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  1. Awesome video great edit 😎 Looks great fun
  2. Cheers Its tight pulley just fits already trial fitted it bit will need to either make it a rib less to allow for movement or relieve chassis leg slightly
  3. Bit more progress first mock up of supercharger to determine exact position and to trial fit to engine in car also
  4. More goodies arrived , engine is currently having crank assembly balanced . Also block has been bored to match pistons and surfaced. Head is currently with Liam at Lc_porting working his magic , who will also be doing porting of the inlet manifold.
  5. Nice Interesting build so far , loving the smoothed rocker cover 😎
  6. A bit more progress involving the machining of a new crank pulley , I decided to use a oe Toyota single rib crank pulley 13470-11030 as i have no power steering . Also this crank pulley has a 4 bolt fitting allowing me to utilise these for a custom pulley. Luckily I have good friends that own a machine shop . Who made a new crank pulley to my diameter after working out the size using a 95mm supercharger pulley. This should spin the charger at just below max input speed @ 7500rpm limit. There will be some cut outs machined into pulley at a later date before balancing
  7. Just the manifold to piece back together now after being tig welded from a friend that does all my tig welding
  8. Cheers The charger pulleys are sized to spin the charger just below it's maximum input speed at rev limit. Then there is an external 44mm wastegate welded to intercooler hot side , which I'm hoping to use to bleed off boost to desired level . Along with the possibility of boost by gear . Well that's the plan 😁
  9. Hopefully January A lot to come together before then , engine is getting machined just now . But waiting for new guides for head hopefully this week
  10. Yeah sure will There was a few reasons for the style of tracks I run 1. Response was key even tho the current setup was great and spooled quick , it used to drop off boost 1st to 2nd change 2. I found 64 ft times were hard to be consistent and was a battle between bogging down or lighting up in the dry let alone wet 3. Wet conditions were difficult to modulate wheel spin and supercharger should allow me to throw it up gears So hoping it sorts all of the above problems 😁
  11. Small part of the puzzle almost ticked off , involving the exhaust manifold . I wanted it to be larger than the current obx manifolds. So went about piecing one together after purchasing 1.75' mandrel bends for primarys and a 4 to 1 collector opening upto 2.5" Now I'm no expert at this but tried to keep them all pretty equal length
  12. Cheers For some reason the first few pages the pics have vanishedπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
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