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  1. Much appreciated lads! glad you enjoyed the read up! next car im getting is an M4 as can daily and have the power if i fancy it. ill still hover on the forums reading builds as i love it too so keep them updated!
  2. Car sold unfortunately! end of my build, Been a fun journey in the starlet scene but onto bigger things. Starlets will always have a big place in my heart and probably wont be my last one. Until then peace out.
  3. I have removed the listing currently, going to enjoy it this summer but i do see it getting sold at some point in the future. since buying a house its harder owning 2 cars plus i live alone so its a stretch. time will tell
  4. Just a quick one sam the 4e,5e and 4efte cams are all the same. Only the 5efhe intake cam has a 1mm higher lift.
  5. Small update: Fitted my new blanked off bonnet scoop to prevent any water going on my coilpacks and salt/crap going in the engine bay. Fitted front and rear seat belts so now interior is pretty much all done, Can actually drive it legally now! haha I also bled my brakes again as they got air in the system with a previous issue which is now fully resolved. Next plans... 1) remove dash tidy all wiring and create custom looms for gauge clusters and control switches 2) retrofit back in the 98 spec climate control blower motor box+controls so i can finally have heating and screen d
  6. Quick update: Managed to get some jobs done over the weekend, Sanded back my arches to bare metal and got rid of all surface rust after my wheel clearance took all the paint off. They are now treated 3 coats of red oxide, 3 coats of primer, 2 coats of colour 2 coats of clear. Unfortunately I got over spray on my 1/4 panels so will have to get it off with compound should have masked it better haha. Finally after removing the carpet 6 months ago the interior is all back in and looking fresh! so much better without the cage its a much nicer driving environment to be in. Next steps is t
  7. Nice dude let me know how you get on, If your going big power make sure you get your inlet manifold ported or getting a racespec inlet mani. They tend to max out at around 370ish bhp and become quite restrictive. I wish we had corn fuel over here!
  8. Cheers dude! Ill keep them up to date as best i can, will help with a vehicle sale if i ever sell it as they can see all the money thats been put in :'D not that i will LOL Cheers joey lad we will both be ripping around really soon!
  9. 1.8bar at 3900 rpm super quick. im using 5EFHE cams the intake cam has 1mm more lift over 4e/4efte cams
  10. Thanks a lot sam! the torque curve is fantastic car just pulls to redline its rather scary!
  11. Cheeky bit of launch control 😛 video-1623676270.mp4 video-1623679057.mp4 video-1623679065.mp4
  12. UPDATE: Not updated this in quite a while, Loads of work has been going on with the car though since the last update. Its hard to stay motivated updating this when not many people use the forums anymore. Anyway moving on... Dyno day finally happened, The car made some good power as you can see in the graph below. Wasnt all fun and games on the day, fuel pump started failing on higher boost runs so that got swapped with a walbro 350lph, half way through the run a sensor came loose in the thermostat housing and dumped all the coolant over the dyno. The car also experienced some overheati
  13. Drill them out dude, will help with breathing of crank case pressure. Its easy enough to clean a rocker cover just jet wash it.
  14. thanks mate! ill be mainly street driving and 1/4 miles if i go to a strip as a rare occasion
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