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  1. Yeah i thought the shorter passenger one was the same length but the longer driver one is shorter we have cut one of the longer shafts down i have the rear mount but need the dust cover
  2. Just looking to get some info really ive bought an lsd box but has no shafts so what im asking is whats different from what i can see itll be the longer drivers side shaft will shorter due to the oem lsd and the shorter passenger shaft would be the same for both ?
  3. il get the laptop plugged into it and get some accurate readings yeah it does heat soak really badly its okay when your moving but if your stuck in traffic gets pretty hot yeah im on COP with standalone link g4 so yeah il get a log going and get some data and then get it uploaded
  4. was rebuilt about 5 k ago new pump new bearings might try some fuchs 10w50 and see if it makes a difference
  5. I guess it would of been done on throttle body temp reading running 1- 1.1 bar of boost not sure on the intercooler was on there when I bought it but pretty sure its to do with the fan blowing on the intake pipe that's making it hot did use gold tape but we removed that and it was 5 degrees cooler ?
  6. its always sat about this on idle any way of getting the pressure up? was thinking of using a different oil currently running fuchs race oil 5w40
  7. what kind of oil pressure reading are people getting warm idle mine is about 1 bar driving about 3 bar
  8. yeah I tried the tape actually made it worse believe it or not we were watching the itb temps when mapping and its just high cant think what else would cause it
  9. hi guys anyone had this after getting it mapped he said it seemed to be running a bit hot and seems to be due to the rad fan blowing hot air onto the intake pipe considering making a shield to deflect the air away if anyones made anything be good to see
  10. that was me ! only just remembered you said you posted a message on here!
  11. does anyone know what a stock ep82 flywheel weighs just wondered how much lighter a cusco one is @ 4.1kg
  12. as listed think mine are dying anyone got any?
  13. if i use the auto button for my drivers window its makes a horrible clicking noise like the motor hasnt stopped and its getting slow when the window goes up ?
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