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  1. Hi guys this is now up for sale it’s been a great build with ups and downs am in no massive rush to sell just putting it out there and a for sale post will appear over the next week if anyone is interested in the almost finished ep drop me a message cheers
  2. Can anyone help looking for a driver side front wing thanks
  3. Little more progress on the old girl. Me and the old man welded up the sills and a patch on the rear bumper couple mouths back finally got round to body filling them this weekend never done it before but really happy with the end result just need to work out the bottom paint code and have a spray shop finish it off for me also fixed the rear spoiler not to everyone’s taste but I really like it
  4. Hi peter yes as above got it from flos. There back in stock it’s a great fit at not to bad of a price hope you get one
  5. Finally got my hands on a spoiler very happy with it next get it sprayed and fitted
  6. Yes another boxy friend yes lad looking forward to seeing more keep it up
  7. Can anyone help with how to wire this into my ep70 thanks
  8. Mowing the lawn on the weekend and looking at the garage thinking dam can’t wait to start driving her life’s not fair haha IMG_1064.MOV
  9. Cheers lads anyone no how to wire a turbo timer into my ep70 thanks
  10. Had a few people message me about the car I did appreciate the love for it but after sitting down properly And thinking about it I just can’t do it like a lot of you said it is only another six months and she will be all mine to drive got her out the garage this morning for a little Tinker with hopefully this little video will work IMG_0975.MP4
  11. A year I know it’s not forever but going to drive me crazy looking at it and not driving it
  12. Sadly due to losing my license for Health reasons am thinking of selling up obviously no rush to sell as it’s not like am selling to buy other car if anyone is interested send me a message thanks
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