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  1. Making some cup holders. I can't do the starlet thing any more unless I have a cup holder for my monster. It's come to this point now. 1hr install. Proper moding
  2. Yeh alot of guess work going on between the different car models it seems. Same with the gearbox information online, alot of comparisons going on between things like the g6 and g6r boxes where as straightaway I'm finding differences. The misinformation super highway strikes again. Dutchie these cams are designed for a ct9 style turbo with more lift so I'd say your good. With a increase in mid to topend power levels. But check for case hardening and lift against springs. The increased lift increases overlap slightly, but not by much. Recently I witnessed a cam setup were the high exhaust temp and back pressure (which a ct9 on high boost can produce) was playing right into the hands of big valve overlap with low lift available killing the topend power. These are the polar opposite.
  3. As soon as I'm back I'll start to measure the standard configuration against all other sets out there. At the present i can't find any measurements on the standard timing and lift on any of the E series engines. This is a good starting point. I might even get Dyno results on a standard tdo4l. So people can start to get a fix on cam timing and lift. With these engines being non-interference there not going to contact the piston rather the springs become coil bound as well as the need for under bucket sims.
  4. Fantastic info. I had no idea these were different from the ep91 UK. I'd recommend gravity back bleeding the clutch system. It gets very mucked up. Back bleeding reduces the risk of pulling any of the muck into the systems seals. I've only got time for forums, I don't understand the layout of instergram/Twitter. It's all over the place.
  5. If I could recommend the 4efe cam configuration for short car park courses. I'm not sure which cams you are currently running, possible 4efte. It's only the 4efe inlet cam that has a reduced lift of .8mm this promotes low rpm torque and also will spool the Turbo up sooner. The exhaust cam is identical 4efe&4efte. I read on a post you was considering a supercharger.
  6. Good to see a GT getting some TLC. Back from the grave.
  7. Thanks James. I've had powerful cars since I could drive at 17. I've setup countless engines. At various power levels. First time on a forum for me.
  8. Looks very professional and high quality tuned.
  9. Sounds it, airomotive are the best. Sounds the kind of setup I'd dream of. If it helps I'm interested.
  10. Looking really good/tidy. I need to get mine fitted now. Such a great set of lads on here.
  11. Nice chose. It really is a bargain of a turbo, and on a 5e it will spool fast. The combined torque out of that engine and turbo will be hard to beat on the road. You can get an 11 blade turbine wheel instead of the standard 12. This helps reduce back pressure holding the torque on after 5.5krpm and no delay in spool up. I'd strongly recommend it, or the 9blade that I'm running. I believe the billlet 7+7 compressor wheel helps with mid to topend power over the standard 6+6 cast unit. The 11 blade billet I'm on hits hard on spool up (surge of power). Will you be building it your self. Also have you got a build thread up.
  12. Nice find that. I really like tunning developments products.
  13. Clean up the brake pad carriers. They corroded and swell wear the pad contacts.
  14. Couldnt have said it better myself. Tunning developments are the guys with the know how, and years of experience. From my side I'd say a bigger turbo on low boost is better/safer than a smaller turbo on high boost at the same hp. Remembering the supporting mods which I'd definitely throw a set of ACL bigend shells in the list (high load bearings). Examples: ct9 against the tdo4l
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