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  1. Ill have a look into it more when i have time later in the month, thanks mate. i thought it would just run i need to get a timing light on it as everything else is lined up spot on.
  2. My problem is timing from the ecu. due to the longer stroke on the crank ect the timing is out in all rev ranges apart from idle, the fuel pressure is at 2.3 bar with the vac line off. I cannot run the copper plugs as i need to run heat range 8 plugs due to my boost goals. The ecu should sort it all out. I will be putting the injectors in once the ecu comes so it should be all sorted soon. Glad you like the build and everyone is enjoying my hard work! cheers boys
  3. Get that bolted on already! fucking love wepr! running a topmount garrett kit my self has a ramhorn on my old glanza too proper turn's heads at meet.
  4. not using a piggyback their shite haha, will be using a link storm.
  5. yeah i will be using the 4e marks for mapping hopefully the ecu sorts it.
  6. So I've had issues with mis-firing under any throttle at all it idles ok but super rich. One of my mates had the exact same issue with his 5E forged build. He says regardless what he changed ht leads, dizzy ect, car would not run well. He said it only fixed it when he got his standalone ecu. So only time will tell as all my timing is spot on and im getting spark in all cylinders. hopefully should be buying a link storm at the end of the month so will get it wired in asap then hopefully it fix's it. updates coming soon.
  7. thanks mate, i awlays upload on here want to keep this forum alive haha.
  8. So its been a frustrating week with the car, had issues with engine earths and starter motor would struggle to turn over. i have added 4 more earth to the engine bay and also one to the starter motor and its miles better. The problem is now the car is misfiring and running super rich. going to get a timing light from a friend this week and check timing and if that is all ok will do a compression test. also going to borrow a friends dizzy and ht leads to rules things out. i also have a spare coil pack so will swap that over and see if it makes a difference. All the videos of the car starting up ect are on my facebook so if you want to see them throw me an add and you can view them on my wall. Here is a link to my facebook! https://www.facebook.com/joshua.wakefield.9 The car has been on the drive on axle stands for 5 months so nice to get it off, no oil leaks of any kind so happy about that. hopefully better updates soon.
  9. The forums have died a bit nothing like they was like 3-4 years ago, still quite a few active members though, i update my build threads constantly and quite a few others do as well. most of the sales now are all on 3 main facebook groups. get one back and start a build thread again!
  10. loverly looking base to start on, sun roof and optional extra rear brace with all plastics is pretty rare. good luck
  11. Welcome buddy! show us some photos of your car cant see any if you have upload any.
  12. Thanks mate means a lot, really love the ammout of stuff that can be done in a bay, cant wait to turn some heads in meet/show season soon. here is another pic just taken in better lighting.
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