afr table (closer figures) and on the spark plugs. The spark plugs and fuel pressure were mainly setup on egt and exhaust gas analyser co and hc were monitored closely with egt. Wide band figures become alittle unreliable on heat range 7 plugs and low fuel pressures (cylinder mixing & flame propergation) leading to a sharp and steady increase in egt and co (fuel burning in the exhaust and not in the cylinder) this could be seen on the kv spark duration times on the scope not being affected at all with the sharp increases in egt (cylinder temps in relation to exhaust temps) Yeh I was very surprised with all the figures I've seen. against what the standard template of tunning the 4efte is things like spark plugs, fuel pressures, and Crank pullys ext, but there have been some of the more experienced people with these helping guild things long. Unfortunately no longer active on here. The fuel pumps I'm not sure if I'll photo because the piping is a figure of eight shape X2 to the "Y" joint, does not look the best. I've used 2xdifferent pumps because the kemso pressure relief valve does not seem to operate allowing crazy pressures from this pump. I'm having to try this dual pump setup because I'm reading a fuel pressure drop in the fuel rail at 5krpm and above. This does not seem to be caused by the kemso pump. I will firstly to the single walbro and test to see if the pressure drop is still present using this pump brand new from demon tweaks, as suggested I can increase fueling to mask this on the Map but this impacts mpg and egt I'll get lots of pictures of all other mods the throttle and C4 external coil look good also the c64 box mods.
  14. Not really., But the cheaper kemso fuel pump already fitted to the vehicle did have me worried at the time & still second guessing myself. keep me posted On what you get, I always like to compare. I didn't take the 295cc 4efte over 80% for reliability reasons. From the information out there I should see an improvement in duty with the 2xfuel pumps. Only time will tell, its been delivered I just need to rewire them in. If I remember correctly the 3sge 2ltr the 372cc light green injectors are off is 170-180hp factory.
  15. Thanks for this information, yeh about a 37/38mm for the reasons you have mentioned. So the 37mm internal diameter is bang on. My 1.6ltr cvh MK1 fiesta had pinto 2ltr side draft 45mm delortos on it and these were a mistmatch.
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