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  1. that was me rising sun intercooler?
  2. that was me ! only just remembered you said you posted a message on here!
  3. does anyone know what a stock ep82 flywheel weighs just wondered how much lighter a cusco one is @ 4.1kg
  4. as listed think mine are dying anyone got any?
  5. if i use the auto button for my drivers window its makes a horrible clicking noise like the motor hasnt stopped and its getting slow when the window goes up ?
  6. Thanks will get onto toyota tomorow
  7. Think this may be my issue ? Can u fix them or know where sell them new ?
  8. Looks awsome mate ! Saw a few starlets on track i was itching to get on ! Lol
  9. Boylo99

    Ep82 splitter ?

    Looking for a splitter Will consider any really
  10. Yeah the td stand was amazing we were kinda put on the edge a bit which sucked !
  11. A couple of pics from japfest yesterday! Was great to see so many starlets ????
  12. Boylo99

    Hanbrake issue

    Found this tonight had the rear of the car up on axle stands to tweek the coiloves but noticed that with the rear left wheel it spins freely with the handbrake fully on ? Drivers side doesnt move at all is this a cable issue or ?
  13. yeah looked through my emails not there worth ringing or leaving a few more days?
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