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  1. First little bit of track at castle Combe spring action day
  2. Trd anti roll bar and found a picture of the stock motor with tongs ct9
  3. Arch loving, arms and hubs power coated. and even managed to fit the k sports with no spacers under 15inch wheels
  4. After a drivers oem wind deflector if anyone has one or a set laying about?
  5. Full haltech ecu and dash racing Circuits wire loom few more little things left then time to book mapping
  6. The cars currently at racing Circuits having a full loom made and heltech ecu and Digi dash fitted
  7. Manage to mount the engine quite high, so sump sits around same as a 4e, abit of exhaust modifications to fit around gear linkage but pretty straight forward. Drive shafts are equal lengths both sides and sit flat at the current ride height.
  8. Whilst the motor was out of the car it’s been painted, new sump, seals, belts etc and then fitted
  9. 4e/5e parts are just getting harder and harder to find as most parts are discontinued, with the Honda stuff I can still get everything oem and new. flat floor is to future proof an idea I have
  10. Power wise will be a healthy 350 and not bad
  11. Interior and bay smoothed and ready for installation also a happy doge
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