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  1. Great work as useall on thie SR The badges will look the part when fitted
  2. Sorry mate totally forgot about this next time my mechanic pall.is over ill get him to take the measurements as he will have a better idea what he's doing Cheers pall I should have replied to this last year hopefully we can do it again some time.
  3. Another update with the canvas top and it's a exiting one! She is now on the roads with a full years mot after passing with no advisors she has been out on the road a little earlier than I would normally but I just couldn't wait! I had bother with the first garage I had booked her into so decided to put her to a more specialist garage this is when I decided to put her to Classic restorations Scotland which is the oldest operating classic car restorer in Scotland. They were absolutely brilliant and I couldn't of received a better service, its where all my Starlets are going to be p
  4. The new interior looks immaculate looks lovely, Any plans to get some SR decals on her
  5. Thats very very expensive for Glanza cup holders, £40-£50 at a absolute maximum!!! I just bought two sets for £20 each posted. Only saying this as this is a forum and I wouldn't want to join up believing this is the price they sell for.
  6. Dale SR


    I can also say great seller, excellent prices, and the item was really well packaged. Cheers
  7. Excellent purchase with the multi box looks great with the stero, I really can't wait to see her all together shes going to be amazing 👍🏻
  8. Once this SR is completed I will definitely make a journey to see it, The work going into this is unreal 👏
  9. It was a great day, allbeit it was just with my starlets but I think I've enough for a ittle show 🤣
  10. I've always loved this GT Really looking forward to seeing her finished, Great Work she already looks amazing!
  11. Good to see shes still going strong and great work on the engine, a job well done 😃
  12. I got the Canvas Top running and she was going really well, I used the ignition leads from a ep91 however I've since been advised against it, I've had a few mixed opinions on using them so I've hopefully got some of the original ones on there way that I purchased from Amayama so hopefully these will turn up before the years out! There's a short video of her moving! I have started going over her with some T cut and its brought alot of the colour back. She will need alot of paint work done at some point but it dose the job for now. Japanese shape number plate fitted.
  13. Thanks I appreciate that Thanks, i was the same, I had starlets a few years before I found out about them, They really have a look all of there own. Cheers I think so to
  14. Thanks Burty, Ye something like those would be great i do really like the ones on his starlet, Hopefully everything else doesn't need a fortune spent and I can afford a nice set 😄
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