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  1. Yeah I've been following a few including yours as you provide alot of info, thank you 👍 But I'm trying to find out how some people get about with the knock sensor? Did you drill/tap out the block to fit it or is there another way round it? Thanks
  2. Looking for the stock ct9 manifold, turbo and downpipe. No cracks or leaks. Must be willing to post unless local to South Wales area. Thanks
  3. Preferably London/Essex/Kent area unless you can post - thanks
  4. Hi, I want to turbo my UK na starlet. I've been looking to do it for a while now and have seen mixed opinions on which setup you should use (depending on budget ofc). Is a td04 turbo better on a na starlet than a ct9 due to the higher compression? Not looking for huge gains, just a bit more poke with some reliability! - Also if anyone has a kit for sale let me know! Planning to use a det3 ECU along with other support mods (intake, exhaust etc). Any other info is appreciated! Thanks
  5. As titled need the end caps for my side skirts if anyone has any laying about? Preferably 040 white but not fussed Thank you
  6. Looking for the top clips for the glanza headlights, will buy with the adjusters! Or if anyone knows a supplier Thanks
  7. Hi mate have you still got the strut brace? Im located in Kent as well
  8. Hi mate I'm still after that front bumper, could you please drop me a pm Tia
  9. Hi mate, is the Glanza front bumper w/fogs still available? Tia
  10. Hi mate, I'm interested in the Varis rep front bumper. Just wondering where it's located? Tia
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