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  1. Usually to remove all that you need to hot tank cause it is hard to get out. Check your oil and see if you see anyfragments or you might even have to remove your oil pan to check. I had a flickering oil light before and it was due to the connector on my oil pressure sensor being loose but you can double check it.
  2. You definitely got a driver modt there 😎. Looks like that td04 is doing well on that stock motor. How much boost you pushing and is it a hybrid? You seem to be going into those corners harder than the evos. Got any engine bay shots? I thought about getting the whiteline front swaybar but I thought it would cause more understeer. Any input on the front bar?
  3. Alright I appreciate the info! Its a bolt on affair?
  4. Alright man. I appreciate the info!!! Sorry for the late reply. I didnt get a notification.
  5. Hello guys I am curious to see if anyone has made any custom steering ratios or something of that sort in order to quicken the steering on these cars. I autox quite a bit and compared to most cars the steering is quite atrocious. For example in a miata you can autox without needing to shuffle the wheel or crossing your arms but with our cars shuffle steering is required quite a bit and like they say the less steering input the faster you are. So my question is are there any racks from other vehicles that would fit or some way to adapt a quick steering ratio kit to our vehicle?
  6. Well the gt2560 was given the nickname gt28r. The gt2860 is nicknamed the gt28rs. The 2560 and 2860 are both t25 flanges but different turbos. Any ecu that you recommend?
  7. Thanks I appreciate the info. What I'm really looking for is kinda a linear powerband instead of lag lag lag and it punches you. Linear powerband is alot easier to control. Would a standalone help with spool or will a piggyback suffice? by the way the gt2560r is nicknamed the gt28r 😁
  8. Hey guys. I got a ep82 4efte and was wondering if the gt2560r with a .64 ar would be very laggy or somewhat responsive on a stock 4e. Would be running a wepr Mani and downpipe. Anyone have any Dyno graphs they can share on a stock 4e on that turbo? I'm mostly doing autocross but 3.5 to 4k spool would be nice. I currently got a ct9 hybrid and it spools up quite quickly and nicely. Looking for a bit more power. 200-220whp on the stock motor is my goal till I build down the road.
  9. Well in autox you experience some suspension bind with the alk and us tercel guys usually remove it. It is kinda like a chirp chirp chirp while going around some corners. The alk does help alot with wheelhop though. I can tell you that from experience. You might benefit more with some bumpsteer plates that is added on to the control arm. It all really depends on how your car is setup though.
  10. Not really worth the amount of work. Better off buying a rwd car in the first place.
  11. Hello. I got an ep82 4efte and live in Florida. Gauge stays in the middle on the oem cluster. I have an aftermarket sensor placed in the middle of the top radiator hose. Water temps are 210-220F driving in the city but on the freeway it stays at 220F. Civic 3 core rad with a shroud and slim fan. My question is what should the temperature difference be between the upper and the lower rad water temps?
  12. mycars12

    FAO: Keri

    Anyone know if they still sell brake kits? Been trying to contact someone to buy a kit.
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