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  1. Rad has arrived, welded up, was made it 30mm taller than what it needs to be so grill needs trimming and I’m probs gonna burn my fingers off trying to open bonnet 🤣🙄 but we move on. Can’t see her overheating anytime soon 😎
  2. 3” from turbo back mate. I already have a custom made downpipe and back box just need a mid section to button it up.
  3. Been tinkering steady away, wire wheeling a few spots underneath and treating what I’ve missed then a quick brush of hammerite white. TD 320lph fuel pump fitted to the tank. Fuel tank plumbed up and back on. Got my rear axle back on and fitted. IDworkz rear brake setup fitted. Whiteline Panhard rod fitted. IDworkz full poly bush kit fitted. HEL braided brake lines front and rear. Fitted a battery up just to crank the motor over to check for oil pressure. Now the car has gone away for rad and exhaust. Felt strange se
  4. Wilwood BBK test fitted, coming together now glad they clear the advans lol
  5. New axle acquired which has now gone for a quick blast and lick of paint. also got my tyres fitted and I cannot get over these😍 absolutely stunning so happy to have got hold of a genuine set.
  6. So doing rear wheel bearings in preparation for new rear brakes and came across the absolute monstrosity 😡🙄 fair to say rear axle off in the bin Don’t know how one could be so lazy and in turn ruin the axle. So if anyone has one please hit me up! in better news tyres turned up for the advans! decided on NS-2R seeing as they don’t make proper AD08R anymore, I would’ve liked r888r or ar-1 but I don’t think I’ll be on track enough to warrant these. So for about £250 odd I cannot complain 👍🏼.
  7. Hi all, having problems regarding sump, oil pickup and dipstick on my 5efe bottom end. my dipstick is from a 4e, my sump and pickup are from a 4e but for some reason my dipstick is hitting the sump baffle before seating properly. Really odd one, I believe my sump and pickup is from a glanza. And my dipstick from a GT. Any advice ?
  8. Cheers matey, I can’t wait to get it back out cruising and going to meets. it’s been so long and I’m starting to miss it more than ever now. Good to see the 2zz glanza being revived also, looking forward to seeing what’s in store for it soon!
  9. Rear brake setup from ID workz, fronts on the way👀
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