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  1. I had that issue and I replaced the distributer
  2. Cleaned earth strap and mount , gonna check all lines and wiring the weekend, annoying when a simple gearbox change causes this hassle:(
  3. Bump anyone any tips before I start pulling loom apart
  4. yeah tried it made no difference though
  5. Swapped out gearbox in my starlet and now engine is running lumpy / hunting on start up , as if it’s off a cylinder thought earth was issue ran clean earths to head and inlet and still the same, lambda cable was broken so soldered and heatshrinked it and issue still there? Anyone ever have this issue?
  6. not sure bud must actually have a look at it some evening lol
  7. I’ve one here but plug pins broke so i soldered in wires and it worked for a while then stopped one day, never looked at it tho if it’s any use?
  8. I did mine years ago with the red tape trim you can get in Halfords lol
  9. Conor Browne prob has most of that did you try him?
  10. whats that mean lad? paid members only is it? haven't been on much to keep up to date lol
  11. I can't seem to create topics in the for sale or wanted areas, any admin shed some light?
  12. best of luck lad if you ever wanna sell the doorcards im looking a set lol
  13. I’d be interested in rocker cover and catch cam if u were to sell seperate
  14. thanks for having us, definitely be on for going again next year
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