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  1. Thanks Burty, Ye something like those would be great i do really like the ones on his starlet, Hopefully everything else doesn't need a fortune spent and I can afford a nice set 😄
  2. Your seats look brilliant excellent work and lovley work on the little golf model .
  3. Great work, looking forward to seeing her back together now!
  4. I will need to try this on the plastics cheers for the advice l, I've just used auto glym interior cleaners on it so far, would be good to get more shine out of them. I used a vax carpet shampoo hoover however no swirly brush on mine! I could do with this attachment! I love the steering wheel has to be one of the coolest, She had one bit of her 5 piece mat set and they just looked the plain style no pattern on them. I'm not sure what wheels will end up on her, I notice in the Brouchure she shares the same wheels as the MK 1 GT but doubt im ever going to find a set of them.
  5. Cheers, I think the carpet alone was over 12 hours!
  6. I finished the carpet and pretty much the rest of the interior, it's been a absolute joy to do and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity, I doubt I will ever get another little barn find starlet like this one. The carpet was the worst of the jobs but it was all very satisfying. Some of the plastics have a few marks mainly the handbrake surround but I think this is because the seat belt buckles attach to the floor amd come up the sides of it rubbing againt it. I have a few bits I would like to replace over time but its all there and together.
  7. Ye I think thats what should be in her, I will get that for you sam 👍 Thanks Jase I couldn't be happier with her shes a very special starlet.
  8. Hers it is, desperately wanting some attention!
  9. Its the 4EFE but has a has a slightly higher BHP compared with the uk 4EFE
  10. This is a real shame it came to this, Hopefully the appropriate action can be taken to avoid this happening in the future.
  11. I will need to put it back before the carpet goes down!
  12. I have been busy every night after work trying to get the interior back into shape, I way underestimated how long this would take! The countless hours of washing the interior with a wet and dry hover is unbelievable! I started with the seats but then after some advice stripped out what feels like everything out the interior excluding the dash. I knew when lifting the carpet something had leaked out in the back as it was stuck to the floor! All cleaned up and a nice solid floor and behind the quatre panel arches were totally sound with no rust or wate
  13. Great work, Amazing how well the sump has come up, like new 👍
  14. Thanks Matt, Is that the one with the GT kit on it? Cheers Simon thanks for the link 👍🏻
  15. She is slowly starting to show her former self
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