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  1. Your not wrong ! Looks sweet 😎 nice job
  2. Yeah they are regulated by the MSA. I'm in Saloon cars 1400cc to 2000cc class
  3. Small modification before the next race this weekend . Involved changing out the adjustable height steering column to a fixed column. As at some of the events i found the column liked to loosen and move up and down after some spirited runs , leaving me constantly check lever was in the locked position not ideal. So found standard starlet column is a direct fit and I think slightly lighter too win win
  4. I've just fitted a custom rear arb can't report back on handling till after my next race. But in should help a lot from what I've heard
  5. Wow !!!!!! Great build just read from the start Well done keep the updates coming I had little pockets machined into rocker cover then bosses located into them and welded up prob a bit ott
  6. Well mid season upgrades before the next raceπŸ’ͺ After a bit of research with the rear Anti rollbars avaliable for the starlet nothing really seemed to fit my OCD Not saying there's anything wrong with the avaliable kits but didn't fit exactly what I wanted. As I wanted adjustable positions (for wet/dry settings) and and a hollow ARB (For weight) So set about looking for something I could adapt from another car. Then as it happens my main competition (clio's) had the ideal setup with a tweak. From a company called Pure motorsport a well known Renault motorsport parts supplier . So after measuring the auldmans one he had fitted I took the plunge and ordered a clio part to fit my Toyota to try and beat clio's πŸ™ˆ After some tweaking , machining we have a new custom rear arb hope it helps
  7. A few small mods before next race involved a higher pressure radiator cap and larger expansion tank. To try to stop it spitting out coolant after a hard run. Next event involved a trip further north to golspie in the highlands Always a great track which involved 2 different track layouts changing from Saturday to Sunday's race. Usual class entry mostly clios but a few others inc a well specced Honda ep3 on itb Good entry in class of 10 again so plenty to battle with. Usually I would be battling my Auldman in his clio too , however he had gearbox issues. Leaving me to offer him a double drive in my car 😁 So the starlet would be getting twice the abuse over the weekend. Saturday was dry thankfully and car seemed pretty planted but a bit understeery. Throughout the day we played with damper settings and tyre pressures and dialled out a lot of understeer . Resulting in the Auldman pipping me to 2nd leaving me in 3rd but hey I'll take that. Sunday was a different story soaking wet leaving interesting conditions. After our first runs we pushed more with our second runs , me possibly too much resulting with a trip into the grass and tyres leaving my braking slightly too late but no damage apart from a timing strut. Ending the day trying to rebuild my confidence ending up 4th missing 3rd place by 9 hundredths of a second. But on a plus note the Auldman took the starlets first win by almost half a second So ending the weekend with a 1st 2nd and 3rd trophy It did show up that rear arb required before next race which is the end of June
  8. Clutch noise sounds like a proper race car now 😎 You must be better than me at sticking on reflective tape , can I get it to stick
  9. Surrounded by my main competition itb clio's 😁 It's one of my local hillclimbs and with 10 in my class a good battle was to be had. It was a 2 day event over Saturday and Sunday. It was challenging on the Saturday due to it raining all day and found it hard to stop wheel spin but was learning each run resulting in 4th in class Sunday proved to be completely different with sunshine and a drying track . Track improved all day leaving the last run the one that would count . Resulting with the starlets first ever trophy and me very pleased with 2nd in class of the 10
  10. Well update time!!! Been a while so long overdue an update , the cars been tucked up all winter with no gearbox fitted due to other commitments. However car was dragged out beginning of May and set about fitting gearbox with plate diff in preparation for it's first hillclimb in May. After a hectic couple of weeks I had a working car with new mot and tax. Sent away for my new msa licence and all was go 😎 What a difference with the plate diff compared to the Atb diff previously fitted! New Extreme tyres probably helped a lot from the 2 year old tyres I had previously used
  11. This is looking pretty sweet now , nice work wheels suit it Keep the pics and updates coming
  12. Winter upgrades in progress Gearbox casing was blasted via tiny ball bearings after I had spent 4hrs cleaning all the grime off it. It's being rebuilt with new Kaaz plate diff and new synchros along with new bolts for casing etc as my OCD kicked in lol These will be a spare set of front wheels a bit heavy but swapped for other old wheels I had
  13. Last race of the season has been and gone so long overdue update required Last race was a sprint local to myself using a go kart track which is one of my favourites It was a good track to get a feel for the new spring setup and extra power with the new turbo . It was a 2 day event and my main competition was the usual clan of clios in our class The car went well over both days but was mainly struggling with wheel spin as the quaife diff was struggling with the twisty infield . But in general the car went fautlessly apart from lack of grip It was pretty neutral handling wise but tended to nicely oversteer with a slight lift off and drove nicely on the throttle. I left with a 5th out of 14 on the Saturday and claimed 4th of 13 on the Sunday just out of the trophys and finished with a spin in torrential rain on the final run. But loved every minute and starting to get a feel of the handling. I've left with a list for winter upgrades Pic of me trying to hard
  14. I've done another 2 races since last post including a few more issues mainly gearbox woes due to using unknown condition old boxes
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