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  1. Looks clean! Keep us updated!
  2. This is looking superb! People dont realise how small the 4e/5e engines are till you put them side by side with a B/K/2zz! It isnt a big bay. SPace will soon start to vanish! Conversion looks great Ash, Mounts look great, like it belongs which is the key! Hows the driveshaft angles? Sump/Ground Clearance? Keep us posted!
  3. Good to see its getting some protection! Exhaust looks great, get some videos posted!!
  4. Amazing how much time can be spent just cleaning properly. This needed a GOOD clean though by the looks of it, keep us posted!
  5. Emissions Wise the grey area is on this flowchart from the Gov. GT Turbos can get away with it because they are all pre 1995. They have NO UK Equivalent. So you have to run a Pre-CAT Test. Which you'll pass easy peasey. Glanza's though, your fucked. Go buy your tester a beer. As for the other danger. If the exhaust/screwed was level with the bonnet surface you might get away with it, if it sticks out though, id say your fucked, as its sharp/hot/dangerous to people. Comes down to the Police Officers choice imo, they wouldn't be happy with it I guarantee it!
  6. Hehe. Only a few: Unknown JDM Springs (Came from JDM with them on) Whiteline Front Camber Bolts Whiteline Front Anti-Roll Bar Whiteline Rear Anti-Roll Bar Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit SuperFlex Polybushed Front Lower Arms Yep, factory colour,
  7. Another Blyton Track Day! I reckon they should give me my own pit garage at this place! Benefits of living 5 mins from a track! Winner! No changes again, but because of good weather I finally ran high boost :D. Never ran high boost at blyton before, turns out it was needed too got into a race with some Evo's! hehe! The Evo guys didn't know what the hell the car even was. They werent happy when they learnt it was a 1.3 and only 230bhp though. Infact none of them believed me, ended up taking all of them on passenger rides, the jaws were on the floor. Amazing thing is, even where you would think the Evo's would win, Corner Exit, the ole EP was staying put. Good job it didn't rain though, or it'd have been a different story! The Evo 6 was 340bhp and the Evo 4 was 490bhp. hehe, such a hoot, and to top it all off, the boost being higher meant I brought my best time down too! 1:14:2. Ill take that Especially for what the car owes me!
  8. Sorry for the late update! COVID-19 time on my hands! I Took the car to a SPRINT EVENT! So, me and some mates decided to try Jav's Sprint Event Taster. To get a feel for how the day is ran, and have a dabble at going fast against the clock. Went into this having only ever done TOTB, which is sort of similar. Sprinting is tricky as you have to guess the grip levels quickly and you have no time to get any temperature in the rubber or brakes! Ontop of that, I am very familiar with Blyton's Outer Circuit, but NOT the Eastern Circuit. So here goes! Loved the event, they did a great job! My times came down over the day, getting faster every-time. Got within a couple of seconds of Mike & Marc in Civic Turbos with double the power so there are some teasing points. A lot of fun and might be something I look into doing sometime in the future! No changes were made to the car prior to the track days, other then servicing stuff. Still runs a champ!
  9. Arguably the BEST sounding exhaust for the Starlet Turbo. In great condition. Only removed due to moving to a front exit exhaust for lightness on my Track Car. Came on my car from Japan. £350 Collected? Located in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
  10. Facebook has just filtered out the loosers If you die hard, you still ere!
  11. Some serious coin going into this dude! Keep us all posted and I hope you get it fired up soon!
  12. Looks sweet that dude! Get the rest of the glanza front end on it
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