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  1. If you’ve gone standalone, use that to control the boost not the GFB, it’ll be considerably better and safer.
  2. Cam selection and headwork, look at stock graphs and its terrible from 5k. This car just about holds on unitl 7k on the torque before it starts to fall off. Was as good as i could get it. I think there is more improvement possible with more work. This is stock valve, Tighe 272 (the over shim ones so not the big lift set) and a ported head. Here's a wider shot of a log, this is with ECP etc added too. Do love the Syvecs when combined with a 4-port too, Lambda error is 0.02 and MAP error 1mbar at that point but usually not over 10mbar.
  3. Oh I’ll post it again uncropped lol, nothing to hide, just didn’t think it was relevant as it was a ramp run on the dyno! On phone atm so will do tomoz
  4. Hard to see from the scale as your haven't done a reference from the start of the shift, but looks like 0.5 sec from the screenshot! Be good to have the data to look in i2 properly! Its customer car, he is fitting it but any advice would be appreciated if youve had to tweak things.
  5. It is at the bottom, but its cropped out from the screensnip. This was a dyno pull anyway. You need to get your flatshift setup 😉 The car i posted the log from is having a quaife fitted soon so ill get some more pics/vids up.
  6. Here is the screenshot. This is close to the 5.5bar at 8k+ figure. Probs dont wont to go much further. As a loose rule of thumb you want 10 psi per 1k rpm, so 80 psi at 8k which we are just about at This is stock pump, no special work done to it at all.
  7. I’ll post a screenshot of EOP when I’m on laptop again tomoz on the 460bhp car i did. From memory EOP was v similar at around 5.5 bar at 8.5k, I was also logging ECP too which didn’t move the whole run.
  8. Without filling up Josh’s thread much more..(Sorry Josh) was it a chap called Chris Bover Ireland? He was Manchester..
  9. Cool, I’ll wait to see them. Who was the previous owner?
  10. Can you share where the results to this test are and who did it? I’d be interested to compare this to the data I’ve got off the dyno. I don’t think taggy’s problem was the water pump..plus he wasn’t high power all things considered
  11. I honestly cant remember, i dont believe it did from memory, you just had a bit of a 'hump' in the boot carpet
  12. Yes mine had a full size spare
  13. As Patches said, absolutely no reason to fit larger injectors than 4efte ones or an adjustable FPR on a 4efe-t or even 4efte for that matter if running a Ct9. They run pig rich as standard with the original 295cc injector, going larger is not going to help at all. Reading plugs is not an accurate way of adjusting fuelling considering the tools you have available to yourself today. The stock lambda is a narrowband, i.e the voltage output is minimal (1000mv) across the whole range, the swing from rich to lean has no resolution at all. So if you want to setup your fuelling, you need to purchase a wideband. If youre just running a Ct9 (or will be) use stock FPR, stock 295cc injector, stock ecu and you will be fine.
  14. I can supply them as I did Josh’s harness. Drop me a PM or you can email me on sales@racecal.co.uk Cheers
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