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  1. Hey lads, this has being covered many times but i need a second opinion, long story short ive no spark, my car is an ep82 5efhe build and at first i thought it was my ignitor untill i realised ive no 5v signal from the ecu, now everything is as it should be, 12v to ignitor coil and both are grounded to the firewall, what i discovered is the dizzy is not sending signal from the crank angle sensor G- to the ecu, also neither are G1 G2 or NE would i be right in saying the dizzy is whacked or is there something else causing this? Bit strange how all pins on the dizzy arent sending signal
  2. Hey lads, having a few issues with my wiring, does anyone know if ep82 looms are all the same, for example a mk1 dash loom would work with a mk4 headlight loom?, i got all my looms from japan through the auction sites and im not sure what year they all came from, thanks in advance
  3. Great help mate thanks alot i appreciate it! Saved me a bit of bother there thanks
  4. Hey lads, Im looking for a few pictures any help would be appreciated: Fuel filter bracket + fuel line fitting (input into filter) Coil + ignitor bracket Cheers lads
  5. Yeah mate I was thinking the same to be honest, never know what your buying untill you fit it, ill just make my own id say, cheers pal
  6. Hi lads, does anyone know if glanza or na ep91 fuel line will swap straight onto an ep82? Here in ireland ep82 or even na 4e ep82 are very hard to come across nowadays, but glanza are everywhere here, so is it worth trying from a glanza or a waste of time?, thanks in advance
  7. Can anyone confirm whether or not a glanza fuel tank will bolt on to an ep82 or vise versa? From what ive found so far glanza tanks are smaller apparently but not confirmed Any help appreciated
  8. Mccartney11 tried him lad, even he says it would be hard got
  9. As above im on the lookout for the following from a gt starlet ep82: Engine loom Dash loom Headlight and interior looms Any help appreciated
  10. As mentioned above, is there anybody in the country breaking a gt starlet?, or even have what I need lying around. Will travel the country. Parts are as follows: Engine loom Dash loom Headlight and tailight looms Fuel lines Tank Clocks Rear axle Any help appreciated Thanks in advance
  11. exactly what i was thinking myself, cheers pal i appreciate the reply would you happen to know anybody who is selling one?
  12. right lads, just wondering if glanza wiring will work in an ep82?. i have a project starlet im working on at the moment, 1.5 5efhe conversion. build is going great car is stripped down to a bare shell, just had the inside all painted up and ready for wiring. only problem is all of the cynos wiring is not a straight swap into the starlet, my own wiring has being chopped and missing sensors here and there. i cannot find a single gt for parts here in ireland, glanza's are everywhere though, so would there be much involved if i was to get glanza wirirng or should i just hold out till a gt comes up
  13. Hello lads, my name is Matt, I'm 20 years old and i own an ep82 project
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