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    To achieve a very efficient engine target is 200+hp 200+ftlds @ as close to 40mpg. These are modern day production line and race car requirements.

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    Chemistry, Physics, and maths tells me what to expect.
    I find enjoyment in advancing to the points which new algorithms are required.
    I'm also liking seeing how far I can push the fuel, thermal, volumetric efficiency of this Toyota E series engine using the light weight not very safe ep91 platform.
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  1. the filter should work. THE PIPES TO THE STEERING RACK VALVE, you can blank off most of the starlet lads do this, ive blanked them off on both my paseo and ep91 build. i cant tell any difference with engine loading at low rpm. the blue electric valve in the picture is for the charcoal canister. this is a big round black canister that sits against the bulk head. the job of this canister is to store fuel vapor from the fuel tank breather (YOU CAN TRACE THE FUEL TANK VENT PIPE, IT GOES UNDER THE CHASSIS TO THE TANK) making it a enclosed system, environmentally friendly. when this opens
  2. The original zisco exhaust manifold from my turboed ep going on soon. Yeh I'm loving it. It's around 110hp at present. Working out the power to weight is around 130+ish hp and the feel of the power delivery with the alloy flywheel it revs really well with a great hit of torque around 4.2krpm. the rpm drop (running the alloy flywheel) because of the longer stroke of the 5e when you clutch in is alot better than on the shorter stroke 4e. I've driven a modded 4e running a the ee11 corrola inlet and the paseo running these mods is completely different. Alot more torque and
  3. is there any updates on this. ive nicked the idea of using the zisco rams horn exhaust manifold on the paseo 5e i have for now till it goes turbo next summer. great idea. im only going 4 to 1 with the runners thew.
  4. great work brian, you have climate control also on yours nice rare thing.
  5. frankie here is my email add send me those wiring diagrams you have ill get to helping on the wiring side if i can. nuttersam@yahoo.com my full name is Samuel Nutter
  6. alot of itg sock filters are not oiled, and because of this should not be placed in a way that water/weather can get to them directly. right i see, another member on here messaged me about your earlier reply, i didnt see the post earlier. yeh i was informing our friend ho's build it is. the gains in this area are some of the best for a standard 4efte looking for best power gain you should not take things so personal, or it could be just to show you know either way i hope you and the family are well, and your mood is good. attention of frankie: i have seen efi pipe to r
  7. i just nick named it the hot pipe as it sits right above the exhaust manifold and is black it gets silly hot, another reason to move it. i was not even aware the starlet lads have a hot pipe. efi stands for electronic fuel injection?. is this because of the sticker found on some?. i normally call the pipes you talk about as low/high pressure pipes or inlet/outlet.
  8. agreed on that point, but if you want some tips on very cheap great options to mod it to take a aftermarket air filter and bov valve give me a shout the power gains here are some of the best on standard boost pressure (pulling power, puts you and the passenger right back in your seat). i recon you could do it for an extra £100 British pounds, also good to port the waste gate at the point your at now. taking the turbo off after this point is biggish job. itg sock air filters come in different sizes and are pro used. around £20. the hot pipe is one of the biggest power restrictions on
  9. I'm in love with this car. I've been tweaking the power over the past weeks, and I've got it spot on the fuel pressure is 3.4bar unregulated (peak fuel pressure) and 2.8bar regulated on the pink 7afe 230cc denso injectors (standard 5efe ems/ecu). I've adjusted the tps advancing it slightly and I. Running 12deg base ignition timing. (Instead of the factory 10deg). This thing is fcuking rapid, takes corners like a go kart. 900kg, very short wheel track/base, very low center of gravity very little body roll. the Videos coming soon. I've ordered a ep91 rear roll bar kit and a ep91 rear
  10. Nice model really great tribute to a good friend lost to soon. I hope your well as well as the family. Loving the work on the seats.
  11. I'm looking into this now. It's best to remove the hot pipe and use a aftermarket silicone hose from the turbo (air filter relocation kit) going to an aftermarket air filter, placed were ever you decided in the engine bay. This pipe in the picture (hot pipe) is very restrictive to power output. The only issue here is if you remove this and also use a aftermarket exhaust system (higher flow) you will get boost creep and hit fuel cut (not good for the engine at all). You have to enlarge the turbos waste gate hole (increase its diameter) so as to not get boost creep. as well as use a aftermarket
  12. Sorry frankie. I'm here. Since I've been back home and the UK has come out of lock down the family has had to isolate for 10day as there has been a case of the virous in the house hold. I've been busy building the back garden to how the misses wants it as well as all the house hold jobs that need doing. (Lots of them) To answer your question on the pipes you can blank them off, there to affect starlet/most 4efe vehicles power steering pressure at the steering rack at very low rpm engine/power steering pump (car parks) to help provide good power steering aid and reduce engine load.
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