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  1. Orrrr I didn’t read it properly lol. You may need a resistor to use the led lights.
  2. Nice to see the forum living on a bit any chance of selling me that steering wheel haha? enjoy the car
  3. Piggyback are old and dated. Engine management can’t change the whole car so much more responsive with standalone. Stick out the extra few quid it’s worth it. @RobSR can supply and/or fit/map Haltech, link, syvecs and other ecus.
  4. You can convert the stock dizzy to 12-1. And remove the cam signal. And/or try replacing the dizzy cable with a shielded wire earthed only at the ecu end. Give me a message if you want any help
  5. Does sounds like grounds issue. Have you got to the end of it yet?
  6. I love these soooo much im hoping to buy one in a couple of years once its downs sub 20k
  7. Directly off Motorsport electronics dude, £695
  8. Direct fitment bud, connectors are not the same, i crimped new connectors in, you can get adaptors if you dont want to do that so can be plug and play
  9. i also sprayed the inlet manifold to VHT black. came out well
  10. So head has come back from engine builders, fully reconditioned. heads now back on with a new gasket n torqued down. just need to get it timed back up then get the rest of it back together
  11. More work, suspect failing head gasket so now we are here
  12. Yeah done the usual checks like. Think it’s just there base map, couple lads had same sorta problem.
  13. Yep, its a big struggle these days. I know fiske can supply reps or there doing there last round of reps. just keep an eye out on Facebook thats your best bet in all these groups, EP82 parts are really rare these days.
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