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  1. Looks sweet that dude! Get the rest of the glanza front end on it
  2. I ended up taking all 3x drivers out for some laps. One of them wants one now hahahaha.
  3. These cars punch above there weight haha. The Evos were a mix of between 340-440bhp. LOL
  4. Its all about the pad. Get the cheapest discs you can get. Get decent pads DS2500 or DS3000 are more then fine. You wont cook them on track. Altho this is on a GT Turbo with bigger brakes then you I would imagine!
  5. Great to see the lump in dude! Love the engine bay colour!
  6. Your giving this car exactly what it needed dude, a refresh! Let me know how the map goes!
  7. Grab a club membership and create a for sale advert buddy! EP85s get snapped up!
  8. Rare to see with those decals down the side! Think there a rare factory option!
  9. Whenever you like! Its all sorted now, go here: https://www.ukstarletowners.com/subscriptions/
  10. Lovely to see someone caring for a UK EP! Usually JDM models only get the love! Why the sale?
  11. This is awesome. It looks like the boys at fensport did a great job! your username is broken now tho 😎
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