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  1. didnt see add in for sale section jellybaby
  2. pm me best price posted to the republic on the 3 puck kid
  3. on the lookout for tdo4 mani and downpipe good quality no cheap china ss why
  4. thats perfect did you have it setup for starlet 4efte settings ??? message me some paypall stuff there will take it off you you will need to post to ireland south also i want those ep82 door cards with the speaker pods on how much ?? u said door gaurds and switches did you mean cards ?? cheeers 5e colin
  5. will take the fields controller of you if the wiring is still attached
  6. same here is like that for a while now cant become member anymore sad days
  7. you get small gains when used in 4efte and stock 4efte intake ( top end restriction ) much more noticeable gains when the acis manifiold is used indeed i run this setup for yeaaaars
  8. the toyosports td mani and downpipe is it SS or mild steel
  9. no dyno sheets kid just my ass on the road the 4cm is suited for 4efte stock intake as it shokes above 7500 with my acis manifold i use the 6 cm back housing rev the shits to 8200 6cm/19t these turbos are great as they run cooler then a ct9 hybrid ( tiny back housing / hot zone shocking zone ) compared to tfo35hm
  10. YUP LEVIN BZR twinpot calipers and cariers and corsa c gsi 260mm disks ( check disk height as some differ ) is direct bolt on no messing with spacers or longer studs ive guided a few members on here to that setup direkt fit
  11. cut a groove in the calipe piston on our gt we only have 1 groove i made a 2nd 1 so there is a + on there so piston is closer to the pad by 1/4 turn did the job on my gt when i had inbalance isseus like that few years ago worth a try
  12. shit happens sometimes pat i had 1 go after 10k 1s long ago found out it got gunked up oil gallery after i got crank cleaned
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