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    To achieve a very efficient engine target is 200+hp 200+ftlds @ as close to 40mpg. These are modern day production line and race car requirements.

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    Chemistry, Physics, and maths tells me what to expect.
    I find enjoyment in advancing to the points which new algorithms are required.
    I'm also liking seeing how far I can push the fuel, thermal, volumetric efficiency of this Toyota E series engine using the light weight not very safe ep91 platform.
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  1. Sam44

    2020 motor sport

    unreal he survived this great reactions from the fire marshals and a testament to the safety in our sport. https://youtu.be/BgC2S1hWewI so thankful hes ok also thankful hes leaving the sport, dangerous guy in a fast car.
  2. hi all alittle knowledge needed. ive seen people using a 4efte map sensor on the 4efe+t engine and was wondering why?. i know there are different standalone with there own map sensors and some with out does this help/matter. (can you run the standard 4efe map sensor on the different piggy backs) i have a 4efe turbo-ed but i didnt do the install myself i got it like this, mine is on the standard map sensor!! on the aem piggy back ecu. will the ecu master det3 require a 4efte map sensor?.
  3. i should be able to make you a bracket ive got afew at home. but when you get your engine i need 1 returning to me as im going to do a e11 build myself. i might end out doing a 16v 7age engine in one. your welcome if i can help i will. it will be around march time before i get the e11.
  4. ill put some examples up. if you search it there mainly on this site. i wont put them on this build thread.
  5. yeh. from what im told tunning developments are the people to see on these. people do rush into building and mapping. theres just so many builds on here were after mapping the big end fails literally with in a month.
  6. have you thorough about acl bigend bearings. there are alot of bigend failures after mapping. literally with in months. fantastic work by the way. this setup should be so quick.
  7. sorry for late reply. there are 2x options here. the first option is what i would do and get the car taken to the mappers on a flat bed truck. the 2nd option is to leave the turbos waste gate fully open. this needs to stay open so try and use a spring to hold/keep this open. this is done so the engine does not build boost pressure. now use a fuel pressure regulator (a good one, sard, fse makes are good units) and set the fuel pressure to 2.1bar this will drop the fuelling on the 4efte injectors close to were it should be and make it derivable. when you get to the mappers connect the turbos waste gate and up your fuel pressure to 3bar (standard pressure), plus replace your spark plugs at this point with new heat range 7 copper cores (they will be soot fouled. make sure your not running a catalytic converter in the exhaust system at this point, have this installed at a later date. you can also set the fuelling on the map to standard which is explained on the video bellow. (this requires the fuel pressure to be set at standard pressure, but turbo waste gate left open so it does not build boost pressure) when you drive to the mappers make sure you do not put any load the engine. the brake servos are different in looks but the same performance. the engine sensor are explained i previous the how i would do this post above.
  8. Yeh no worries. I will help were I can. I just need to put up info regarding the ems control unit/wiring. Then your good to go. Remember get us lots of pictures.
  9. Another 5 door. Same as mine. Nice work as always.
  10. Why we Port grind out (porting) the original exhaust manifold and turbo waste gate. As I have mentioned in the previous post " in order to hit 190 hp" these modifications are needed. CLAYMORE build thread recently includes an excellent write up of this process with detailed pictures of where the grinding/porting out should be done. This is to reduce exhaust back pressure and help temps and proformance. ill put up pictures of a ported out waste gate port on the ct9 turbo I have some here from a hyb turbo. This is done because very quickly after only afew 4efte engine breathing mods (introduction of a fmic and aftermarket air filter+piping) all standard 4efte ct9 engines start to experience boost creep (the point boost pressure starts to rise and the turbos waste gate can not regulate/reduce it). This in turn leads to fuel cut on the 4efte ems.
  11. The only thing I can think of with the brakes would be the servo assistance pipe to the inlet. Just use your original pipe to the original E11 inlet manifold. This will work just fine there will be a inline check valve to stop boost pressure entering the servo diaphram. Dot4 fluid will be good for road use. The rest of the turbo lines come with the 4efte engine. It's just the decat pipe that might hit the E11 4efe front engine mount as explained above.
  12. as soon as im back in the uk, I will do just that. i think the c64 tops out at around 150mph. are you using your glanza to do quarter mile runs.
  13. hello there and welcome to the forum.
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