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  1. Has anyone else had issues with the fitment of this exhaust most of my problems seam to stem from the back box. banging on the centre of the car on the bend and the tip sitting 20mm inwards towards the front of the car! Mikes not exactly being helpful dispite me going out my way to put the car up on a ramp to show him fitment and even going as far as offering to measure each section all I’ve really had so far is “These are all made in jigs so we don't get discrepancies you see.” ive even said I’ll take it to a local exhaust place to have it sorted under warranty but again it’s ju
  2. Can anyone tell me the gap between the sensor pick ups on the rotor gear. Stupidly I had to extract and rounded off screw and managed to push the rotor gear into the pickups causing a code 12/13 I’ve move it out and now it runs again but if I plant it the eml flashes on then off
  3. Thanks for the reply today I went though everything checked distributor plug wire to ecu all fine then I checked the power going to the coil 12v switched on one pin then 18v on the other while cranking it doesn’t have any spark so it must of been a very weak one I see last night I’ve ordered a new coil I checked and cleaned grounds on the coil and bracket still a bit stumped why’s it’s saying code 12 for a coil not making spark
  4. ive got a problem with my glanza i changed the ignition parts today with a kit from tuning developments after i put everything back together i went to start and it turned over about 3 times then just gave up turned key off then on again and it fired up but with the eml on as i came to a stop round the corner from my house it went off then as soon as i pulled off it came back on again i checked the codes and got code 12 (RPM Signal No G or NE signal present for 2 seconds during cranking Open G circuit Open, short in G or NE circuit) so i checked all the plugs again and still had the same probl
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