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  1. Is the power steering pump bracket you mentioned part of the 4efte engine?
  2. Should I send you another picture for the corner or this is enough? Is the cap cover the plastic boxes on the side? i found this maybe it helps Starlet Glanza V 1998 4efte http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/jp/1998/starlet/ep91-agmqy/4_121150_006_/tool-engine-fuel/1901_ignition-coil-spark-plug Corolla E11 1998 4efe http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/1999/corolla-hb-lb/ee111r-agmdkw/3_153540_038_/tool-engine-fuel/1901_ignition-coil-spark-plug
  3. This is the original 4efte pipe? How will I have to fabricate the modified pipe? Isn’t there any on the market? Any drawing or measures?
  4. Hi. I am working on a project. About to swap 4efe with a ep91 4efte and as I will get an after market fuel pump and piggyback to get more hp, I was considering to keep the electronic ignition the 1998 4efe Corolla runs. What do you suggest? Thanks
  5. a few questions I still need answers to Don’t forget to give me this info to add the my swap project.do I need to replace the 4efe gearbox clutch to the 212 mm you suggested when swapping tto the 4efte? DoI have modify the 4efte manifold and turbo down-pipe to avoid hitting the Corolla crossmembers? How? How do I have to modify the 4efte front and rear mount to fit in and fit the 4efe gearbox? How will I adapt the 4efe inlet to the 4efte throttlebody? How will I move the 4efe air box sensor th the 4efte throttlebody? Where exactly should it go? Ho will I adapt the 4efe electronic ignition system to the 4efte engine and how will it run with the 4efte ECU I will install with the new engine? Any pictures and diagrams to make it happen smoothly? How will I adapt the 4efe steering wheel to fit oil channel to the turbo etc?
  6. No worries. Take your time When I collect the last details I can plan to swap with my mechanic and finally find the engine and the extra parts you suggested.
  7. This way it will be much easier but I will have to replace every connection from one engine to the other. What about the extra wires and sensors that come with the 4EFTE? Do you have a short list for safety swap? Thanks
  8. Apparently late ep91 4EFTE engines don’t have the water outlet on the head.
  9. You mean that I could keep the 4EFE loom and ECU? I thought that when you swap with the 4EFTE you need its own ECU and loom. Let me know what you mean. I am referring to your first post with the swap details you gave me. Very thankful.
  10. @Sam44 Tje Corolla 4efe gearbox is a C56. Correct? It will bolt in easily to the 4efte ep91? What modification is required to Adapt the 4efe front mount to fit the 4efte front engine in the E11 Corolla? adapt the Corolla E11 steering pump to work with the 4efte? adapt the Corolla 4efe air box sensor to the Corolla Inlet adapted to the 4efte turbo? What about the cat 02 sensor? Is it included with the 4efte? Does the map sensor come with the 4efte engine or should I buy it separately. ECU, loom and wiring to the fuse original box box are included. thank you
  11. I thought we were speaking about the swap with the 4EFTE engine.
  12. You mean that I could buy the 4EFTE engine without gearbox and without ECU and loom? Just manifold, intercooler and turbo. Correct? How do you see the swap done without the original loon? I would have to use the 4EFE Corolla E11 loom? You told me there are more sensors on the 4EFTE engine. How am I gonna manage that? Let me know when you have time. Thanks
  13. I thought we were speaking about the 4efe to 4EFTE swap. I thought that the piggyback should connect to the 4EFTE ECU.
  14. Hi Sam. I was reading your early posts. How will the Piggyback connect to the 4efte ECU? Can you send me or post the wiring diagram you told me about?.Can you give me more details about the Corolla 4efe steering pump modification for the 4efte engine conversion? i’m putting together the basic list with the information you gave me these last weeks to see total prices and proceed with the purchase of the 4efte engine. Thank you.
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