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  1. Welcome to ownership! Enjoy!
  2. Lovely work, i actually quite like the colour of the gearbox case!
  3. RobSR

    Saying Hi

    Feel free to bring it down after and can do a comparison here also. TD have always been a bit funny about doing back to back tests on different dyno's. I may even do a dyno day on a Saturday morning or something if people are interested.
  4. RobSR

    Saying Hi

    You could come and use my hub dyno but i dont think you're local to London? Whens it going on? 0.5 bar id say upto 170-180ish, but so many variables on roller dyno.
  5. RobSR

    Saying Hi

    The pumps will have no effect on HP or Lambda if all working correctly as its a returned system. When its going on the dyno? Is it a hub dyno or a roller dyno?
  6. RobSR

    Saying Hi

    Yes I gathered you were ;), again a 255 + 340 is massively overkill, I’d run the one, as 2x also places more load on the electrical system unnecessarily. Yea id say they were being ambitious saying 500, but I suppose 450 isn’t a million miles away. Staging the pumps is a good idea if running more than two, but again, only if you need the extra fuel flow For most starlets you’re never really going to need more than a 330lph (and that’s only if your aiming for 450+ bhp)
  7. RobSR

    Saying Hi

    A 600lph pump is massively overkill unless youre running alchol in the fuel. For reference a 255lph will just about flow enough for 450bhp on a pump fuel flat out, fuel pressure was approx 4.5 bar (base + map). For a 200/300 bhp build a 255lph is more than enough. Any bigger like 600lph, you're going just going to be heating the fuel up unnecessarily and returning most of it through the reg (thats if you reg can even cope with the flow) back to the tank. Literally pointless.
  8. ITEC 100% over Garrett for me. Looking good Joey 😎
  9. Yes but what is the actual difference you've seen in Deg C?
  10. What delta have you seen across the cylinders?
  11. Is there a reason why you fitted your pre turbo EGT in the runner of Cylinder 1, seeing as you only have one pre turbo wouldn’t it be better to take an average in the collector?
  12. If you’re going to the trouble of getting a billet crank made, get the rods made to. Good luck.. making one spin to 11k reliably will not be easy...
  13. I had Pi springs on my SR, for a lowering spring, I was pretty happy with them! The OE TTE Eibach ride nicer however but that’s to be expected
  14. RobSR

    2020 motor sport

    NBR 24 was pretty terrible all things considered to previous years!
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