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  1. Welcome to the sale of my immaculate Japanese import Toyota Starlet Glanza V, which I believe to be one of the best condition Glanza's in the country. The only reason the vehicle is for sale is due to lack of use and only covering 470 miles since I had it imported in 2020 and since been in the UK it has been dry stored and never used in the rain or damp conditions. The car drives flawlessly with no unwanted noises or smoke and the gearbox is extremely smooth. The car is absolutely immaculate underneath, inside and outside. There is the odd little mark inside from gen
  2. Little update. Fitted a adjustable fuel pressure regulator due to having a small fuelling issue which the FPR has rectified. The fuel pressure has been set at 2.8 bar vac line off and the car now runs a dream! Lovely weather for a blast out this morning… roll on summer 💨
  3. Thanks for the input mate. I’ve bought a sytec fuel pressure regulator, I was told that it would be good for the job, would this be the case? while I’m on sorry for causing abit of a stir 😬
  4. Hi rob do you know what is the best pressure for a pretty much standard 4efte with vac line off? Is it the 2.4 bar you stated?
  5. When setting my fuel pressure regulator up do I do this with the vacuum line on or off?
  6. Morning guys, looking at putting an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator on my glanza. Does anybody know what setting the fuel pressure should be set at? cars running standard boost CT9, fmic, 3inch exhaust, 255lph fuel pump. thanks
  7. Thanks burty, how’s your respray coming along? It goes really well considering I’ve not done any major mods to it, just need to fettle the suspension as it doesn’t fill me with the most confidence on the road yet.
  8. Treat the car to an ignition overhaul, oil filter change and set the ignition timing at the weekend. new aftermarket coil pack, genuine distributor cap, genuine rotor arm, magnecore ignition leads and iridium spark plugs.
  9. Well done mate, that interior has come up mint! Plenty of hours must have gone into cleaning that up 😂
  10. Thanks mate! I wasn’t to sure on the tints tbf, but now it’s fully built back up I couldn’t imagine it without them. I personally don’t think those ‘eBay’ Toyota adapters would work with your general diagnostic machine unless it had the specific software on for starlets, but I could be wrong. As the only other way you could use it would be in eobd mode which unfortunately wasn’t brought in till 2000
  11. The hunt is finally over, wanted the oem rear strut brace since the day I got the car but never been able to find one that has all the covers. Definitely paid over the odds for it but I just couldn’t resist 😅 it’s in pretty much mint condition other than the markings that can been seen on the nearside cover
  12. Pretty much asking for the impossible. I’m looking for the original optional extra 3 point rear glanza strut brace. full recaro interior or just the front seats (can trade with my standard glanza interior) Top cash price paid. contact me on 07783647990
  13. Genuinely can’t fault the quality from both wepr and RW, I’m really happy with with it all
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