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  1. I sold one a year or so ago, struggled to get £50 for it. Good in a way I suppose.... but there's still stuff I'm wanting so not good aswell.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224361257449 I almost can't believe this is true what price its making! I remember the days when you could get the rest of the SR attached for not much more than this! I do think prices are shooting up with some starlet stuff at the moment, I've seen a few things lately that I've seen sell for double if not triple what I've paid for in the past.
  3. Ye I agree, I regret swapping them over, I'll be fitting the silver back on to her soon. Small update with the new SR, new windscreen has been fitted as the chip was to big to fill, I got her a MOT and she didn't need a thing to pass!, I had to fit new number plates as the garage said they would be a advisoy so got them changed for new ones and kept the originals. So this keeps her MOT history totally clean. I Gave the engine bay a long overdue clean before I put her to any garage! The bay looks a bit more in-keeping with her milage now. I have got
  4. I would go with the momo, it looks like it belongs with the wheel the toyota badge looks a little out of place.
  5. Ah right I see it now , its the same one as on gumtree. Ye hold off and see what comes up, there are still originals out there that will come up.
  6. Ye your best to take your time picking one? Have you a link to the one on ebay I cant see any SR'S on ebay.
  7. Whats the one on ebay?cant see any? There's a couple on gumtree, low ish mileage silver one, little over priced imo but looks a good one if you can get price down a little. Also a black one but higer mileage.
  8. The black dose look good. I have 3 SR'S, 4 if you count the one I just put photos up of but she's in bits now, The Australian Glanza replica and a GT turbo. I will need to have another swap around, It just doesn't look right.
  9. Nice to read you bought another one after so many years, Good work 👍🏻
  10. Ye super rare those colours on a Glanza you have the next best thing here though. 👍🏻 Thanks, Ye It really would of been criminal glad I got there in time.
  11. Great you still have your same SR Morgey, how many years have you had her now?
  12. Ye I feel i am leaning towards silver, darker colours on wheels make them look quite small. If I go back 8 years I've photos of when I had white with a hint of blue that I made up for my first SRs speedlines. Not proud of how she looked now 🤣. I've actually still got this SR however its a sad state of affairs now, but she was never going to be what I wanted and endless problems.
  13. Amazing the amount of work that's going into your starlet. Love the color of thease ones.
  14. Not any exiting updates just a wheel swap I did on the new SR not sure if I like the dark wheels on the silver or not im unsure, I'll see what you guys think? Maybe would look better once I have her sitting the right height and decals fitted.
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