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  1. Steering column being made, im adding in a steering angle sensor too. Will be used for driver and chassis development as well as in the traction control strategy
  2. I guess you have not seen this? http://www.s314kba.co.uk/leaderboard/ Hasn’t been updated in ages however.
  3. Just FYI your EBC won’t be able to stop boost creep. If it’s running into fuel cut without an EBC, you’ll still have the same problem. They can only raise boost from base, they can’t lower it..
  4. Hi mate, The rev counters are driven off the negative side of the coil on the Glanza. On the back of your clocks you will see IG- marked. You should be able to trace them both, from memory on a UK/Euro n/a it’s on Plug A, Pin 6 (Black-grey colour) On Glanza it’s Plug A, Pin 9 it needs to go too. I’d imagine yours will be different, but the circuits are marked on the cluster so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.
  5. That they do! Engine is nearly ready however, just finishing the head which has been a bit of a challenge with the valves/cams.
  6. Thanks mate, getting there! Engine to finish, suspension, brakes, wiring loom next 😅 never ending, but it’ll be done!
  7. All the best with the open day! You should post the builds on here, always good to see what people are doing 😊
  8. ATL fuel cell box going in. Just finishing steering column now and mounting steering angle sensor etc. More pics to follow!
  9. RobSR

    New GR Yaris

    It’s a homologation special for WRC hence it being 4wd. Thats the beauty when you’re Toyota, you can build a road for how you want the base of your WRC car. Something Ford etc no longer do. I think it looks awesome, looking forward to seeing it on test!
  10. Best of luck with whatever setup you decide on. Look forward to seeing the results.
  11. Using an ALS valve is the proper way of doing it, however it can be done with no additional hardware through ignition retard, ignition cuts and fuel cuts also for heat management. Just be careful if you use the true valve route as it can be quite aggressive on valve train, turbo, exhaust manifold etc.
  12. If that’s the power goal you’re after, I think your best bet would actually just be a CT9 hybrid (you should be able to pick one up pretty cheap) or a Mhi/ihi TF035 which is also a cost effective turbo. Both those will produce the power you want in the rev range you want. Yes final drive / gear does help with economy, however a lot of the improvements can be made when mapping the engine. On ECU’s that can hold multiple maps I always add a ‘lean cruise’ one so customer can get a few extra mpg’S on the motorway.
  13. No as the 4efte ecu is expecting a 24 tooth pulse for crank, then the 4efte dizzy has another trigger wheel in which is the single cam pulse used for 720 sync.
  14. Yes we do, we only list a 272 ‘over shim’ online, however we offer various durations, with varying lift. We run a slightly different cam in our new development engine that you have to use a solid bucket/under shim with. Let us know and we can help spec something most suited to your setup
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