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  1. Hey guys. I just wanted to share with you that my car won a price in the special car category over 600 cars!
  2. I have to say that I will continue using the stock thermostat. The problem I had with the spark plugs was probably caused by the engine recovery mode that I drove with a while due to the wrong wiring on the water temp sensor. I will check spark plugs in a few weeks to see if something changes but at least I will not blow the engine because of the liquid leak
  3. @ClaymoreI solved the problem changing the thermostat. The gasket was loose so the cover wasn’t sealing properly. This happened I think because are used a different thermostat that I don’t remember who suggested me was better to keep the engine temperature lower for the reason that the spark plugs were white gray. So I put back the OEM thermostat I had in the box and no more leak! Thank you for your help.
  4. It came from the new water pump 😂 Yes I did use all genuine parts
  5. I think that the reason ehy it leaks is the loose thermostat gasket.
  6. It came from the new water pump 😂 Yes I did use all genuine parts
  7. The liquid is getting out from underneath the thermostat cup. I tighten the bolts but after I went for a ride I noticed that it was still leaking. I will have to check again and I really hope it’s not a crack in the engine head. The lower bolt was loose but then I tightened it and it’s still leaking.
  8. I agree. I checked the piston heads taking out the spark plugs and nothing seems different as usual. Hi drowned the water system and it was clean without any oil. I put new liquid coolant and leveled it. Went for a drive and after two hours I checked the level that was already down. I drove home and had to put at least 100 ML liquid. There is no area where I see sugar or leak tracks. Consider that external temperature right now is around 34°. The water pump is new because I did everything I could to refresh the engine before the swap. If it happens suddenly it means that something changed. I a
  9. Thank you for your message. I will check if the Pistons are clean or not. It doesn’t seem that the exhaust color is different and there is white smoke. The idle running up and down around 2000 RPM was weird. I want to look into it better especially because I associate that glowing mid range noise when accelerating in second gear. Very weird. The radiator isn’t new but healthy. I will check today if there is a leak but I can already tell that there is no smell and tracks of sugary elements anywhere I can see. That is why I was thinking about the waterline to the turbo that could be
  10. Hi guys. Something weird happened. A mid pitch tone blowing noise came out in second gear while accelerating. The noise came out after the engine head has been rectified. The most obvious reason could be the inlet not being perfectly tight on the head. Let me know your thoughts. Don’t tell me it could be one of the intercooler hoses because I checked them several times. The second weird thing that could be much worse is that yesterday evening RPM went weirdly up around 2500 going up and down. Right after water temperature started to raise quickly so I turned the engine off. I waited
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