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  1. Nice one! Welcome, you should upload some pictures or start a build thread. Got a few other users with EP70 projects on here as well
  2. https://www.amayama.com/en/genuine-catalogs/epc/toyota-japan/starlet/EP91/61052/electric/8103/81510 I know this is an old thread but I use amayama.com for finding part numbers. You can see on that page above it says what year each part was used. You want 81510-10300 as these were produced from 12-1997 onwards (aka 98/99)
  3. It doesn't seem to be happening with all users but it's happening when I try to message Enkei. Seems to be users with lower post counts (less than 50) the message section doesn't load or allow me to type in it, that's the only pattern I can see but I've only tested with about 10 users.
  4. Don't know if this is the case for everyone but I'm unable to private message anyone
  5. That is a residential address, I would take that up with paypal. There may be a business registered there but it's definitely a house.
  6. Patches

    New GR Yaris

    https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/toyota-gr-yaris-hot-hatch-unveiled-257bhp-turbo-engine Looks awesome, finally Toyota producing something decent with, hopefully, a Toyota engine this time. Not a big fan of the Yaris in general but this is cool as
  7. Hey there, from Glasgow myself. Get a build thread up when you're ready and put your questions in the relevant sections. Are you going with a standalone ECU?
  8. Amazing man, love the fact your going with the supercharger. Really interested to see how this works out for you.
  9. I'll check this when I get to the car after work, cheers man!
  10. I've got the same thing happening with mine so keen to see what answers come up.
  11. Finally got the car mapped. Shout out to Chris at Dyna Tune for holding my hand while I mapped it myself. Big thanks to Stu on here as well for all his help getting me started with a base map and all the advice! So it made 138 hp at the hubs on low boost 0.7 bar and 184 hp at the hubs at 1.2 bar. Pretty happy with that. Works out around 211 at the crank so it's no slouch! Going to just enjoy the car for a while now. Sort the tacho as well as I'm repeatedly hitting the limiter haha
  12. Might be worth seeing whoever has the box if they can supply the shaft with it. They come up from time to time but generally get sold with a box rather than on their own
  13. Yes that to me looks like an OEM LSD Gearbox. It has the lsd outside of the box on the drivers side, standard gearboxes do not have this. Be warned that you will need to source a shorter drivers side driveshaft as they are shorter because the lsd pokes out the side. These drive shafts would have came with the car which had the LSD box fitted but can be quite difficult to find.
  14. Think my issue is I've wired it into a plug near the ECU which I tested with a multimeter and appeared to go to the correct pin on the clocks but I'm going to wire directly to the clock when I have time, this is a low priority. So I've got some dyno time booked in less than a month to map this myself on an actual dyno which will make life much easier than trying to do it on the road. I'll actually be able to map the ignition tables properly as well as I'll be able to see the torque changing in real time. The guy who owns the dyno has happily agreed to help me listen for knock using my Link Knockblock as I'm not 100% confident my ears are up to the task. Also got this little lot to replace the wax stat. Got the Toyota gasket, Ford Mondeo Idle Control Valve and gasket and plug and pins to suit. Just need to scan the gaskets and create a cad file for an aluminium adapter
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