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  1. 😎Looking good. I really need to get mine in the body shop ASAP. I had no idea how good these can look.
  2. Waw that looks really nice. I think might be developing a soft spot for the gt turbo.
  3. Yeh I've been studying it recently looking at the difference in hp against torque on all setups. What I'm referring to is the difference and relation ship between the 2 on the same car as well as on different cars/setups of the same hp and around same hp different engine 5e/4e. For instance look at Ryan langs 4efe hp and now more importantly reference his torque massive now find the nearest 4efe closest to that and whats does its hp read. There's somthing different about his setup unique and ill tell u now his torque curv will be till near redline. That's the car I'd won't to race. Now aply this to others. Now research and speak to people. This approach saves time and alot of money. By looking at the torque and not hp in the leader board you will uncover the 5e engine for sure. Then look at the dyno graphs very impressive. Hp and torque side by side. Now finally look at the easy hp gains a 4efte can make but torque not so much. The 5e is the other way round telling me the 5e has a larger stroke and not a increase in cylinder diameter this is massively important when mapping because the piston will have a slower acceleration past tdc and thrs not alot that can be done about ignition timing will be procise and critical. What helps confirm this is the previous comment and problem with ignition timing setup my advice is run a Very good ecu. with coil on plug if your turbo makes big hp in a small rpm band. Be warned running a piggy back ecu on a 4e ecu will 99% spell disaster. We had this very issue tuning the d series Honda engine. If you beef up the pistons and rods and pushit, it will take out the big end or crank.
  4. I do like the build Information. I wish do wish people would get more dyno evidence or the site had a setup and dyno graph topic. The torque is amazing from the 5efte it has a very good crank to rod ratio just becarful about the hp hit surge. These engines don't like to rev hard/sharp (hp hit) its to do with the crank to rod ratio. The 4e is better for hp but the 5e is a beast true torque. I'm going to try and get the same torque levels out of the 4e I've just got to tame the hp surge so the torque can be used put on the road.
  5. Really nice work. Keep them pictures coming. These cars are great to work on and learn on.
  6. No way.😄 These cars come with some stuff. I've been looking at the optional extras you could get.
  7. I've got them both here they are different more lift on 4efte. I'll post pics up tomoz. Just the inlets.
  8. I've been looking at this very topic over the past few month. I'm recently new to the starlet group and 4e engine. The lad I got ep91 CD UK starlet off showed me a graph of his 4efe tuned to 118hp with a great torque band of nearly all the rpm band. His spec 4efte inlet cam higher lift. ROLLA tubular manifold with plenum extended and 1991 gen1 ecu to match the 4efte throttle body 4-2-1 exhaust manifold off a gen1 corrola 4e. Ported head (mild) and exhaust and inlet valves dereztricted 2 inch exhaust system Mx5 1.8 red injectors Power box, and cone filter induction. Fadanza 4kg alloy flywheel and low anertia clutch 68deg thermo Platinum heat 5 plugs Racing ht leads As well as things like power steering remove Improved engine earthing Fse fuel reg. Charcoal filter removed and tank vented to atmosphere. Aem piggy back. From what I've seen thr are 2x ways to tune these both with different results and power feel. The first way is the above way only people have failed to spot the na 4e cam and overlap restriction to topend hp. The turbo inlet cam or 5ehfe acis cams help from factory. Or the gen1 4e corolla approach using the 4efte power inlet A much smaller throttle body from wat I can see its around 20mm less diameter to help low down flow power rates also helping throttle sensativity. Brown injectors 4-2-1 exhaust system. I've found 3 lads on here runing this second option 1 being Ryan lang on the leader board you can see his engine torque difference he ran the 4efte throttle body hitting a impressive 86hp but 1 of the biggest torque levels. This is the pulling feeling. All of the 4e cars In here run the 4e na inletcam. More to come.
  9. Thanks Pete Do you know if any 1 run the different 4efte Inlet cam in a 4efe. The na cam is stoping gains over 90hp it looks like. I need a graph of the 4efte cam on a na 4efe engine. I can't find 1.
  10. QUEATION: for any 200+hp runners. What's your mpg figures please and hp. Thanks in advance.
  11. Sam44

    Saying Hi

  12. Go on there. Great stuff. What power did you get from the na engine. And a graph and mods if possible. Really nice work
  13. It's a really y easy install cam belt stay on take around 30min. I cam send you a how to. Also if your interested. Get it haha. I can show you the drop off of power mid range due to the rolla inlet plenum chamber size (small) and pre throttle pipe restriction. I need to see a n/a graph running the turbo cam for my setup options. That's why I'm offering.
  14. Do you know about the 4efte inlet cam. Would u be interested in giving it a go if I sent you 1. The first to do the mod from what I can see. And a good chance of hitting 90 to 100hp.
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