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  1. This is lovely. What's even more impressive than the turbo and engine going in there will be your touches with technology. Look forward to seeing it setup and running Rob!
  2. Hi is there a way to get the stage 1 and 2 of t d04l guide thank you

  3. Nice work, look forward to seeing results
  4. So! I removed the G-Reddy E-Manage Blue Piggyback ECU and returned the wiring loom back to plug and play original. Then fitted an Apexi PowerFC Standalone ECU I had lying around. Basically for a bit of futureproofing. Combined with a Celica GT4 Map Sensor scaled properly. Should allow for some more boost in the future. Popped to see Ricky at Race-Tech who got me all sorted within a couple of hours. Car made too much power in the quarter mile setting at 270bhp. This poor stock 4E lol! Tee Hee! More to come!
  5. Its hard to put across performance on camera. Check out the video of me chasing two Evo's on track on my channel, that puts it into a bit more perspective. They certainly punch above there weight class that is for sure!
  6. Youtube lacks Starlet Content thats good so! Cheers dude. Yeh the car runs great and is smooth to drive. Very easy to drive at the limit. Stock 4E-FTE. Only change was ARP Headbolts. As I had an issue a few years back with it lifting the head on track. Ive been hitting on it though for well over.... 3-4 years. Hopefully all of them!
  7. Yeh man, Ricky at Race-Tech mapped it. I like his maps, really progressive and smooth. -------------------------------------------- Shot a POV video the other day. So if youve wondered what its like from the inside on the street, here you go!
  8. No messing around. Shell is looking bang tidy now! Roll on the boost, I look forward to seeing it at a cruise this year dude!
  9. Cheers dude! The AVCR will allow me to do boost by gear, and that is the idea! The car launches so well! You've got to go out in it to realise just how much traction it has got! Ill probably get a Draggy and see what happens see what times/speed she can do! Cheers lad! Big comment! ----------------------------------------------------- Little update. Wiring fault for the Climate Control is fixed. I now have fully functional Cold/Hot Air and Adjustable Fan Speed again! Yay! Throttle Cable is being made at the moment. Using a mixture of Racing Go-Kart and the original
  10. Happy to see it at your new home dude. Wheels look much better. Lil too gay stance for me, but its all good! Look forward to mapping update!
  11. Cant be many of these around these days! Like the colour alot, the work your doing is going to pay off for sure. Launch Videos plzplzplz
  12. It certainly will dude! Not yet, wana see what this one can do yet! There not expensive to build tbh. Id probably focus more on the head, so I can reallly rev it. Lets see what she will do first though. muahaha you and me both dude! ------------------- So, here is a bit more detail as its been a while. Walkaround of the cars current state: Its having a few odd bits finished off. New Throttle Cable (It snapped when I first got the car back and I then bodged it roadside and ran with it!) New Throttle Body Pulley (to lighten up the pedal)
  13. No worries dude! Solid dude. Literally ARP Headbolts to cope with the TD04 Hybrid. Haven't had a problem since. ----------- So, got my Carbon Bonnet on! Its even a Gi one too with no scoop! Perfect! Found it on ebay of all places, bargain too! Collected it fairly local! Fitted with brand new Aerocatch Extreme bonnet clips too! So it will allow me to remove all the original bonnet mechanism, latch, cable to save even more weight! The standard bonnet on these cars is ridiculously heavy, so this is over 25kg of weight saving alone! lockable version of course,
  14. I know mate. Think everyone else stripped their cars lol. Lucky to keep mine and had somewhere to store them Same here, stoked haha. Off she goes! Lets get some more boost!
  15. Well. Its been parked up since October 2016. I have now bought my house. So here comes the update everyone has been waiting for Its going back to Race-Tech Motorsport on Tuesday! Watch this space
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