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  1. The turbosmart Compgate 40 also fits the same flange, usually cheaper (and better) too if you can’t find a Tial one.
  2. There is not a PnP solution as such. Fiske are doing an inlet currently to suit a Bosch Motorsport 74mm DBW but this may be too big for most setups. The pedal was easy as its got a Tilton pedal box, so again you’d need to mod an OE pedal to fit. It’s all fairly simple to do but you’ll mostly have to piece the parts together yourself.
  3. Would like to see the results, As well as the water pressure testing you mentioned months ago.. not seen them yet....?
  4. No valves are not the same
  5. Just realised you emailed me a while back so you have the price
  6. I can supply you new if you can’t find a used one. I did a starlet loom for a Link storm just yesterday !
  7. Ah that’s a shame, as If you could see the boost curve off the dyno; you’d be able to see where you can make some improvements with electronic boost control.
  8. I would personally yes, main reason being to improve spool for you. Did TD give you another graph with the boost plot on?
  9. Nice updates Was there a reason for not using any electronically controlled boost control? You could improve the response, control and safety if so 👍
  10. RobSR

    Battery Problems

    Have you confirmed the alternator is charging?
  11. Replace the wiring and use shielded cable
  12. Can you change the bandpass filter?
  13. All explained here Check your base timing too. If you’re still struggling you could take the car to Perfect Touch in Enfield. My company is based in their workshop so can get it sorted with them.
  14. You’ve said you’ve cleaned the plugs, but have you confirmed they’re sparking when cranking? Its usually timing related if you have fuel and spark. Any fault codes from the EML?
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