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  1. Cheers lads! Never any half arsed BS here! 😉 Hopefully should help it breath better than just the porting alone
  2. Rust in the sills in front of the rear wheels by any chance? I really hope that having it restored/repaired is something viable for you 🙏🏻🤞🏻
  3. Thanks again for your advise, if it weren't for you it would never have been done! Was scared to touch the chambers first time round as I didn't have the knowledge of what to remove. Do wonder about my valve guides now though from what we talked about I haven't gasket matched the inlet ports as of yet as I didn't have a gasket so I was going to revisit that once I had a gasket to match it to, but I found an old one the other day so I shall get on and do that once I finish sorting the chambers!
  4. 8/04/2021 So lately I got the driver seat out to paint the rails. Did that, and re-fitted them and the seat. However the threads on one of the bolt holes decided to shit itself, so out of frustration I decided to re-tap them and fitted some nice beefy M12 stainless steel bolts So a few weeks ago I had taken my cylinder head to have the exterior coated with cerakote (ceramic coating) to reduce engine bay temps by reducing radiating heat. At the same time I was going to have the combustion chambers coated with a ceramic piston coating (cerakote V-136) to keep com
  5. 😯 Always nice to see an SR being saved, super nice it's got an LSD! Wishing you luck with it! Will be watching this
  6. Much appreciated! Especially since I'm staying naturally asperated I need to squeeze out as much as I possibly can of it, so everything I'm doing that has even the smallest of benefits will all add up (at least I'm hoping it will!)
  7. @Sam44 nice one buddy! Some real good info here, thank you! I shall go about making these changes at some stage Already got the 0.3mm (although its sold as a 0.5mm? 🤔) headgasket ready to rock, plus the 0.15mm head skim. When I get round to building it I shall check the piston to valve clearances, as well as the overall CC and compression ratio And good note about the bracing, everything that comes off during the rebuild I shall put back on 👍🏻 thanks again!
  8. @sam44 ohh okay, I think im with you. So essentially it would look like this?: Also while im there, do you think it would be worth removing a bit of material from around the exhaust valves like so?:
  9. @Sam44 cheers mate! Could you send me a picture highlighting the lip you mean? I've ground back the lips on the back of where the inlet valve seats sit in the head so it's nice and smooth there, but since you said combustion chamber side I don't think this is what you mean?
  10. Dead smart! Might have to copy what you've done here as well 😅 good stuff mate! 👍🏻
  11. That's good to know! I wasn't sure if it were a genuine Toyota item or an aftermarket item. I personally like the look of this one I sold to burty but the rubber one was more suitable for my setup, I'm guessing the rubber one is the Jap version? I'm looking forward to the day we can all have a proper meet!
  12. 20/03/2021 Finished the boot lights - glued the LEDs into the plastic lense thing and stuck some aluminium strips onto the back of the LED board to act as a bit of a heatsink but in actual practice it's probably not needed Although if I was going to do this again, I would probably place the lights differently as the clearance between the plastics and the chassis is minimal with where they are now but I got lucky with my guess work I also copied the idea from @Claymoreand got a Glanza radiator expansion/overflow bottle for use at a later date. Didn't come with a brac
  13. @Claymore gotcha 👌🏻 @Sam44 😂 I don't know why it looks pink, but it's definitely red lol
  14. @Claymore cheers buddy 👍🏻 and lol yeah, reason I like to update the same post is so that its all in big chunks and easier to digest & recap (at least in my mind lol), and then post saying update to bump it once I feel its full enough Or do you reckon it would be better to just post new posts each time?
  15. How has this not sold yet?
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