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  1. I’ve never had an issue with getting bits from Mike but it does seem other people have unfortunately. We produce a 3” exhaust dyno proven to 460bhp if you’re after another option 😊
  2. Depends on your budget really. Pectel, Syvecs and Life Racing have the best boost control and knock control. Link are popular and cheaper, whilst having lots of features; their control strategies are limited to getting it perfect.
  3. GT28R is a 2860 no? A good standalone will help a lot as you have full closed loop control of the boost control system. Get the right one and you can adjust your PID terms relative to your target delta both on the negative and positive side. That’s the key to good boost control, or any closed loop control loop that said.
  4. Should be pretty nice. Not tuned one of those turbos, but can get GT28's to 1.6ish bar by around 4.5k so you should be there or there abouts on a '25 with a competent calibrator and ecu.
  5. HI there, If you list the full spec it would be helpful. You say fairly standard so i would guess its on a CT9 still? Does it have an adjustable actuator? If this is set incorrectly it can cause low down lag. Check the other basics, boost leaks, exhaust leaks etc etc.
  6. How have you wired it in? Stock TPS doesnt use a 5v Ref, where as the Auto one does, so if youve not added that it it wont work.
  7. Sounds like a miss, so check the basics first, i.e ignition system. What management is the car running too? When did the problem start occurring? Did you change anything from when it was ok, or did it start happening randomly?
  8. Ah ok yes, that will be your problem, you need to wire it directly to the clocks as they are feed from the Coil, then bypass the resistor. When you get the clocks out its quite easy to see/do.
  9. It’s now back on the road, I mapped it for Martin the other week, made 408bhp
  10. As said you need to use the flywheel they supply. It wont fit with a different flywheel. I have a 309D going in my new engine - itll end up at over 460bhp / 340ftlb so ill let you know how it goes on the single plate 309D. The car running 461bhp/345ftlb was on a Giken Twin Plate so was naturally going to be fine.
  11. Just put a multimeter directly on the fuel pump connector, check it at the final destination and work back if no voltage
  12. Personally I wouldn’t skimp on a map sensor as it’s one of your main control sensors. Expect to pay £80-£120 for a good one.
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