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  1. Adjustable panhard made a big difference in rubbing for me. Didnt rub after on big bumps.
  2. Thanks for the update. Im going to be running the same turbo with the .52 ar housing as well. Curious to see if I can get more power out of it with e85 instead of only pump. Super clean build!
  3. Im going to be using the stock 5efe trigger wheel and sensor on mine. Im not sure if the 5efe crank trigger wheel will fit on the 4e but would be an ideal setup instead of adding that massive wheel.
  4. You ever look at the shifter arms or whatever the name is. The the arms on the trans that the shifter cables attach to. They might be bent. Doesnt hurt to check.
  5. I live in america so sadly I cant purchase this. Would love to own one.
  6. Oh no worries. I was just curious since it's a nicely sized radiator. We don't really got parts for that car here in the states. Reason I asked is because you don't want the oil cooler to be working before the oil warms up. Especially on cooler days it might never get up to operating temp but that's just my 2 cents bro.
  7. What rad is that? Looks like it's dual core? I'm currently running a triple core civic half rad and looking for more cooling. That's a lovely setup you got going on. Everything seems simple and well done. You going to run a thermostatic plate for the oil cooler?
  8. Im running a microsquirt on my 4e and its a good starter standalone for the money but that ecumaster is quite the ecu. So many features. You going to use the wheel speed sensors to implement some sort of boost by gear or traction control?
  9. I dont know anything about superchargers so I find that wastegate placement very odd lol
  10. These motors run pretty rich from factory. On my wideband my 4e was in the 10's WOT My oil smelled like fuel around the 2k mark. Usually changed the oil then.
  11. In the states the hankook rs4 is the famous track tire for the endurance cars here since they wear like iron. If you are going for a quick couple laps you can use the re71 but they wear rather quickly and get hot fast. Depending on your driving level you would overheat the re71 in one track session. I'm currently using the federal rspro and they are doing well. They don't have re71 grip but handle high temps well. Not bad for it's price. 200tw group is tricky here in the states. For autox they basically got slicks with grooves coming out nowadays "re71, rival, rt660" very grippy and
  12. A td04 13t on a 5e is basically a ct9 on a 4e Unless it's a hybrid td04 I would say it would be wasted on a forged build. Hybrid td04 will be about 290whp
  13. At the time I was looking at these but finding one was the hard part and they fetch a good 700+ for the turbo. Ended up going the GTX route but the holset turbos have peaked my interest. Only thing is the 211 is found on diesels and diesel and gasoline turbos are quite different. 221w seems like the hot ticket but then again my power goals are higher since I'm going forged 5e. Only real info I found on these holsets was diesel sites but nothing quite writing about.
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