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  1. Sourced one thanks to Burty.
  2. That's brilliant thanks.
  3. Hmm, im actually not a 100% what cd player came with thr SR as none of mine came with there original one, if you or anyway has a picture of the original that would be helpful so I actually know what I'm looking for.
  4. I'm looking for a original SR toyota cd player if anyone has one? Thanks
  5. Amazing family story having her so long, I look forward to seeing the pictures when you bought her back in 2000!
  6. As above i have one for sale at the moment.
  7. Item For Sale: JAM ECU AT Item Condition & Description: Good condition, recently purchased a Glanza which had this on it. It's for a automatic transmission however I believe this will go in a manual. Any questions please ask. Price: £395 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Cash on collection from PH7 or cash sent via paypall and item will be sent royal mail recorded for £5.
  8. I have sourced one now thank you guys
  9. That would be brilliant if you still have it
  10. Standard blow off valve needed urgently for a Glanza. Need to get rid of this awfull dump valve noise! Thanks Dale
  11. Has this not had an engine replacement. You should really mention this in the add. Best of Luck with the sale
  12. nice looking SR alot of cash tho for 80 thousand miles
  13. really happy you got her back after all those years! Keep her auto there's hardly any left
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