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  1. Hi mate, Sorry, this also went some time back! Thanks Nikhil
  2. Sorry man, engine was one of the first thing to get snapped up! Thanks Nikhil
  3. Hi mate, I am located in the Hertfordshire, Borehamwood area. I see your located in the Kent area, but depending where abouts in Kent I would assume about a 1 and a half hour to 2 hour trip I would say. Thanks Nikhil
  4. Hi guys, Updated with a few more parts... TRD Short Shifter with shifter extension, cables and Cruise Gear Knob Rep Cruise EP91 Fibreglass Wings Glanza Front Set of Drive Shafts Glanza Set of Wishbones Thanks Nikhil
  5. Hi mate, Will ping you now bud. Thanks Nikhil
  6. More parts added in, brand new ID1000cc injectors and polybushes. Thanks Nikhil
  7. Hi bud, Sorry but I will only be shipping in the UK due to the size and awkward shape of the bumper, plus the higher risk of it getting damaged by shipping that far. Thanks Nikhil
  8. Hi mate, Yep Side Skirts, End Cap and ECU are still here, I also have brand new ID Dynamics 1000cc injectors that I still need to list. Ping me a DM and we'll chat, tried to DM you but won't let me for some reason! Thanks Nikhil
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