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  1. As above guys, has anyone got a passenger side front ABS sensor for an ep82 GT? I have tried a couple of Glanza ones so far but they don't fit the hub. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
  2. Hey lads. Quick question for the techies in here. In the video above at 9mins 25secs onwards…Is that turbo whistle sound produced because the evo is running a ball bearing turbo? I think I’m having a mid life crisis as I would love my GT to produce such sounds Lol. I asked some of the members on TGTT forum and someone said: "a few people i know with modified evos have that whistle sound...here's what they have in common -- big ball bearing turbos, short air intakes, short big downpipes/exhausts (3", 4", etc) from the time they start the car the whistling
  3. The matrix pipes that go through the bulk head were red hot yesterday. So I assumed the core would be the same/similar temps also. However as you both said, coolant may not be flowing into the actual core. Do either of you know how a core could be re-cored incorrectly? When I replaced the heater core, I also replaced the perished foam inside the actual heater box, but triple checked everything to ensure it was put back properly etc. The only other point to make - unsure if this is normal - but while the blowers were on full yesterday I could feel ice cold air blowing near the blower
  4. Quick update, So I followed the steps above lined the jiggle pin up with the square etc, but I still can’t seem to get anything other the Luke warm air inside the car.I had her running for about 50mins, fan kicked in twice etc and I kept squeezing the pipes until no more air bubbles were present at the rad cap end.I compared the thermostat currently fitted to the one I had previously and they are slightly different…jiggle pin design looks a little different.All coolant pipes were red hot inc matrix pipes in the firewall.I m thinking could it be something to do with the actual matrix core
  5. I had a chat with Jay and here were his findings.
  6. That makes perfect sense now. I'll get on this case and see what orientation mine is currently at. I was watching some YT videos about it yesterday and some said the jiggle pin has to be at 12 oclock. But I trust your judgement/the manual.
  7. Thanks a lot for this Claymore. You learn something new everyday on here. I thought the thermostat could only fit one way....I didn't know that it had to be fitted with the correct orientation. I'll drop the coolant, flush the system, check the stat orientation and try the above bleed procedure you mentioned. A few members on the FB group said that the issue could be that my civic dual core ali rad is cooling the car down too much (which is never a bad thing I guess)..and I should try wrapping it with cardboard or tin foil (1/3 the rad) to see if that makes a difference?
  8. So I had some heater issues with my GT last year (Air would only come out of top vents for face) which I ended up fixing.While I had the dash out etc, I decided to re-core my heater matrix as my heat was never the best.I built everything back up, bled the system as normal - around 4 times now - but I cannot for the life of me get my heaters red hot.So far I have flushed the system again numerous times, replaced the thermostat and jacked the front of the car up and bleed the system, but still no luck....the heat is just luke warm.Could an air lock be the cause of this or is there anything else
  9. Really awesome build mate...enjoyed reading from start to finish. Can I ask what size pro ram filter and trumpet based you used? I have one at the moment, but its waaay too big to fit behind my grill. Your one looks like it fits perfect. Thanks
  10. Thread Revival: Sorry still new to the standalone game. Do you need a plug and play harness for the links to work on an ep82, or can they be hard wired in?
  11. Looks mega this Socks. Was it Ricky/Racetech who remapped it for you?
  12. 😆. The temptation is too real, to blow budgets being a part of this forum lol. Its all good fun though, which is the main thing. Awesome. Thanks
  13. Thanks a lot mate. I'll give that a try. Also, where did you get those rad hoses from? I'm starting to realise why I stopped spending as much time on here. Reading through awesome threads like this make me constantly spend money on my own GT😁
  14. Coming along nicely man😎 What paint did you use on the mani and decat? I've been wanting to paint mine for a while, but worried that it would just burn off? Thanks
  15. Really cool build thread. Great turn around so far😎 As said already the colour looks awesome. Really compliments the black rims. Looking forward to further updates 👍
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