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  1. The car was mapped by a guy that I have had trouble with before, he said he was struggling getting the timing right when he gave it back to me but said it was okay. Since then I have learnt more and can do it myself and found out he's not as good as he says, I took my glanza there before it had the forged engine as the head gasket blew, he sorted it but two days later it blew again! Opened up the engine and it turned out that he put the all ready used oem headbolts back in with an Athena gasket. Definitely won't go to him again, will do things myself now.
  2. Hello, This is one of the pistons pulled out of a forged engine of mine built by race tech... Just wondering what happened to it? If anyone has an insight into how it got into this state it'd be great to hear! Thanks, Will.
  3. Thanks for that mate, looks like that might do!
  4. hello all, I'm after one of these connectors for the coolant temperature fan sensor bit, just wondering if anyone know what it's called and where I could get one? many thanks Will.
  5. Hello all, Was just wondering if I could have some opinions on the sound of my engine, sounds a bit tappy to me just want to know what it may be. Cheers Will. 20190424_192720.mp4
  6. Turned out to be the alternator belt, it was very worn. Thanks all for your help!
  7. Could it be due to the alternator belt slipping?
  8. Yea, not sure where to look now... might go over the wiring and earths
  9. I checked with multimeter and it was reading 11.5V I think it's something between the alternator and the battery but I just don't know what
  10. Plugged the multimeter on when the car is running with a strong battery and it's only reading 11.5V. I prepared the alternator the other week.
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