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  1. Your giving this car exactly what it needed dude, a refresh! Let me know how the map goes!
  2. Grab a club membership and create a for sale advert buddy! EP85s get snapped up!
  3. Rare to see with those decals down the side! Think there a rare factory option!
  4. Whenever you like! Its all sorted now, go here: https://www.ukstarletowners.com/subscriptions/
  5. Lovely to see someone caring for a UK EP! Usually JDM models only get the love! Why the sale?
  6. This is awesome. It looks like the boys at fensport did a great job! your username is broken now tho 😎
  7. Welcome back everyone! On a new, stable platform with a new Host. If you find any faults or errors, please be sure to let us know! Enjoy the forum, again
  8. What a lovely Glanza! Like the way your going with it! Keep us posted dude!
  9. BC Racing Coilovers In good condition. Bit Scabby from being used. Don't look seized up, I dont have any BC spanners to try them though! Want a good clean and lube! No knocks, rattles or leaks though! That's the main thing! £400 Posted ONO Based in Gainsborough, LincolnshireCash or PP or Bank Xfer.
  10. Genuine Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust System In good condition. Flexi has had a battering, but doesnt blow. Genuine JDM Part. £250 Posted ONO Based in Gainsborough, LincolnshireCash or PP or Bank Xfer.
  11. Genuine Blitz Nur-Spec Exhaust System In really good condition. No damage to the flex or boxes. Genuine Blitz. Not a JP or Japspeed copy! £300 Based in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire Cash or PP or Bank Xfer.
  12. Looks like a minter that dude! Keep it clean and rust free! Be worth a good few quid in the coming years!
  13. Cheers dude! Its a hoot! Its a 2.5" Exhaust with a 3" Tip. Its only a TD04 so.... Only been to blyton so far, who are on a flyby basis, tbh the screamer is louder and that hasn't changed so... Wouldn't be any different. Its Cadwell that does a static, so ill let you know! Cheers tho dude!
  14. My fastest lap at Blyton is here Tried to keep the lines as smooth as possible!
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