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  1. hi guys getting irregular fuel pressure readings on idle, fitted brand new sytec adjustable fpr and brand new 340lph pump from TD, car has ID 1050cc injectors and is on a haltech ecu. fpr set to 2.3 bar and one minute it reads 3bar next can be reading 1bar. sometimes car wont even start. anybody had anything similar? cheers
  2. Cheers bud, I’ll get sommet sorted. Thankyou 👍🏼
  3. Cheers mate I’ve even been told to just spot weld the banjo bolt sealed, then drill a 1.5mm hole in it as it could have the same effect. don’t suppose you had any smoke prior to attempting this did you? Did doing this make any noticeable difference ? Cheers
  4. Hi guys, sorry if this has been covered before but I’ve got a GReddy TD05 18g, Recently started my fresh 5e build with this turbo fitted that’s just been rebuilt by midland turbo. upon startup there is a constant stream of white smoke, led me to believe headgasket but compression test results come back bang on and now the mapper is pointing to the turbo which makes sense as the white smoke does smell strongly of oil. now I’m getting mixed answers. some telling me that journal bearing turbos do not need restrictors what so ever, some may need one, some come with t
  5. Thankyou mate it was, teething problems means unfortunately she didn’t run for very long but we will get there
  6. BIG UPDATE SHE RUNS! IMG_1975.MP4 Absolutely over the moon, for the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been stuck with not getting a spark, trying various dizzy’s and different dizzy wire layouts I could never get spark, a good crank signal and a good cam signal all at once. Crank signal was good from the start, cam sensor was too intermittent, and I’d only get a spark by spinning the dizzy by hand 🤨. after countless hours with Rob from racecal on the laptop via teamviewer we never made proper progress. And with changing the dizzy that many times I broke the plug. So it was call
  7. It’s going to racecal mate don’t think I’d go elsewhere now.
  8. Still here chipping away, cars had lots of wiring done, ecu can now be read on the laptop and the car turns over and builds oil pressure relatively quick🤞🏽. All it needs is tps adjusting and a quick double check then she’ll run. Managed to hook the hosepipe up to pressure test coolant system, leaked like a sieve at first but managed to stop them. Left to run for 2 hours under quite a substantial amount of pressure and not a drop leaked🤣 ghetto but works. Also got a pillar pod with a wideband, oil pressure and oil temp. and another setback was car needed new win
  9. Haha cheers bud, ye I want to see how many starlets we can actually get out at once!
  10. So buzzing for you josh, and I can vouch for this car she’s a ripper. 300hp in low boost is enough let alone when she hooks at 370! Absolute animal.
  11. The old girls home😁 and we’re straight on with wiring, got @wakeabby14helping me (doing most🤣) with the wiring, few more sensors to order what I’ve missed then she’ll be ready to rumble very soon 😎 the end is in sight now boys.
  12. Rad has arrived, welded up, was made it 30mm taller than what it needs to be so grill needs trimming and I’m probs gonna burn my fingers off trying to open bonnet 🤣🙄 but we move on. Can’t see her overheating anytime soon 😎
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