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  1. Update: Managed to spend quite a few hours on the rocker cover over the weekend, started on 80 grit and worked my way up to 3000 grit, It not how i want it finished yet i would like a mirror finish on it but i cant seem to get it there with polish at the moment, I may need to get it done professonally to finish it off, here are a few photos non the less
  2. Not too much of an update did a little work on my rocker cover this weekend, sanding all the surfaces down flat then going to mirror polish it. Engine has also been dropped off at engine builders to build the bottom end ect should have it back in a week or two then just waiting on my slot with LC porting for the head to be ported.
  3. Hell Yeah! im back and ready to build a very exciting project! Thanks mate
  4. I will keep it updated so keep an eye out! put your own build thread up so we can all see your progres :) I will be going for a link monsoon probably or something similar will be running anti lag ect.
  5. cheers mate looking forward to this one Im pretty happy with the rods tbh, probs come from the same factory scat make their rods at. Last time I used them the builders said the rods were balanced very well and the machining was very good. I hope they hold up well like the other ones did and can be an option for people on tighter budgets. But I will 100% get them to check them over before they get put in! It is scary stuff if it goes wrong and im not usually a risk taker however due to good performance and no issues with my last build im happy to use them again everyone has to build a name and start from scratch, Im pretty sure some big bhp supras are running them over 800bhp on the forums, seen loads of good results on the miata forum too. yeah its super quiet shame really thanks for reading
  6. Hello everyone did not take long for me to get a Glanza back after breaking it in may this year, only lasted 3 months and have one back again. So here is a new build thread Here is a link to my old build thread if you want to see what I did to my old glanza, I did do miles more than what is listed on the old one, I forged it ect made 295bhp but sold it due to bad paint work. Spec list... Cusco cage (dash avoided) Harness bar 6 pot ksport calipers Blitz nurspec exhaust Rota wheels Zilla bucket seats BC racing coil overs HEL abs delete kit AEM wideband Multiple gauges Civic half rad FPR FMIC Other bits and bobs ect.. Ok so work I have done so far... Removed WEPR topmount TD04 kit sold for funds Pre fitted the new top mount Pulled the engine and sold the engine, already picked up a super low mileage 5e engine around 30k miles ready for forging. Removed and sold rear bumper with OEM lip and got a jam bumper to replace it that it currently in paint. Livesports spoiler in paint. Started cleaning engine bay up. oh and spent a shit ton of cash to fund the build as you can see in these images Car when I got it https://imgur.com/h7ZQeis Pre fitted the new top mount prior to engine been pulled. 5E engine picked up for a good mate of mine phil lowery Rear bumper removed due to selling glanza bumper and rear lip needs a clean will get around to that before undersealing the rear bumper metal work. After the engine was pulled I gave the bay a long good clean, still work to be done don't have a before photo but it was fully grafted and almost black before looks so much cleaner now , will be sanding and covering the looms up ect ready to paint and freshen up the bay ready for the forged lump to be put in. Here are some of the parts that I have started collecting in my room may have a problem haha... engine should be in the machine shop in a week or 2. I know this will more than likely be mentioned but don't diss the maxspeeding rods ;) used them on my last build to 300bhp, they are rated to 225+bhp per cylinder im aiming for 400 so I can be a Guinee pig for the community and see if they cope with bigger BHP builds. Keep an eye out on updates! Also got a RW developments oil catch can like on my old build love these things great presence in the engine bay! Future plans for the coming months... 1) In December I have booked my cylinder head to be fully ported and polished by Liam at LC porting cant wait for that.. after that head will be getting TD uprated valve springs which I have already purchased not going down the cam route yet unless a decent set pop up on one of the for sale pages. 2) Engine will be getting built by my local engine builders that built my engine last time (genesis engine's in hull) did a great job and no issues at all with the other forged build. 3) Once Ive done the long and boring 1500 miles run in and multiple oil changes I will be taking the car to fiske to get a standalone ECU fitted and have a coil on plug conversion done due to the dizzy maxing out around 360bhp usually. Other than that in the mean time just going to buy other parts like injectors, LSD, high flow fuel rail, and anything else I fancy haha! Don't see many people post on here anymore so enjoy a more frequent build thread to read when I get uploading on here.
  7. Mine was built by Genesis engines in hull. Great builders and know what they are on about.
  8. I have my forged 4EFTE sat in my garage right now waiting to be put in, Im trying to choose a turbo for 300-330 BHP. I like the look of the TD05 16G but I might have a billet wheel put in to reduce the spool tile slightly. Im planning on running around 1.4-1.5 BAR. Can you guys make any good suggestions of turbos, this includes the VF series turbos. Let me know cheers.
  9. Dont suppose you would swap your top mount kit for a ram horn kit from wepr ;) Wish i went top mount now gutted haha! £250 was a bargain for that kit. Great GT!
  10. Does anyone know the size of the 11 blade billet wheel used on the TD TD04 hybrid, I would rather build my own than pay over 500 smackers for one. cheers josh
  11. Cheers for that one mate, ill have a look through seftons build, LSD is 100% on the cards just need to get the box rebuilt and have one put in. Im probs going to go with a TD04 billet hybrid then as i dont want tonnes of wheel spin.
  12. Thanks for the input mate, Im gonna have a good look as i would love a ball bearing turbo, I already have the fuel rail and rrfpr I dont mind paying a bit extra for those shiney bits haha! To be honest the Ultimate would be a nice option as i would like launch control. Cheers
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