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  1. Dis you every do the build thread? I want to take a look! Thanks
  2. Hi. What about a ep91 4efte loom in a 1998 E111 Corolla? What do you suggest? I’m looking for diagrams to do the pin work.
  3. @Sam44 @Claymore good to hear you’re doing well! Can’t wait to start the SWAP and take pics through the whole process.
  4. It’s been a while. You can’t believe how frustrating it is to wait for an engine in a crate stuck somewhere in the Ocean. It seems that many carriers or way behind schedule because of the crisis. I’ve been waiting since January and probably will have to wait until April. How are you guys? @Sam44 @Claymore I put a jab hood on my Corolla. No we need the horsepower 😉
  5. And I am grateful to you all. It's my mechanic. He wants to try the AWD. I'm just helping because he does't speak English. I will stick to my plan. After all this effort it has to come true!
  6. Here I am with a crazy idea. 4efte swap matched to 4efe gearbox in a Corolla vs 4efte (my default project) or 3sgte swap matched to a 7afe 4WD gearbox/tranny. I found a rare Corolla 4WD that has been sold only on the Swiss and Australian market for 2000 euros ish. I spoke to a guy in Germany that owns a AE115 with 3sgte. He said that the tranny holds the torque even if it should be for 110 ps. The option is to buy a GT Four ST185 or ST 205 3sgte with AWD tranny and rear subframe. What do you think about it? @Sam44 @Claymore
  7. It was good thanks. A bit worried about the geopolitical situation. Brexit is pain in the b now that I have to purchase parts from the UK...got a new idea for the Corolla. You'll tell me your thoughts!
  8. Good to hear from you. Hope you're having a good time in the US. I need to go back but visa expired so it will take ages now...
  9. About the crank seals. How complicated is it on this engine to replace them? This is my personal question of course as a non-mechanic.
  10. @Sam44 @Claymore Hey guys. I was wondering what the procedure to change the 4EFTE timing belt is? does the valve cover have to come off or can it be done only operating on the side of the engine? Thanks
  11. Yeah my bad. There is a lack of forums who discuss this topic. Merry Christmas.
  12. Do you know someone who has done a WRC Corolla replica? What I know so far is that it’s a 3sgte GT Four engine and AWD transmission. What I don’t know is how to adapt it to the Corolla and what part of the Cdlica chassis has to be swapped and what has to be kept from the Corolla. I checked on the web and it wasn’t easy to find hubs, rear and front axle shafts and stabilizer arms. Also, would the Corolla shock absorbers fit the Celica hubs or would it be necessary to install Celica shock absorbers? Thanks
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