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  1. You’ll do 280 on a TD04 on a 5e, so you can have the power you want and the spool of a TD04
  2. You’d hear it if it was; it could be that if your original turbo had an internal Wastegate that had been welded/held closed for use with the external one this could have come undone.
  3. Are you running an external Wastegate?
  4. Checked all your intercooler pipes are still together and no noses have split?
  5. Yup that’s a good way of doing it, I was assuming you’d be doing something along the lines of that
  6. Sounds good. What is your plan for controlling the supercharger? Fixed boost based on pulley size, or will you be adding a bypass to regulate boost to your desired target?
  7. When is the target to have it running and tuned?
  8. Looking forward to seeing the results
  9. Larger at the front to aid traction with it staying fwd. The rear is then down to a 16 with a different sized tyre to keep the rolling radius front to back the same
  10. Yes that looks correct from memory as I don’t have one in front of me at the moment. You can remove the Tacho assembly and do it on the bench You then join the ecu to the IG- pin on the cluster
  11. Bypass the resistor on the IG- circuit
  12. Yes for circuit/time attack use. They are 17x9 on the front with a 16x8 on the back
  13. The only other thing it’s worth checking is your coolant temp sensor. The ecu will use this to calculate fuel delivery for cold and hot starts etc. Cheap part to change. As long as your fpr holds atleast 2.3 bar when the pump primes and the engine is cranking it won’t be that causing problems. Do coolant temp sensor next and see if that helps.
  14. What ECU and injectors etc is the car running? Aeromotive FPR's don't have a check valve from memory so don't hold pressure when the engine is switched off like others do for 30 mins or so
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