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  1. Really awesome build mate...enjoyed reading from start to finish. Can I ask what size pro ram filter and trumpet based you used? I have one at the moment, but its waaay too big to fit behind my grill. Your one looks like it fits perfect. Thanks
  2. Thread Revival: Sorry still new to the standalone game. Do you need a plug and play harness for the links to work on an ep82, or can they be hard wired in?
  3. Looks mega this Socks. Was it Ricky/Racetech who remapped it for you?
  4. πŸ˜†. The temptation is too real, to blow budgets being a part of this forum lol. Its all good fun though, which is the main thing. Awesome. Thanks
  5. Thanks a lot mate. I'll give that a try. Also, where did you get those rad hoses from? I'm starting to realise why I stopped spending as much time on here. Threading through awesome threads like this make me constantly spend money on my own GT😁
  6. Coming along nicely man😎 What paint did you use on the mani and decat? I've been wanting to paint mine for a while, but worried that it would just burn off? Thanks
  7. Really cool build thread. Great turn around so far😎 As said already the colour looks awesome. Really compliments the black rims. Looking forward to further updates πŸ‘
  8. Hi guys, I plugged my ecu in today and tried to download a base map.However there is no base map on the me221 site for a black board gen1 ecu, only the white board ecu. Anyone have any ideas how I can get around this or do ME need to update their basemaps? Thanks
  9. I'm having the exact same issue at the moment @Amjad. I have bent the bracket a couple of times to clear the line, but still somehow catchers ever so slightly. How did your mechanic manage to get enough clearance in the end?
  10. Agreed. I should have said above, I don't actually drive my starlet daily, I have a old vag tdi barj. So The GT is just a weekend toy. Fair points about running costs road tax etc on the starlets.
  11. Guys, Don't flame me, but I've been seriously considering selling my Td04 GT for a 04/05 Seat Leon Cupra R. My fabricator took me out for a spin in his 2018 400bhp Leon Cupra the other day and it really blew me away....sillu quick but comfortable at the same time, like most modern hatches these days. A 2018 model is out of budget for me, but he said to check out the earlier models, as they can easily be tuned to 300bhp/300ibs?? I've had my GT for around13 years. As much as I love working on it/modding it, I feel as though I have out grown it to an extent. The Leon w
  12. Thanks for the info. I looked into going 5E briefly last year, but got lost in a sea of info about them lol. From what I can gather there were 2 variants...a normal 5E and a high comp one also? 5EFHE IIRC? As you said though, I think I would be better off buying a paseo as a donor car to begin with . I wasn't chasing silly power as I drive my GT (TD04) daily at times, but the additional torque would be nice in a street car I reccon.
  13. Awesome build. Going to be a weapon to say the least. How easy/hard was it to find a low mileage 5e block, and what sort of money do they go far these days? Pm me if its easier. Thanks
  14. Thread revival. @RobSR @motorsport-electronics Can either of you tell me which ports on the ecu, I need to run the 3 port boost solenoid wires to? Thanks
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