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    I mainly prefer 80's and 90's cars be they N/A, turbo, supercharged or nitrous I'll give it a go. Some engineering and fabrication may even happen along the way.

    Instagram: @dan91sgarage

    Come along for the journey of budget built motors.
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  1. Top notch parts there mate, Turbo looks awesome. Looking forward to the build.
  2. Excellent, looking forward to the updates on the build
  3. To be honest Frankie I would say that the fte inlet manifold is the best suited option for the 4efte engine with the CT9 turbo, personally I would just stick with what you have. As RobSR has said the corolla plenum is the smallest volume of all 3 common inlet manifolds, and has the longest runners which will magnify low down torque but will most likely lose power at the top end of the rev range as they're smaller diameter than fte. The other issues off the top of my head are: 46mm diameter inlet flange on rolla manifold (needs the flange welding onto the plenum, or when you bore
  4. I would check the gearbox has oil in it, also check if the oil has shiny metal particles from worn synchros. Replace and bleed clutch cylinders. Not sure about the differences in gear ratios from c52 to c56.
  5. Nice to know there is progress from the body shop after all the effort you went to sourcing the parts. Looking forward to the photos.
  6. As far as I know the C56 gearbox is stronger (apparently it has thicker gears, never taken one apart personally: https://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/109178-gearbox-help/?tab=comments#comment-1234023). I would make sure that all the suspect faulty parts you have found (clutch cylinders, release bearing, check your engine and gearbox mounts (knocking noises), gearshift cables / brackets, cv joints etc) are fixed to confirm gearbox is the problem. Most c56 will be well used by now, most good condition gearboxes are in cars being used not sat in garages as spares, so budget for a rebui
  7. Great stuff, always a relief to hear it run again after a long build. Something was bugging me about the cam cover though. Looks like a converted 4efe item, not sure if it's just the photos but it doesn't look as if the original hole for the intake pipe breather has been blocked? Might be worth checking before it sprays oil vapour out!
  8. Great to see the progress mate. Will all be worth it in the end.
  9. It was Sam44 that suggested you use a low temp. thermostat. I just supplied the part number in case you wanted to try it. I personally don't like them and only use the normal one for the engine. In your photo it looks like the seal got pinched and cut the bottom off it. Happy that it's all sorted now.
  10. The orange "string" looks like gasket sealant used to seal the thermostat housing to the head? Too much sealant can come off and then got stuck in the thermostat I guess. Hope the heads ok. Did you use a Genuine Toyota head gasket for the rebuild?
  11. Can't see the movie. Glad you found it, where was the leak?
  12. 16284-11040 is the part number for the rubber hose that feeds coolant to and from the turbo. 2 required per vehicle. But you would see if that was the leak. Idle speed problems (2000rpm) could also be the idle air control valve. I would do a diagnostic check also just in case there are any codes. If it was my car, I would get the cooling system pressure tested at your mechanics and when you have found the problem then change the tap water for pre mixed coolant. It's unlikely to freeze in summer and it won't be in the engine long enough to do any mineral damage. Your choice really.
  13. That could be a lot of things Frankie. Coolant hose / radiator leak, should be able to see / smell. Bad radiator cap not holding pressure. Head gasket failure (is there white smoke from the exhaust or coolant and oil mixing?) was it a genuine Toyota gasket? If you take the spark plugs out and shine a torch down in to look at the pistons they should have black soot on them. If they are clean then water is steam cleaning them. The do kits to test for CO2 in coolant. The wax thermostat on the Throttle body has coolant to warm it up, could it have corroded through (high idle 2500 go
  14. Think most people used the HKS SLD, some piggyback ecu's can delete it or a speedo cable reduction gearbox. But this last one changes the speedo to mph and raises the speed limit to 180mph as far as I can remember.
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