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  1. Ohhh dont worry about that, you definately will one day 😉
  2. @Sam44@Pikey009@Claymore@snails ep91@Dale SR@burty@glanzadude Thanks guys! You lot have some good builds going on yourselves that I have been quietly watching 😉👍🏻 04/01/2021 Well happy new year everyone! Lets hope this covid BS is over soon and get some meets going! Recently after much debate over whatsapp and consideration, I have decided I will give reverting back to amber indicators a go, however I didnt just want the bland standard indicators. So what I have done is taken some standard indicator units and painted the insides of them shadow chrome. This way I ca
  3. A few little updates above ☝🏻 Hope you all had a (relatively) good Christmas! 😊👍🏻
  4. Real decent guy, donated some seats to me, had a great chat with him and will be meeting up with in the future!
  5. I certainly will 👍🏻 If you check out this video HERE, 9:33 onwards you can clearly see how much lift there is to be had, the valve relief cuts in the pistons pretty much serve no purpose by the looks of it
  6. Stole them out of a 5efhe I bought a few years ago and stupidly sold the bottom end, these might have some work done on them though for even more lift, not sure yet. But I'm looking into and hoping to have them reproduced in the near future! 🤞🏻
  7. Took some pictures of my 5E-FHE cams while I had them out the box today, thought they might be some use to you or anyone else Inlet: Exhaust: Also I'm not sure how true this is but from what I read somewhere today, apparently the durations are all the same across the 4efe/4efte/5efe/5efhe cams 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. [UPDATE: This can now been sorted as mentioned in the post above 🤘🏻] Right then people, I'm still looking for a 5E-whateverE bottom end, someone help me out with this. Getting fed up looking everywhere literally everyother day and getting nowhere, and when I do find something it falls through. I have found 5 toyota paseos for breaking and every single one is missing the engine. So c'mon, own up, who's hiding them!?
  9. 😍😍 Wow, what a jem! Oh and welcome of course 😁👍🏻
  10. You're very welcome mate, was great to meet ya and have a chat! Won't be the last time we meet for sure
  11. My first SR had the decals and bump strips removed and I thought it looked the dogs bollocks, but now I can't imagine having one without the decals as a minimum Cheers you lot! Seems you lot like colour of the gearbox, I won't turn my nose up at it anymore then lol, still think it would've been nicer in the colour I actually asked for though ✌️😁 @candy_red, how well does wrinkle finish keep the dirt and grime off/how well can it be kept clean?
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