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  1. Drill them out dude, will help with breathing of crank case pressure. Its easy enough to clean a rocker cover just jet wash it.
  2. thanks mate! ill be mainly street driving and 1/4 miles if i go to a strip as a rare occasion
  3. Sound good sam! hit me up your details in PM im going to need an option i dont see this box lasting long> Cheers
  4. Update: So the build now is coming to an end I've finished all the jobs on my list now! I've been doing jobs non stop for 14 months now and I've finally come to the final step which is mapping... When your building these type of projects you will come across many issues, You will feel sad, annoyed, angry, frustrated you may even cry i did a few times! However never give up as when it comes to the end and your enjoyment starts coming into it, You will look back and think everything you have gone though has been worth it! Thanks for all the lads that gave me a hand on little jo
  5. Thanks a lot mate! it will be a handfull just hope it all goes well on the dyno!
  6. Update: Car is booked in for mapping on the 28th at racecal, fixed almost everything now so expect dyno figures soon! The idea of a quaife dogbox keeps popping into my head, spoke with the lads at quaife and they say with my type of use i can get away with servicing the box 1 per year rather than every 24 hours worth of racing on track as intended with race teams. Bill would be around £6800 all in its a whole lot of money! to be continued....
  7. Let me know how you get on with the gearbox options mate, i need a box that can cope with 400bhp without buying a dogbox
  8. Another update: Got the following jobs done since my last one... 1) New handbrake cables 2) Wired in Horn 3) Wired in rear fog lights 4) Secured the CV boots 5) Wired in rear number plate lights 6) Wired in reverse lights 7) Secured radiator better .8) replaced drivers side brake line as started rubbing. To do next: I need to sort an oil leak out, its either timing side crank seal or oil pump its dripping quite badly. I also have a leak from the gearbox side could be crank seal but i think its sump as didnt leak before i removed the sump. Apart from that
  9. Thanks a lot Matt! will have to pop over and see you one time and you show me yours been egar to see it for years now!
  10. Thanks mate will do! Thanks appreciate it! Wont need luck as everything will be ready for it, just need the special tester for emissions haha
  11. Update! Not updated the thread for a while been quite poorly and in and out of hospital but im on the mend now so been cracking on with jobs and a lot has been done! Car is now running and driving MOT is booked for next week so can start driving it around loads once its legal again. Jobs that have been completed since last update: 1) All timing sorted and engine put back together 2) Exhaust fitted and Vbanded at bottom of decat for easier removal 3) Air filter setup fitted 4) Extended wheel studs cut down and spacers removed for better wheel clearance 5) Wired in AEM Oil pr
  12. Big fucking wound... you have been in the scene so long too. Hope you made the right choice!
  13. Only decent parts for this setup No abs no power steering currently.
  14. Update! : Been off the forums a little while due to waiting for work on the cylinder head to be completed, The cylinder head is now back with me and has had the following work done... Skimmed, ported, 3 angle valve seats cut, new OEM toyota shims to make all tolerances spot on, chemical cleaned and fully assembled with TD valve springs back in. I have put all the engine back together, and relocated the FPR and made new AN6 fuel lines to suit the relocation, I also invested in a TD fuel rail to finish the bay off. Just need to bleed the brakes and sort out the timing with timing ligh
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