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  1. i also sprayed the inlet manifold to VHT black. came out well
  2. So head has come back from engine builders, fully reconditioned. heads now back on with a new gasket n torqued down. just need to get it timed back up then get the rest of it back together
  3. More work, suspect failing head gasket so now we are here
  4. Yeah done the usual checks like. Think it’s just there base map, couple lads had same sorta problem.
  5. Yep, its a big struggle these days. I know fiske can supply reps or there doing there last round of reps. just keep an eye out on Facebook thats your best bet in all these groups, EP82 parts are really rare these days.
  6. Little purchase over the weekend cause I couldn’t resist. IDworkz livesport rep and 4efte head bolts kit it was cheapppp so it had to be done.
  7. Unreal, dont think ive seen one this well built before 😃
  8. Doesnt let me message you mate , yeah its the base map seems like theres a common issue within the map somewhere
  9. For anyone information, i went with bosch ev14 620cc from CP fuels. Was about £250 and even came with the offsets. I replugged the factory harness
  10. What do you mean checked your first tooth mate? Stuggling to work out what it is atm. thought it might be map? It’s not loosing sync. I am also using the Dizzy.
  11. Sound anything like this🤣 IMG_7328.MP4
  12. As of now, it’s been easy to install and set up no issues at all. I believe it’s actually a BMW tps but I’m not 100% I could be totally wrong. So don’t quote me but yeah so far so good. I spoke to my mapper and he said they have worked fine for fair few for him.
  13. Previously was it misfiring? And when?
  14. Yeah bud so I made my own harness. You want a 4<1 splice for your switches 12v and 4<1 for the ground. I then did a 2<1 splice for cycl 1&4 and 2&3 (wasted spark). The two signal cables went out on pin 22 and 18. The 12v was used from pin 1 on coil pack and grounded to the engine. IMG_7325.MP4
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