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    To achieve a very efficient engine target is 200+hp 200+ftlds @ as close to 40mpg. These are modern day production line and race car requirements.

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    Chemistry, Physics, and maths tells me what to expect.
    I find enjoyment in advancing to the points which new algorithms are required.
    I'm also liking seeing how far I can push the fuel, thermal, volumetric efficiency of this Toyota E series engine using the light weight not very safe ep91 platform.
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  1. Loving the front bumper. Which 1 is this. Looks like it has good aero quality's.
  2. Looking smart and race spec. Keep up the great work.
  3. Tidy work. Some great builds happening on here, I can't wait to get back to the UK to get mine on the Dyno (standard reworked 4efe internals).
  4. As always, quality. Really enjoying your build.
  5. Yeh lights looking nice, looking good. Keep up the great work. 5 door brother.
  6. Sam44

    2020 motor sport

    hahaha. i got mine, come on seb now you have a derivable car lets race. F1: Vettel's 2021 Aston Martin Merchandise sold out within hours (bleachersnews.com)
  7. Sam44

    2020 motor sport

    here we go again. car launch and testing time. ive got my SEB VETTLE CAP. target come in 3rd/2nd if you can in the drivers championship. am i dreaming here or is this the 4x world champion.
  8. ill keep hold of mine for a while then. the sr model is getting rare.
  9. Yes good to know for sure. I got both of mine form demmon tweaks directly, fearful of the copies, they were advertised as walbro 255 but I didn't check the direct part numbers. Great information. I will check them as soon as I can.
  10. https://www.fensport.co.uk/products/knocklink-g4-with-loom-sensor?_pos=1&_sid=33783d1db&_ss=r this is the nock/det indicator i have. im really impressed with it. i also record engine frequencies and run it threw audio software to pin point certain noises.
  11. Yeh nice, I'm running a aem logger already so I can add this to the topic definitely. I will add the gearbox temps in there. With the gearbox being directly behind and in the hot air stream of the engines radiator this is a great shout. Fuel temp also is a nice option for every 7deg raise you loose 1 octane. If I remember right. As well as impacting power, cylinder thermal efficiency and electrical resistance.
  12. Yeh same from me the momo looks right. Nice wheel.
  13. This is the list so far There are other alerts/warnings I have on my gauges example boost gauge does low and over pressure alart. 1). Coolant level 2). Coolant block pressure 3). Fuel pressure. 3). Engine nock/det alert. 4). Exhaust gas temps. 5). Inlet air temperature high. (Potential boost leak) 6). Oil temp 7). oil pressure set to alert bellow 1bar. 8). Oil level. 9). Bonnet open 10). Gearbox oil temp. Added to list.
  14. im designing a cmos logic IC, there not really that pricey. its there to help me fault find, as well as give me instant warning to which system is faulty. i can also make them sensitive/progressive. i can also put things in the car in there like boot or doors open. i suppose the real danger zones i can put on a buzzer to, thanks thats a good idea. ive got room for about 20 square red led lights. there are afew items that are pricey, like the nock/det alert systems.
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