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  1. Well done mate, that interior has come up mint! Plenty of hours must have gone into cleaning that up 😂
  2. Thanks mate! I wasn’t to sure on the tints tbf, but now it’s fully built back up I couldn’t imagine it without them. I personally don’t think those ‘eBay’ Toyota adapters would work with your general diagnostic machine unless it had the specific software on for starlets, but I could be wrong. As the only other way you could use it would be in eobd mode which unfortunately wasn’t brought in till 2000
  3. The hunt is finally over, wanted the oem rear strut brace since the day I got the car but never been able to find one that has all the covers. Definitely paid over the odds for it but I just couldn’t resist 😅 it’s in pretty much mint condition other than the markings that can been seen on the nearside cover
  4. Pretty much asking for the impossible. I’m looking for the original optional extra 3 point rear glanza strut brace. full recaro interior or just the front seats (can trade with my standard glanza interior) Top cash price paid. contact me on 07783647990
  5. Genuinely can’t fault the quality from both wepr and RW, I’m really happy with with it all
  6. Fresh update from the past week or so. I removed the cam cover in preparation for sending to dean at RW developments for some AN fittings welding up and a catch tank. Before I sent the cam cover away I decided to the remove the baffle to clean and remove the carbon build and to be quite honest it was fairly clean and did seem like a waste of time. But atleast I could be certain all the metal swarf had been removed after the AN fittings had been welded on. Fairly simple process really, Drill all of the baffle spot welds out to release the cover, then drill the holes about 10mm down and
  7. Had a shuffle through the stores at work looking at all our old diag equipment to see if we had anything that would communicate with the starlet... I stumbled across this old beast! The launch x431 that has the 22 pin Toyota adapter, proper blast from the past 😂 Needless to say it works perfect with the glanza and can access engine, abs and airbag for fault codes and live data 😃
  8. Thanks mate! I’m really chuffed with how it’s coming out now, starting to feel like the expense of a fresh paint job was worth it 😂😃
  9. So I took my car out for the first time in quite awhile and when going over about 5500 rpm it’s hitting what feels like fuel cut but it was absolutely fine before hand. The only thing I’ve changed while it’s been parked up is the fuel pump and fitted the updated walbro 255lph pump. my question is with fitting an aftermarket fuel pump should I also have fitted a fuel pressure regulator and is this the issue? thanks in advance
  10. No exciting updates other than it’s nearly all built back up other than waiting on a few trim clips then take it to work to mot it then start enjoying it again 😎
  11. I’m looking for a drivers side rear C-pillar trim like in the pictures as the fixings are broke on mine. thanks in advance
  12. Thanks Sam, hopefully once it’s all built back up and in the sun it’ll change my mind.
  13. Got the windows finally put back in today. While they were out I also had them tinted and to be honest I’m not sure if I like them tinted or not now 🤦‍♂️ Hoping to spend Friday putting some more parts back on, really eager to get it back on the road now.
  14. Pwahh 😍 hands down my favourite starlet! Fair play mate it’s awesome
  15. Hi, I’m looking for a complete engine wiring loom including fuse box for my starlet glanza. thanks
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