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  1. RobSR

    Auto throttle body

    Think i may have one but the wax stat part has been blanked off/removed
  2. Yup agreed, not that many people stick to one tuner in the starlet world though, and its usually, get the ecu, then try and find a tuner...Not the best way as you say!
  3. I don’t do emanage unfortunately but you can try Devil Developments. Lee is a good tuner and has done them before I believe
  4. Best option, im happy to take a look. Id recommend moving the IAT to just infront of the throttle body to the intercooler pipe if it isnt already. This will reduce the heatsoak, and provide a more accurate reading.
  5. Could be a lot of things, worn pump, worn bearings, oil type etc. How many miles are on the engine? May be worth refreshing now before it fails and causes a lot more damage.
  6. The thing is, without knowing the temp, we cant tell you if its high or not? If you're using the stock IAT, its mounted in the intake manifold and gets affected by heatsoak badly. So if you did a run with tape, waited, then removed it, it may appear lower, but its because the sensor wouldn't have been as heat soaked. It looks like you're running COP ignition in your picture so its going to be on a standalone ecu; can you post the log?
  7. What intake temps? Where is the IAT mounted? What boost? What intercooler? Lots of variables, let us know and we can advise.
  8. 1 bar on idle is a tad low, ideally it’s 1.5 bar. Loose rule of thumb is then 10psi (0.6bar) gain per 1000 rpm.
  9. Where/when did you messaged him? Email, Facebook etc? Feel free to message me if you need help.
  10. Custom removable T45 rear subframe for the IRS setup we are doing 😊
  11. Have you tried what I said above? It’s going to be one of those items as they’re the only things on the circuit
  12. Not at the moment no; the GB that Tristan is organising is for the Cruise design but in an '82 bonnet as that was the most requested.
  13. Seems to be working quite well at 5 deg, you wont be able to get that on stock setup though, we've had to do some tweaking.
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