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  1. If anyone happens to be selling one please inbox me
  2. As description, im looking for the ACIS manifold off of the 5efhe engine
  3. is your glanza still for sale?? in the market for a glanza now
  4. try checking your ignition timing, sounds like spark knock as it only happens when the engine is under load?
  5. thanks for the advice greatly appreciated
  6. cheers, any place I could buy these? ive tried having a look at all the usual places (ebay, euro car parts etc) but i could try my local toyota garage unless you know of a place yourself
  7. evening all So recently I had changed over the front shocks and springs for the MOT , but I noticed once i had them out that the springs were not seating correctly on the top plate (Bit between the top mount and the spring) and possibly thought it had the wrong springs on prior. I did notice whilst driving and coming out of low range gears a fairly loud clicking noise which I later discovered to be the springs moving around whilst the car was in between changing gears (hard to explain, sorry) anyways so I changed them over with Tein S tech springs with sachs front shocks and the previous
  8. Is this still a thing? Only just seen this lol. I usually cut about Dundee and Perth etc. But can easy get to Fife and Glasgow on occasion. Would be decent getting a few tips from more experienced owners. Cheers
  9. hi folks, half thinking about buying a 4E-FTE engine with accompanying gearbox, wiring loom, CT9 turbo etc. only problem is that it was imported so has been sitting on a crate. there is no video proof of the engine running so was wondering if anyone can give advice and tips on what too look out for on the engine/gearbox etc. anything would be greatly appreciated cheers
  10. Was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of sourcing a new seal kit for a rear brake calliper for my 91?
  11. Cheers for the help folks appreciate it
  12. Just realised what I was doing wrong . So when I get new rear disk brakes will I need to replace the bearings as well? Cheers
  13. Tried hammering, pushing the disk out with bolts, sprayed about half a can of wd40 on it but it just won’t budge any advice would be appreciated. Brakes are on a 91 thanks
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