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    To achieve a very efficient engine target is 200+hp 200+ftlds @ as close to 40mpg. These are modern day production line and race car requirements.

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    Chemistry, Physics, and maths tells me what to expect.
    I find enjoyment in advancing to the points which new algorithms are required.
    I'm also liking seeing how far I can push the fuel, thermal, volumetric efficiency of this Toyota E series engine using the light weight not very safe ep91 platform.
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  1. Sam44

    2020 motor sport

    Well well. What a season. What a drive. I have been hoping Lewis would be cornered this season, this is when the champ drives the wheels off the thing. This is the fighter, unstoppable, incredible. The very best of British. Proud day. I was in tears.
  2. Same from me. Looks built by the factory quality.
  3. Sam44

    2020 motor sport

    Such a great race. Good to see the setup battles taking place from free practice 1 to the race alot of different setups on the same car.
  4. The MK2 looks great. Get a video up if possible.
  5. What are you doing with the old engine ecu harness and engine.
  6. Great progress. Such a good build. Good to here the engine is healthy. That ct9b is the turbo to have on a stock 4efte. A big improvement on the ct9a.
  7. Sam44

    2020 motor sport

    His proformance and wheel to wheel racing has been very questionable, let's stop hyperinflating there abilities it puts to much pressure on them. These F1 machine's are like flying a fighter jet very very complex. There is no chance we will see a young F1 star any time soon.
  8. Sam44

    2020 motor sport

    What a race the us gp has given us. Congratulations to red bull that car has come a long long way since the start of the season. Max not putting a wheel wrong all race zero mistakes, very impressive. A well deserved win. I think the idea came from Ferrari. The red car has had this since Monza. .
  9. Fantastic build. Can't wait to see your 97 glanza v build.
  10. Quick update the itg air filter and larger throttle body do make a good increase in power above 4.5krpm but the standard air filter box with the k&n filter on the 4efte 50mm larger throttle make for better road driving (much smoother power delivery & low rpm torque delivery), helping throttle response which starts to become an issue using such a large throttle diameter. At this size the throttling is starting to get really sensitive on the foot. It's starting to become very easy to stall the incoming inlet air delivery at lower and mid rpm levels, if you are to agresive with your
  11. To be honest I think your right. Going off all the head specs I've looked at most engineering specs. I have no reason to think otherwise. Fruitless exercise. Lift and duration is how cams are measured my friend. This way I can also get a fix on the exhaust cams profile, which look to have no extra lift.
  12. Message us that number for that shop. Looking smart.
  13. I will do 1 better and go for lift and duration using a Deg wheel and dti.
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