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  1. Get someone to hold the shaft, you hold the cv with one hand and give it a strike with a nylon/hide mallet.
  2. I'd consider an exedy organic just incase you decide to chase more power at a later date.
  3. Are you a paid up member? Other than that, have you met the selling requirements?
  4. Just stick with some standard disks and pads. For what breaking the rear does, there’s no point going all out. Spend the money on the front or on some braided lines.
  5. That’s the one lol. Sure it appeared on here somewhere
  6. The one with the horrible interior? I had a bid the first time round but bidding only reached £1250.
  7. Keep watching it. Tempted to go fetch it but waiting till price drops lol
  8. You'd be better off with a Jam manifold. Less restrictions equals less heat build up.
  9. People been placing orders and bits not arriving. Not replying to messages. That kinda thing
  10. They don't crack easily. But they do crack, any manifold is prone to cracking.
  11. After TD's recent feedback, you'd be lucky to even receive it I think
  12. The one I have has two small cracks which need to be repaired. The cracks don't affect the performance, but after so many heat cycles the crack may spread and ruin the manifold.
  13. They still crack at the collector like the original though.
  14. Stick with drums, they only do 12-15% of the braking anyway. If well adjusted they'll outperform discs. Not to mention you'll have a working handbrake.
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