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  1. appreciate you posting the resolution mate, think this is my problem currently
  2. oh, so it hasnt. it is mp4 how can i make it work please?
  3. My ep71 has 4 screwdriver sized holes of rust under the weatherstrip/trim pieces on the roof, they spread to the inside of the car but Its not so far as to wanting to cut it all up but how can i treat this rust, i cant find anything on it. i was thinking to get rid of as much as i can mechanically and then rust converting and fiberglassing overtop so water cant run in there anymore and since its hidden by the headliner i was thinking underseal for the indide of car. will this prevent the rust or does anyone have any ideas on how i could. i can get a vid after work if required. thanks
  4. Will be purchasing bc gold coilovers soon too
  5. Hey there I have purchased an Ep71 turbo s rep work in progress for cheap(1k) but the fenders have been cut and welded by the old owner as he wanted bigger wheels. My plan was to swap my ep82 engine, suspension and wheels(15x8 with 185/55/r15) but since I can't uncut the fenders I was wondering if it would be worth it to go 16 or 17" instead he also gave me bolt on fenders as the guards look rough so I was thinking about 9" wide as well but can't find any supporting forums on this. Cheers. Wheels in pics are 14x8
  6. havent had car going properly for couple years, took it for a drive last week and this light along with battery light came on. swapped out alternator n fixed one issue but since installing new o2 sensor the cat light has stayed on. what could be causing this?
  7. EPIC82


    I tried disconnecting the wire to the o2 sensor and no change :/
  8. EPIC82


    Ohhh okay that could be my problem, see my o2 sensor wire was cut so I rewired it up. I'll give that a go after work. Thanks
  9. EPIC82


    Hey there lads I've been working on my ep82 without starting it once for the last 6 months and today I've finally finished and its now on the road however; I can't rev past 3.5-4k rpm in any gear without it just bogging out or what I believe to be a possible misfire, I'm not sure how to diagnose one though. My dad thinks it could be getting too much air as my air filter is sitting right behind the grill(not that the grill is on at the moment). I put new magnicore leads on and have now put the old ones back on which made no difference so I'm thinking change the spark plugs and make up a new air
  10. Cheers mate Small update, managed to sort out my new steering wheel. Found out that the bosskit I brought was only for wheels with quick release so there was no room for my horn button and I didn't feel like wiring a separate button for it so I ended up buying an adapter which also didn't fit as I read the measurements wrong Well after that I decided to try the old boss kit as it had a mono on there already and that as enough room for the horn however the new wheel didn't fit onto it so I chucked he adapter on there as a joke to see how long I could extend the hub and realized that it fit l
  11. Yeah man that would be cool! Might not have the starlet running by then as I'm waiting from some parts from the uk which take about 3 weeks to get here but if I do I'll have to take you for a wee cruise up my favorite spot as it recently opened up again after there was a big forest fire
  12. Hey lads, my names Hayden and im new here coming from way down south in New Zealand! i recently bought a gt starlet(ep82) about half a year ago and have been doing a few mods to it. I've been wanting to start a build thread for a while now and am finally going to give it a go. I brought her for $2100 nzd or £1200, it wasn't the tidiest and needed a bit of work but it ran so i got into fixing a few things straight away.first i stripped out the interrior but i have done a lot since i got it and will probably miss alot of small stuff but here is how it sat when i got it. http://imageshack.com/a/i
  13. i have found a guy who should be able to do it for me, does anyone have the links too all the pieces i will need?
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