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  1. Sorted this now. After being told by toyota when I first spoke to them they informed me it was discontinued however I spoke to them again and apparently that was a mistake and it is still available new.
  2. A very long shot and I will probably be looking for a age, If anyone has a complete interior, Front seats, back seats and door cards, or even part of that for me to make up a complete one over time. This would be for a 30k mile SR so it would have to be structurally sound and in very good condition. I'm based in Scotland so next to nothing ever comes up for sale close to me so delivery would need to be considered or if not possible providing its clean enough I would possibly make the journey and collect. Thanks.
  3. I can only imagine all the rare bits that have been destroyed that way!!
  4. Cheers, Hopefully you will find one soon. I think your right Burty, I had a look on the optional extra page on here and it shows the glanza one having the circular design. I didn't know the uk ones existed untill I found mine in the back of a 5 door uk S model that was in a scrap yard and just knew it was a hidden optional extra, im sure I've since seen them listed as options in a uk Brouchure. There definitely super rare.
  5. Thanks I feel like she looks like a proper SR now, I'm not sure for definite what one is the Glanza one and what is the uk one, hopefully somebody can clarify? Thanks, I was always super happy with how they turned out, I paid a few hundred quid to get them copied but well worth it, I spoke to the company and they will send them out to people for about £50 +postage and vat for anyone who is needing a set.
  6. I've got a little more done to the new 30 thousand mile SR, I got her decals fitted at a company called DAS designs, they took over the company that did my black SR's decals and had the design copied from a original toyota set back in 2013. I also fitted a TTE exhaust, I took the one I had on the Glanza replica and fitted something else which looks similar on that. The SR was more deserving and the Glanza replica isn't garaged wheres on the SR it will be so alot better for the exhaust as we all know they are fragile. A few pictures of the t
  7. As above dose anyone have a working windscreen wash pump for the GT turbo. Or can anyone recommend a good aftermarket one off ebay. Thanks
  8. Just for info the picture you have uploaded above is not the ep91 Glanza version thats the one for the ep82 GT turbo.
  9. Ye its a shame the old folk didn't garage her, I feel very lucky with my two! Fingers crossed someone will snap her up and inject some love 😊
  10. This looks super clean well done! I do like the look of having the rocker cover on show having the front mounted intercooler. Especially with it looking like new!
  11. Glad I could help, Not a bad price for the one on ebay burty found.
  12. I wouldn't expect the arches to be like this with that millage, they look just like my 150 thousand mile SR'S arch, I would want them to be perfect with 50k. Still not bad for the money there asking.
  13. Its hard to tell in the photo but if its a silver one its off the GLS model starlet.
  14. She Looks really good, its a shame the arches are rusting a bit with that mileage. Hopefully she finds a good home.
  15. After being told the item was being sent out and refusing to refund me 4 days later I have been sent a refund from them, of course not a word from them no message nothing, communication is shocking. I Definitely would not recommend.
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