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  1. I’m looking for a drivers side rear C-pillar trim like in the pictures as the fixings are broke on mine. thanks in advance
  2. Thanks Sam, hopefully once it’s all built back up and in the sun it’ll change my mind.
  3. Got the windows finally put back in today. While they were out I also had them tinted and to be honest I’m not sure if I like them tinted or not now 🤦‍♂️ Hoping to spend Friday putting some more parts back on, really eager to get it back on the road now.
  4. Pwahh 😍 hands down my favourite starlet! Fair play mate it’s awesome
  5. Hi, I’m looking for a complete engine wiring loom including fuse box for my starlet glanza. thanks
  6. Which connectors do I bridge? I haven’t heard of this. Thank you
  7. Nice clean glanza mate😎 what’s your plans for it?
  8. Hi guys just a quick one, what should the distributor timing be set to on a standard glanza? thank you
  9. It’s coming on well mate! Just aswell you’ve got it hidden into storage to avoid all the snow 😃 if you don’t mind me asking what sort of money did it cost to have your turbo overhauled? As I’m about to change my manifold so may get the turbo done while it’s in bits
  10. While the interior was stripped I lifted the fuel sender unit out and replaced the in-tank pump with a walbro 255LPH fuel pump.
  11. Boring update alert 😃 Got a few hours in today to start building the car back up. Both front doors and mirrors reassembled. Removed the drivers front wing again so I could get access to replace both door hinges due to the old ones having play causing the door to catch when closing. Up to now the most stressful part of the respray has been trying to get hold of some new roof drip strips as the old ones were about an inch short and if I was to have used them again I feel it really would have let the car down.... my ocd kicking in probably 😂 unfortunat
  12. Ordered a Wepr ram style stainless manifold and de-cat when they had there October sale. Finally got the message today to say it’s on its way due to COVID slowing things down! Looking forward to getting this fitted, looks amazing quality 😎
  13. Thanks mate, really looking forward to seeing it once it’s back together with all the decals back on
  14. Few more pictures now it’s off the truck. Really pleased with how it’s come out.
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