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  1. Well, all I can say is that I am pleased there are some people left in this world that are like-minded in this community that suppliment it rather than rape it for profit 🙄😳
  2. Haha wooow, honestly, what is with people!? When it comes to this community, projects and selling stuff on, of course we all want to make a little money back and that's fine, but for me I do what I do for the love of it, not so much profit. If I have something I'd sell it for a reasonable price, and usually it doesn't go for the asking price but that's okay because I see it as I'm helping out the starlet community. Just wish people were the same way, but maybe I'm living in a fantasy world
  3. The guy says he's sold bare engines for £650, well I bought one back in 2016 for £250 (that I regrettably sold the bottom end) but I seriously doubt prices have crept up that high since then. Maybe someone desperate with more money than sense would buy it, but I'm not that guy and hopefully no one else from this forum is either
  4. I'm not surprised! I honestly thought about messaging saying 'lol good luck with that', everything he's selling is just mental, All I need is the FHE rods, and a 5E block and crank, someone somewhere must just have them laying around and forgotten about
  5. Yeah I realised once I saw them, I wonder too, chances are that the block was previously boosted and bent one of the rods. Only reason I can think of why there's only 3 pistons & rods and a block 🤷🏼‍♂️ I get how rare they are but I just do not get why some people then feel that gives them the right to add 275-500% of 'JDM rarity tax' on top of its actual worth. There's taking the piss and then there's that. I will keep looking though as I'm determined to see this build/project through, one will turn up for a reasonable price at eventually at some point! 😁
  6. I've been looking for a 5EFHE lately and I have been searching and searching. Then I came across this complete 5efhe and auto box: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202998728717 I know these are rare as fuck now but really? So unless this is an ultra rare 500hp engine that he has forgot to mention, I think I will give it a pass... Seller is also selling 3 5efhe rods and pistons for £45 EACH! Didn't realise there was a 3 cylinder version 5e 🤔 Or am I missing something?
  7. Hi all, As title, I am looking for a 5E bottom end (block & crank) that is in good condition and hasn't been bored out (will consider a complete engine as long as there is proof it's in decent state internally) Additionally, if I can't get hold of a 5EFHE bottom end, I am looking for some 5EFHE rods (not worried about pistons), again in good nick and aren't bent. Thanks!
  8. Right of course, just getting back into the swing of things, thanks mate
  9. Ohhhh okay right I see, it wasn't so much as a group buy though, not wanting anyones money, it was just to see what kind of interest there was for them so that I could have them made up to make them available to others. But no worries, cheers for cleaning that up for me. Is it because of this that I now can't post in the for sales section? Thanks, Trev
  10. I've been trying to post a topic to gauge interest to have some 5efhe cams reproduced, but a few hours after I post it, it disappears? I also cannot seem to start a new post in the market place either? Tried to message socks but he hasn't been on to read it lately
  11. Cheers mate, the same to you! 👍 The 5efhe cams have a 8.5% increased lift on the inlet and a 4% increase on the exhaust, theres a good post here you could check out HERE As for the durations im not too sure, although I believe they are slightly less than the 4E cams
  12. Right then, here we are, 2020! After a long absence the time is soon approaching to get back to it, the project wasn't forgotten or abandoned! I hope all of you are doing well and have been able to swerve the virus! As some of you will know the car has been very kindly looked after by Pikey009 (the previous owner), but it will be soon returned to continue with its improvements! A couple of things have been decided on after a number of conversations, one of the main things is to change over to a 5efhe (if I can bloody find another one! Anyone got any FHE rods at least?) Decided that I am going to get some new valves, get a 3 angle valve job done, reshim and make a slight modification in the inlet porting on 5efhe head, some modifications to the intake manifold and I still got to finish the gearbox lol I have also been considering having a look into having some parts reproduced/made up or making to sell such as the 5efhe cams, an adjustable short shifter, N/A headlight covers, and possibly an N/A exhaust manifold Any thoughts?
  13. Sorry to hear about your smash Sadly starlets are very structurally weak so sadly it won't be returning to the road which is sad. But you shouldn't have much problem finding a new one to swap everything over to Insurance companies are mostly arseholes by nature, happy to take your money but will do their best to wiggle out of paying for anything and they will long it out as long as they can, but you have dashcam footage which should be indisputable. I hope someone more knowledgeable can chime in. The police themselves won't do much, so I wouldn't expect much from them unfortunately but I won't comment any further about the police... It is sad what you have gone through with your beloved and your injuries. But unfortunately with today's unjust world I doubt anything will materialize from the insurance or police. If anything does its a bonus. It's very upsetting to have someone destroy something you love and get away with it (and I wish them nothing but the worst, especially for not even checking if your ok) but try not to dwell on it too much. The starlets journey may be over, but yours isn't. I wish you a speedy recovery mate
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