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  1. I would definitely recommend one, best sounding system I've heard 😎
  2. I was happy with the exhaust that's why I've never said anything, I expected to have to make slight modifications to get it to fit properly with it been a 3" exhaust. Im simply just replying as to how I rectified mine.
  3. Yeah I had exactly the same issue and I tried everything to rectify it. In the end I took the exhaust off and heated it up where it was touching then brayed it with a hammer to flatten it so it didn't touch. Fits a treat now plus you cant see where I've had to hit it
  4. Coilovers, panhard rod and wheels are on. Just waiting on new polly bushes and anti lift kit then it's off to get 4 wheel aligned.
  5. Bond tyres, the price is plus vat mind but my boss stands the vat for me as he can claim it back
  6. New tyre's came this morning so I quickly banged them on before I did any work. Opted for the rainsport 5s at a bargain price of £30 a tyre 😎 let's hope they arnt ditch finders like the current tyres 😂
  7. Finally decided what way to go with suspension and ordered some yellow speed coilovers 😀 after lots of research I've come to the conclusion that these are supposed to be the best for road use as they arnt to stiff for our bumpy english roads and have a good adjustment range. Hopefully fit them Saturday 😎
  8. New wheels have finally turned up 😎 just need to order some tyres, anybody got recommendations on what make and size are best to run?
  9. I was originally looking at 7j et25 but I dont think they would fit without arch work
  10. Looking at getting some of these I think or possibly rotas
  11. Today I got round to fitting the ramair filter and baileys dump valve. Next job on the list is to order some new wheels and tyres.
  12. Thanks dude 😎 the j performance was the one I was looking at from TD. Wasnt sure whether I would need a half rad or not as it look a little tight for the pipes to run through
  13. Currently looking at getting a front mount intercooler for the next modification to my glanza and I have a few questions. 1) do I need any other upgrades to be able to run one (currently got 3" exhaust, induction kit and dump valve) 2) will it need remaping once I've fitted a fmic. 3) any suggestions on what kit to buy. Thanks
  14. Tbf I hate waxoil... but I hate rust more so needs must 😂 I'll get some up soon, sounds really nice and not silly loud
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