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  1. Forgot to update this thread. Issue had been resolved. We found a small leak from the oil pan. Cleaned that up and re-sealed and all good since then. Thanks all for the help
  2. HI there and pleasure Re the pump, Yes I know. In fact my block has got the seal on pump. First time round I purchased the wrong one and was able to re-sell it to get the proper pump. Re the diagram that you mentioned, some of the 4e got the crank sensor. Very rare as it wasn't something common back in the days. I will try to remove the cover and will try to also upload a video and will let you know. Thanks for the input.
  3. Hi Everyone, Hope you are doing well first of all. I am not that much active onto this site, but I do come here once in while to check some topics, updates and so on. So basically the problem I am having is that Recently I've built a freshly new fully forged 4efte engine (My mechanic did the build) and for some reason it started to leak oil right away from behind the lower timing belt cover. I just finished the running-in for the time being. The below is what has been done to try and troubleshoot the issue:- We removed both oil pump and sump twice and re-sealed. Pump
  4. Is the item still for sale buddy and if so what is the shipping costs involved to ship the item to Malta pls? Cheers m8t )
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