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  1. Sounds awesome, looking forward to the progress.
  2. Big girl!!! Saw Nick Kamveer on Matt berry's youtube channel running a TD05 looked to do alright on the 4efe. Have you got a build thread for it?
  3. The exhaust saga continues....... The gravity decat downpipe I bought was always questionable from day 1. Lower holes to mount to centre section were a week out!: After some rage filing: Fitted to the turbo with a new Toyota gasket (part number: 17279-11010) When mounted to the turbo, the lower flange was clearly welded to the downpipe twisted anti-clockwise slightly and the top right hand corner was tilted closer to the front of the car. Built up the TD centre exhaust section, and fed the back box over the rear beam / panhard rod support a
  4. Thanks for the info, looks a good fit. It's for an EP91 (build thread link's in my bio) Might I ask, is that a TD05? 16g?, 18g?, 20g?
  5. Also found this: http://www.volkspage.net/technik/04/maximum_boost.pdf Its a pdf copy of Corky Bell's maximum boost book. Its a bit out of date now (the engine management section will almost be out of date at the time of print really.) and I'm certainly not recommending it as the only source of reading info on the subject, but it has some good insights and solid lessons to help understand the subject matter. The section on intercoolers is also where all the "trouble" started when comparing to other books on the matter. Still worth a read. If you're interested, the Jeff Har
  6. Whilst I was looking at intercooler setups I spannered across this on youtube. Definitely NOT the way to mount an intercooler! Fast forward to 8:45. Thought it might give someone a giggle.
  7. Top quality there mate. Nice to see a company producing to that level. Beautiful! 😍
  8. Currently test fitting some 4efte injectors to an N/A rail using the N/A fuel rail posts. Its for my 4efe + turbo build. The EP91 4efe injectors use the same rubber spacers and lower rubber seals as the EP91 4efte. The injectors are the same length and the only part number differences are for the rail and the rail posts (mid -96 on). When I removed the fe injectors the lower seals were knackered so I replaced them with the used 4efte lower seals and when fitted to the head it is apparent that there was a gap between the rubber spacer and fuel rail and the injector could be pulled up
  9. 4efte oil filter relocator fitment. Needed a way of getting oil to the turbo so the Toyota solution seemed the best and at least we know it fits! Bought a nice example off socks about a year ago now I think, was one of the first parts I bought when I had barely owned the car a month. First needed to remove the 4efe oil filter banjo stud (?) I used a 12mm hex drain bit. It wouldn't fit initially so I has to round the corners off with a file then it slipped in nice. The area around the filter got a bit of a clean up to remove the corrosion outside the filter seal as the gask
  10. Sump oil return fitting: Bought a Mamba bolt in oil return 19mm hose barb, M20 threaded end. (K027-0303) Centre punched the hole position to be drilled. Using a step drill I began drilling with an old aerosol cap held on the other side of the pan to catch the swarf and stop it entering the pan. Thankfully the cap was deep enough that I didn't break through and drill my fingers! Much less mess to clear up. Deburred the hole, gave the outside a quick once over with satin black and heated with a paint stripper on low to help speed up the drying process. Then assembled th
  11. Sump turbo oil return: Needed to have a fitting in the sump to return the oil from the turbo, didn't fancy trying to find a 4efte version that wasn't dented and the matching pickup so thought I'd add on to the existing 4efe item. Started by removing all but the 2 centre bolts holding the sump to the block, Just loosened these to help "catch the sump during removal. Tapped a small flat blade screwdriver in between the parts to split them. Needed to be careful not to scratch the mounting surfaces. Repeated for rear corner. Unthreaded the pan from the oil pickup, l
  12. Thanks mate. Yep, eBay tat is par for the course it seems. I just can't justify top money for parts for a relatively cheap / low boost build. It seems that here are no mid priced mani and downpipe combo's out there worth buying, its either top end artisan creations or utter shite from the Far east. If I can find anything decent second hand I'll replace the downpipe ASAP. The mani and turbo are spot on as Toyota parts should be, the Tuning developments 3" exhaust (second hand bargain) is also looking great so far. If it didn't have a flexi before the sump, the downpipe wouldn't ha
  13. Downpipe fitment / modification As usual I bought the cheapest downpipe that included a brace. It was a Gravity branded piece of shit from eBay. The turbo flange fitted ok to the turbo, the centre exhaust flange is angled slightly and also rotated slightly from where it should be and the bolt holes to mate to the centre section were very wrong! Also the brace plate was at an incorrect angle to the Toyota block brace. I knew it would need some mods but didn't think it would be this bad. So I filed out the centre section mount holes to allow fitment of the centre using M 8 bolts.
  14. It's Turbo Tuesdaaaaaaaaay! Next up was the test fit of the turbo to work out sump oil drain position and to check the Downpipe fitment. Assembled the CT9a to the ported cast manifold with a genuine Toyota gasket (17278-11030) Fitted the downpipe support bracket to the block loosely as it would need adjusting to meet the downpipe bracket. There is quite a lot of movement available as the mounting holes are nicely over size. Cleaned up the head mating surface and the old gasket with a stanley blade (trial fitment) and bolted the turbo and manifold combo to the he
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