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  1. Mate it really does feel good actually, I have taken the stock bumper off as I will not cut it under any circumstances, but I have bought one already cut which will be fitted depending on which cooler I run, will keep you all updated
  2. Mate I can’t tell you how much fun I had in it when it was standard, for 130hp it used to gap most things up to 200hp, i actually put it up for sale about a year ago and nobody bought and mate I can’t tell you how glad I am now I’ve kept it, I wish I kept it stock as it was such a nice yolk but I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore, it’s a real head turner and it seems everyone appreciates them, I got it on 100k which was a mix so probably about 85k miles with what you said regarding mileage, I bought it from chestershire on March 4th 2018 and I don’t intend on it going anywhere else anytime soon, pics would be amazing but due to your situation I wouldn’t really worry haha. Will keep you all updated.
  3. Hi mate, Wow can’t believe I’ve jus read that, seemed nobody knew anything about this car so it’s nice to hear! Can you give me a bit of a rundown on the car as I know 0 history. When did it come in the country and has it always been standard etc? Any old pics I would love to see! Thanks for getting in touch.
  4. Just a bit of a street weapon really, when it’s nice weather I’m always out in my car, spent all this summer in a diesel bmw which was nice and comfy, but just not me really, so looking forward to getting back in a 90’s hot hatch and just blasting it everywhere 😁, depending on how laggy it is once mapped I will probably do a few track days at cadwell and Blyton also!
  5. Depends what you’re after, them ep3’s with a few bolt ons are quite pokey and going up in value fast, would probably still rinse a mk5 gti even with a map. you say you’ve had a starlet before, can you see yourself in one again? If so then get another!
  6. I have a j performance intercooler, just can’t seem to get it to sit right behind a stock bumper without rubbing.
  7. Thankyou mate, unfortunately it will be running a cut bumper when it’s done due to how the front mount intercooler fit, but I haven’t butchered mine up :), I was lucky enough to find another one in white already cut for a intercooler so it saved my bumper.
  8. 4-3-2018 Here she is, my 1992 MK2 GT TURBO. bought completely standard, barring shocks wheels and a catback. ran it for a year just pottering around and enjoying it, couldn’t believe how pokey it was for 130hp. Then took it off the road for winter and it was then I decided to build it, (forging etc.) managed to pick up a bare 5e block with some rare 5efhe cams! TURBO/KIT managed to get a wepr top mount kit ordered from Sacha, found 2 knackered td04’s and sent them off to midland turbo to make 1 good one (hybrid billet etc) (I will now be running a GReddy TD05 18g, see further down for info) I was going to do the generic ‘td04, Forged, emanage blue’ build, which seems to be all starlets are nowadays. Not that i have a problem with this, just spending that bit extra can transform the car IMO. The more I got into it, and the more research I did, the more I’ve been changing parts, Ive now got my heart set on a link monsoon, possibly going Coil On Plug, Scrapped my old exhaust to have a true 3" turbo back to make good power. Just things like this makes a starlet stand out. Bought PEC rods, Wiseco pistons from the states, and everything else needed for the engine to run the power I want,ACL bearings, arp bolts, Stage 4.5 Competition Clutch, ID-Workz 5E Lightened Conversion Flywheel, and a Fensport Lightweight Crank pulley. . Sent everything off to Stanwood engineering in Doncaster to get everything machined and assembled as well as the whole rotating assembly balanced, and the block notched to suit the pec rods. 30-10-2019 Engine and all other parts have returned from the engine builders! Time to crack on, although im in no rush. Now ive put a deposit on a genuine GReddy TD05-18g off Martin brown which made 404hp! Been recently rebuilt with and fiddled by turbo dynamics, billet wheel the lot, so the turbos an absolute belter! At the time of making this post,(08/11/19) this is where my car currently is; 9-10th November 2019, Weekend update So after getting my engine back last week Ive made some nice progress over the weekend, Got the bottom end ready for the head to go on, Fit headgasket, apply head, remove cams. torque head on, torque cams and cam caps on. Fit oil pump & Water pump, then apply cambelt. Then after many attempts i got the engine timed up correctly. Last but not least; THE SNAIL HAS ARRIVED! Super happy with the turbo, Like new. Here are the pics of where im currently upto with the engine Towards the end of the evening we had gotten all the hard stuff out the way (timing mainly), I thought had have a quick look at how the turbos going to sit, fair to say it looks amazing and it motivates me to finish it more and more so I can make some booooost! The last hurdle for the turbo now is the manifold flange doesnt fit, ( I did take this into account when buying but spoke to several exhaust companies who have confirmed they're able to change the flange on the manifold for me). To say I had only a bottom end assembled just the other day, I feel like the motor is ready to go back in the car and the key turning, which would be nice but in reality I'm a long way off. I still need; Exhaust (downpipe also), Engine mounts, Power steering blanking off, Inlet manifold cleaning and painting, AN Fittings welding to the rocker cover, External Wastegate, oil filter/oil cooler setup, a few intercooler pipes making. The list goes on haha, and the car only gets worked on at the weekend so...
  9. Hi all I’ve got a near standard ep82 in white and looking at changing it up a bit. I was just wondering if anybody’s got any cool/rare body parts, for example a toms front bumper or a live sports spoiler etc etc. Any goodies appreciated. Thanks
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