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  1. Hi, Saw your car this evening, looking cool. Ping me a PM. Could chat at lunchtime about your ride. ;) Cheers DJ
  2. Looking really smart man. Learnt drive in a NA 1ltr, 27 years ago! :')
  3. Hi I'm having a real pain removing the cluster to change the bulbs, all but one work. I have removed the surround and unscrewed the cluster. Disconnectrd the left and centre connector. I can't get to the speedo cable or free the other connects. There is very little movement in the cluster! I can't seem to find a detailed step process for doing this! Sorry if I've missed it. Is there a certain order or have I missed something? Any help apprisated. Cheers
  4. Hi all, New Glanza ep91 owner and member! Looking for wisdom; Dashboard and centre console lights, all but one gone! Thermostat replacement, what coolant to use and how much? I'll look around. Cheers
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