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  1. Thanks never had must patience but been worth it in the end I bought it from id works couple mouths back
  2. It’s been a good but stressful day but patience has finally payed off she now has a mot can’t wait to start driving her and get her to a couple shows next year haha Christmas has come early
  3. Things have still been going low on the build with not having much time but we are still getting there with a Cusco panhard and a visit to AST suspension to get the coilovers probably set up
  4. So since rebuilding my ep70 getting to the final steps next on the list was bleed the brakes so I know that and got a nice hard brake pedal but as soon as I start the car I lose all firmness in the pedal and hardly have any brake what could be the problem any help much appreciated thanks
  5. thomas cleeves

    Dump valve

    Any decent dump valves for sale pm me cheers
  6. A good wash front plate back on and it’s ready for first mot in 4 year soon be back on the road buzzing
  7. Thanks buddy. Yes definitely just can’t wait to get it on the road now
  8. Finally cut the exhaust back looks 100% better. But I do really Need to sort the front splitter out haha
  9. Little update so after being scammed by someone losing money and never see the engine I bought I moved on had the head gasket done back in and up and running witch is great news couple little things to do then off for a mot
  10. Hi looking for a decent oil catch can pm with what you have thanks
  11. Haha yes definitely want this engine just for this summer well I have the other one forged but sadly having problems with the guy I bought this engine off think he has done me other made payment for engine and delivery not he has blocked me
  12. Bought a new engine should be with me by Wednesday so can start getting it ready to go in the ep70 fingers crossed this time
  13. Anyone know if it would fit a ep70
  14. Check all pipes all fine took the engine out last week and stripped it down head gasket is gone gutted as I bought it as a fresh rebuild guess that’s the chance you take buying second hand parts off people there not always in the condition you are told they are in
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