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  1. It is crazy, I don't believe any starlets have ever had a recall before .
  2. I've spoke to toyota definitely a recall for starlets.
  3. Ye i think its the uk spec between 1997 and 1999 . Below is what the government website says when I put one of my SRs registration in.
  4. This has maybe been spoken about allready, i first noticed it on the government mot history site, is there a recall for certain starlets just now? https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/37000-uk-toyotas-recalled-takata-airbag-saga-continues/184685
  5. Cheers Folks, The white one is a fellow members on here.
  6. Ye quite right keep it safe
  7. Ye i got it a few weeks ago, I applied for it as soon as she hit 150 thousand.
  8. This will definitely will be done for her going back on the road after winter.
  9. Got some more photos of the complete set...
  10. Amazing car, hopefully she goes to a good home.
  11. Really good to see you saving this one, Shame its had another bump but looks like shes in the right hands now. The car was in a town next to stirling for a while untill the guy sold it on at the start of this year, it's LSD box was just reconditioned at the end of last year, she should also have a Exedy stage 1 clutch. Great that shes still here in scotland
  12. Brilliant price for one of thease shouldn't hang about long!
  13. I know nothing more frustrating than discontinued parts!
  14. It's a good thing for toyota to do! A door will come up soon, its always the same when you are looking for specific things but you will get one somewhere.
  15. This was for sale a few months ago on bids on ebay I dont think I would want to pay that for one with a engine replacement. I would say it's worth half what there asking.
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