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  1. Hi guys, I plugged my ecu in today and tried to download a base map.However there is no base map on the me221 site for a black board gen1 ecu, only the white board ecu. Anyone have any ideas how I can get around this or do ME need to update their basemaps? Thanks
  2. I'm having the exact same issue at the moment @Amjad. I have bent the bracket a couple of times to clear the line, but still somehow catchers ever so slightly. How did your mechanic manage to get enough clearance in the end?
  3. Agreed. I should have said above, I don't actually drive my starlet daily, I have a old vag tdi barj. So The GT is just a weekend toy. Fair points about running costs road tax etc on the starlets.
  4. Guys, Don't flame me, but I've been seriously considering selling my Td04 GT for a 04/05 Seat Leon Cupra R. My fabricator took me out for a spin in his 2018 400bhp Leon Cupra the other day and it really blew me away....sillu quick but comfortable at the same time, like most modern hatches these days. A 2018 model is out of budget for me, but he said to check out the earlier models, as they can easily be tuned to 300bhp/300ibs?? I've had my GT for around13 years. As much as I love working on it/modding it, I feel as though I have out grown it to an extent. The Leon w
  5. Thanks for the info. I looked into going 5E briefly last year, but got lost in a sea of info about them lol. From what I can gather there were 2 variants...a normal 5E and a high comp one also? 5EFHE IIRC? As you said though, I think I would be better off buying a paseo as a donor car to begin with . I wasn't chasing silly power as I drive my GT (TD04) daily at times, but the additional torque would be nice in a street car I reccon.
  6. Awesome build. Going to be a weapon to say the least. How easy/hard was it to find a low mileage 5e block, and what sort of money do they go far these days? Pm me if its easier. Thanks
  7. Thread revival. @RobSR @motorsport-electronics Can either of you tell me which ports on the ecu, I need to run the 3 port boost solenoid wires to? Thanks
  8. Hi Lads, I have a set of fishnet Recaros, which I have fitted into my GT, but they didn't come with any seat belt buckles. Can anyone tell me the best way I can attach or weld the buckles into the seat/ rails? Thanks
  9. Thread revival! @5e colin did you any issues fitting these? I bought some via the link above a couple of months back, but only got around to fitting them yesterday. The bolt on the Saab rods were too big to attach to my roll bar...gutted
  10. No first hand experience myself, but a mate of mine @Dean_mc88 is having one fitted by them before they remap his Glanza. I don't see why any fab place can't make you up something custom closer to kent though
  11. They have rails on them already, which I'm 95% sure are lower rails. I just need to figure out the best way to fit them into my car :). Do you have any pics of the rails that this lad from Ireland supplies?
  12. Hi, I bought a pair of fishnet recaros a few weeks ago that were crudely fitted into a glanza with some makeshift custom feet. I want to fit them into my GT, but I was just wondering if anyone had any guides/measurements that I could pass onto a fabricator. As the seats are already on rails, I assume my best bet would be to have some solid custom feet made up? Thanks for any info
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