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  1. Interesting reading this. What happens to the other port on the solenoid? Originally it goes on the cold side of the turbo. What if I send it to the higher side of the external Tial wastegate?
  2. I did. The fe pump has the lower bolt in a different position compared to the fte pump that was modified to make space to the oil filter relocation. This s why they moved the vacuum to the steering rack. I’d like to tey to fit the vacuum sensor in the Corolla E11 fe steering rack but I’d have to take out. A lot of work. Best would be to create a hubrid steering fe bracket to fit in tje fte location.
  3. Hi. Was reading the thread as I have the Corolla bug eye 4efe coil pack and harness. What would have to be done to adapt it to the fte ep91? Thanks!
  4. Hello! How did you put that 90* in instead pf the plastic pcv? Thanks
  5. I was told that MonsoonX might be able to manage the 5V output for the A/C computer. What do you think? i would go coil on plug and will have oil pressure, oil temp and boost gauges running independent from the ECU. I want to be sure I will have enough outputs for the A/C IDLE signal.
  6. Thank you. What do you suggest me to do? Buy Link MonsoonX or go with a EMU Classic? I have to be sure I have a base map to start the engine.
  7. I was wondering if there are base map files for the MonsoonX Link for 4efte ep91. I hope that someone can help. P.S. is there a way to read a stock fte ECU?
  8. Hi guys. Anyone still here to ask a few questions? I want to use a Corolla 1998 4efe for a forged engine project to be swapped with my 4efte. I am making a list of extra bits that I will need. Please help. 1) engine head is the same besides camshafts that will have to be replaced with 4efte ones 2) oil sump must be drilled for turbo oil feed return. I need the metal pipe to do it. Cannot find it. Help! 3) the fte engine block has an extra water drain cock that is probably used to feed water to the turbo. How can I manage that on the 4efe block? 4) knock sensor. Th
  9. Great post! Which torque should I use for the diff bolts? what are the diff bearings ORM? what’s the shimming tolerance? I hope someone can help!
  10. You couldn’t be more clear! This all came to my head because back in the day is Sam told me about it. I was just curious to know if it was worth it but after what you said I’m going to stick to other mods! I’m going to upload new information about diffusion of the car soon!
  11. Hi guys. Time ago @Sam44 suggested me too use the Corolla inlet on the FTE engine as the airflow is better. Considering the technical differences such as the vacuum pipes, the water pipes, the sensors and the Air Control Valve, I would like to know if I can use the FDE throttle on the Corolla inlet and add what is missing on the intake swapping it from the FTE intake. My major concern is the air control valve that is usually sitting on the left side of the intake and must be swap with the Corolla air sensor that will be charade in another position on the right side of the intake. @sa
  12. @Sam44 @RoyalDutchie Sam! Happy Holydays! How have you been? i was thinking to swap the 4efte manifold with the 4efe manifold but I would like to keep the 4efte throttle on. Is that poasible? I would just add the air temp sensor in the 4efe intake and the rest should be fine.
  13. Hello. I just received a CT9 A but I was aiming for the B version as my glands engine has CT9 B. What do you suggest doing? Is the extra turbine fin the only difference? I also noticed that the hot side ring is in a different material but I don’t know what could be different inside the turbine. @Jay
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