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  1. Here’s the connector I do not know. My friend was talking about boost control. If so then I don’t have the boost control valve. I thought lose control had the connector am showing below and it should be the vacuum on the left side of the engine in front connected to the turbo intercooler air output.
  2. Thank you for this information. I have the Corolla canister that is quite big. What’s your suggestion? Should I remove it and put something smaller? You are suggesting to take the blue valve off and blank off the small hose? I am not in front of the engine right now but if I remember well there are two big hoses that go in the blue Volvo and one small hose that go from it to the canister. Is that correct? your idea is to get rid of them all and put the motorbike tank valve? I would have to buy three of them for the three hoses? Can you send me a picture of the details whenever you have ti
  3. Thank you for the info guys! i’m figuring out what this connector is. Can you help?
  4. I bought this air filter for engines below 1600 cc.
  5. It is catchy. They do not fit. They touch the steering pump bracket. We are modifying it right now because I refuse to modify the bracket. We will see if it still works and doesn’t leak.
  6. Thank you. I temporary put some nuts to bring the car to the shop. The guy will use some washers when he finishes the modification. The downpipe has to be cut and has to go around the lower chassis. I bought the lambda for the downpipe with one wire. My boy is getting the wire to its original connection. Now I really need now where the 2 air hoses (vacuum for low rpm) can be connected. One pipe comes out of the lower throttle. The other from the lower part of the inlet. The are short and hanging there. Can you help? these two air hoses go where they should. Should I modify some thing h
  7. I forgot to ask. Which nuts size and step should I buy for the turbo CT9 exit for the downpipe? 90179-08082
  8. And it is very much appreciated. Are you guys are helpful and I believe that all my questions and digging is precious for everybody on this platform. I spent thousands of euros and months of research to make this beautiful dream happened also gained by your pride and love for these engines. I am glad we are here exchanging great energy. today I will see my boy to continue the work. I received the down pipe from tune developments. Hi will work on a few things and then try to figure out where those two vacuum pipes (that originally go to the vacuum pump on the Starlet) Will get hooked
  9. Thank you Sam! We are going step by step, function by function. If you have an updated diagram with the ECU outputs for the auto to manual ECU fix it will be very useful. We are using the amnuals and ECU pinout info.
  10. Thanks. I spent €120 to exchange connectors on the stearing pump and AC hoses to keep my Corolla pipes but use the fte steering pump and AC. THE GUY IS A PRO AND BUILDS PIPES FOR Ferrari.
  11. Hi. Yes I bridged the gearbox connector. I saw it in a video. A British kid dis the auto to mNual conversion on a Starlet.
  12. These wires are all functions listed here. What do you suggest?
  13. This is interesting. Will discuss it with mp partner tomorrow. In the meantime we fixed the cracked peace. It holds so far. But I do wanna plan upgrade using all this info as soon as the engine will rune with all its sensors and wiring. We are at 70%. We did crank alternator fuel pump vent sensor water temp sensor Consider that all the extra loom parts has been cut from the Starlet fusbox loom to be integrated in the Corolla fusebox loom. Not an easy task.
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