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  1. Another option weld 4bolt ct9 flange to td/tf housing and make adaptor plate for downpipe there's many options depends how good your DIY is
  2. so sad news after 9 or 10 years im not driving missstress anymore will be several yeaaars before she be back on the road ( cant wait already ) she will be stripped to the bone and restored 100% plan is 2020 full stripdown chassi repair is neaded and paint 2021 full running gear 2022 interior make over 2023 exterior wheels spoilers etc will post pics of the long journey
  3. i wonder gow they would squeez the tdo4l tirbine shaft in ct9 hotside its tight for tfo35hm already i swear by 19t tfo jobby fast spool big top end get that build for 550euros thats an option to squeez in a ct9 housing / td housing flows 10 times better tho
  4. Yep still around Ep82GTT for life I'm probly the only 1 left around my erea in the Republic I haven't seen another 1 for aaaaages browner must have scraped them all ha ha very busy work work work

    can you help me i'm looking for a varis front bumper 😊

  6. Jeez I can't believe I did not paint her yet 1.5 years later do have a new build engine in her tho and made my own turbo kit from scratch again this time I am happy with the kit compatible with oem cat also have 2.5" downpipe made for her got my self another mines racing ecu won't be selling this 1 that's for sure
  7. Yes safe to do measure the size of the link for the size of drill it you nead still on the car right now last long and no isseus as of now Sorry for late reply alway working these days not much time to be online
  8. didnt see add in for sale section jellybaby
  9. pm me best price posted to the republic on the 3 puck kid
  10. on the lookout for tdo4 mani and downpipe good quality no cheap china ss why
  11. thats perfect did you have it setup for starlet 4efte settings ??? message me some paypall stuff there will take it off you you will need to post to ireland south also i want those ep82 door cards with the speaker pods on how much ?? u said door gaurds and switches did you mean cards ?? cheeers 5e colin
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