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  1. hi all, I keep blowing LED bulbs in my dash and centre console! They start flickering and then go out. Not sure if this something to do with the ride and vibration or voltage or both. Some of the led bulbs I fitted and now replaced where a bit melted!! :( I was thinking that leds were more robust than filament bulbs, am I wrong!? do I need to do something else? I'm thinking of researching a voltage regulator / adjuster, as they appear to bright anyway. I just want to get it done right and never have to touch it again. Its a right pain replacing them! Anyone got any experience of this or ideas? cheers
  2. Hi, Saw your car this evening, looking cool. Ping me a PM. Could chat at lunchtime about your ride. ;) Cheers DJ
  3. Looking really smart man. Learnt drive in a NA 1ltr, 27 years ago! :')
  4. Hi I'm having a real pain removing the cluster to change the bulbs, all but one work. I have removed the surround and unscrewed the cluster. Disconnectrd the left and centre connector. I can't get to the speedo cable or free the other connects. There is very little movement in the cluster! I can't seem to find a detailed step process for doing this! Sorry if I've missed it. Is there a certain order or have I missed something? Any help apprisated. Cheers
  5. Hi all, New Glanza ep91 owner and member! Looking for wisdom; Dashboard and centre console lights, all but one gone! Thermostat replacement, what coolant to use and how much? I'll look around. Cheers
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