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  1. Started back on this project again , managed to purchase original seats to replace the subaru wrx seats currently fitted. (These will be forsale on starlet runners ) They were a tad messy but woolite and a power washer brought them up amazingly 🙂
  2. It's a wastegate but I'm mounting it on the inlet instead of exhaust . To bleed off boost instead of exhaust gases if that makes sense
  3. Cheers Ah nice give me a msg if you still need info
  4. Cheers I would need to check price of cams , not cheap went for Ivan Tighe cams. 254 duration basically almost the same as 5efhe just slightly more lift and duration.
  5. Thanks It's pretty random to be honest , it's a 1.2 seat ibiza radiator setup . I would have a part number somewhere if needed. The oil cooler is actually for the supercharger oil system and doesn't need a thermostatic plate
  6. Amazing the time it takes to mount an oil cooler 😆 But finally supercharger oil cooler mounted along with radiator and new removable slam panel
  7. I'm not sure to be honest I see what your saying but I'm hoping it works the same as I'm basically only using it to introduce a controlled boost leak . So to be able to control what boost I'm wanting to run. There will be a dump valve other side of throttle body to bypass at idle Kind of makes sense to me I think lol
  8. BMW intercooler mounted ✅ After lots of thinking , managed to get it fitted with as short a route on hotside as possible. This was mounted on thin wall tube and hung off rubber bobings. Then a lick of black to stealth it up
  9. Purchased a new forge 44mm external wastegate for a bargain price , that should hopefully do for bleeding off boost. So boost pressures can be controlled via ecu😁 Kind of found a space on inlet I can mount it as wasnt keen mounting it on boost pipes. As it weighs a ton , but this lead to having to now make a remote reservoir for brakes. To give clearance for wastegate🤦‍♂️
  10. Yeah these were all ordered from toyota uk , took afew days to arrive but have found the front panels are discontinued also . So having to get a front cut off someone local to use
  11. Bought a new front bumper, crash bar , bumper mounts and wing all genuine toyota
  12. Some pics of how the supercharger mounting fits along with the tensioner Pretty tight but it all fits , took abit of sussing out but hopefully it all works. Decided to use a landrover belt tensioner along with a slotted hole where it mounts. Which will hopefully allow me to keep the tension correct once the belts stretch / wear
  13. Old and new intercooler setup Almost 5kg saving
  14. Stripped off the lower arm and fitted one of my spares , then chucked the spare wheel on and fitted an old tyre to one of the flat rear tyres. So it was mobile again Decided to remove the front bumper and radiator to asses the damage properly Thankfully the lower wishbone mounting points are ok . Lower crossmember , slam panel and crash bar have taken the brunt . Will get it to a local body shop to tweak chassis legs before removing damaged panels. Not to bad at all to be honest Also discovered that at some point someone had fitted an oem lsd box which was a pleasent
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